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GeneralRe: Converting Text to Numbers Pin
CPP_Student4-Feb-07 22:55
MemberCPP_Student4-Feb-07 22:55 
QuestionDataGridViewButtonColumn/Cell with bitmap on button face? Pin
Norm Byers2-Feb-07 16:48
MemberNorm Byers2-Feb-07 16:48 
QuestionGray Scale [modified] Pin
Jim Warburton2-Feb-07 8:07
MemberJim Warburton2-Feb-07 8:07 
AnswerRe: Gray Scale Pin
Luc Pattyn2-Feb-07 11:29
sitebuilderLuc Pattyn2-Feb-07 11:29 
AnswerRe: Gray Scale Pin
Christian Graus2-Feb-07 23:13
protectorChristian Graus2-Feb-07 23:13 
QuestionNeed help regarding Property grid. Pin
sandipan.neogi@gmail.com1-Feb-07 23:24
Membersandipan.neogi@gmail.com1-Feb-07 23:24 
AnswerRe: Need help regarding Property grid. Pin
Pete O'Hanlon1-Feb-07 23:36
mvePete O'Hanlon1-Feb-07 23:36 
QuestionReceiving COM events without TYPELIB Pin
Aleksey.Andreev1-Feb-07 22:51
MemberAleksey.Andreev1-Feb-07 22:51 
Hi, all!

I have a following problem, and i can't find a right solution.
There is a COM server written on C++ and it works through IDispatch and it does't have a TYPELIB. And from another side there is a COM client developed on C#. Through LATE BINDING it uses a COM server
and COM server sends different events to client, but i can't implement COM event handling mechanism.

Please, anybody can help me?!

Thanks in advance!
Questionelp mehow to insert undeletable image in word document Pin
Kumar Arun1-Feb-07 20:17
MemberKumar Arun1-Feb-07 20:17 
AnswerRe: elp mehow to insert undeletable image in word document Pin
Pete O'Hanlon1-Feb-07 23:32
mvePete O'Hanlon1-Feb-07 23:32 
QuestionQuestion Regarding WSE 2.0 and 3.0 Pin
sharmankit1-Feb-07 13:40
Membersharmankit1-Feb-07 13:40 
QuestionTable variables Pin
Hendrik Debedts1-Feb-07 11:58
MemberHendrik Debedts1-Feb-07 11:58 
QuestionExit For in C#? Pin
Hendrik Debedts1-Feb-07 7:38
MemberHendrik Debedts1-Feb-07 7:38 
AnswerRe: Exit For in C#? Pin
PIEBALDconsult1-Feb-07 7:41
professionalPIEBALDconsult1-Feb-07 7:41 
GeneralRe: Exit For in C#? Pin
Hendrik Debedts1-Feb-07 7:51
MemberHendrik Debedts1-Feb-07 7:51 
GeneralRe: Exit For in C#? Pin
Pete O'Hanlon1-Feb-07 10:07
mvePete O'Hanlon1-Feb-07 10:07 
GeneralRe: Exit For in C#? Pin
led mike1-Feb-07 11:28
Memberled mike1-Feb-07 11:28 
GeneralRe: Exit For in C#? Pin
Alexandru Lungu2-Feb-07 7:09
professionalAlexandru Lungu2-Feb-07 7:09 
GeneralRe: Exit For in C#? Pin
Pete O'Hanlon2-Feb-07 9:32
mvePete O'Hanlon2-Feb-07 9:32 
GeneralRe: Exit For in C#? Pin
PIEBALDconsult2-Feb-07 9:34
professionalPIEBALDconsult2-Feb-07 9:34 
QuestionDoes anyone know how to deploy the MMC Snapin project ? Pin
Glen Liu1-Feb-07 6:41
MemberGlen Liu1-Feb-07 6:41 
QuestionHelp using DataGrid Pin
ricecake1-Feb-07 6:07
Memberricecake1-Feb-07 6:07 
AnswerRe: Help using DataGrid Pin
ricecake20-Feb-07 12:11
Memberricecake20-Feb-07 12:11 
Questioniextenderprovider Pin
nileshkolnoorkar1-Feb-07 2:53
Membernileshkolnoorkar1-Feb-07 2:53 
Question.NET 2005 project build number Pin
MayyMagdy1-Feb-07 2:33
MemberMayyMagdy1-Feb-07 2:33 

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