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.NET (Core and Framework)

QuestionScroll Bar Position Mirroring Pin
Rabbit176-Feb-07 8:30
MemberRabbit176-Feb-07 8:30 
Questioncan i use ILDASM(MS Disassember) to extract binary's dependency at command prompt Pin
Mushtaque Nizamani6-Feb-07 5:03
MemberMushtaque Nizamani6-Feb-07 5:03 
QuestionAssembly in GAC Pin
vasini6-Feb-07 4:28
Membervasini6-Feb-07 4:28 
AnswerRe: Assembly in GAC Pin
Abisodun6-Feb-07 8:36
MemberAbisodun6-Feb-07 8:36 
QuestionHow to decrypt a string? Pin
Ralph A. Moritz6-Feb-07 3:55
MemberRalph A. Moritz6-Feb-07 3:55 
QuestionFramework compatibility problem [modified] Pin
Abhishek Joshi6-Feb-07 3:49
MemberAbhishek Joshi6-Feb-07 3:49 
QuestionHow to call a function from thread? Pin
Banks K5-Feb-07 20:26
MemberBanks K5-Feb-07 20:26 
QuestionC#.Net Pin
Sri harini5-Feb-07 19:02
MemberSri harini5-Feb-07 19:02 
I am developing application in VS2005 C#, Windows Mobile 5.
Please help, I have some doubts..
1. How to code for softkeys in Windows Mobile?
2. How to add background image?
3.If I closed the application, its still running at the background,I stop running programs also its still running,I need to remove the battery to shutdown the application.How to avoid this?
4.How to install exe file with icon/logo to Windows Mobile programs collection?

I am a newbie for WM development,So, please bear with my questions.
Thanks in advance

AnswerRe: C#.Net Pin
Christian Graus5-Feb-07 19:12
mveChristian Graus5-Feb-07 19:12 
QuestionHelp with formatted reads from String^ Pin
largenqcd4-Feb-07 19:13
Memberlargenqcd4-Feb-07 19:13 
AnswerRe: Help with formatted reads from String^ Pin
User 5838524-Feb-07 19:42
MemberUser 5838524-Feb-07 19:42 
GeneralRe: Help with formatted reads from String^ Pin
largenqcd5-Feb-07 4:37
Memberlargenqcd5-Feb-07 4:37 
GeneralRe: Help with formatted reads from String^ Pin
largenqcd5-Feb-07 15:43
Memberlargenqcd5-Feb-07 15:43 
Questionwhat is CodeDom ???? [modified] Pin
PavanPareta4-Feb-07 18:36
MemberPavanPareta4-Feb-07 18:36 
AnswerRe: what is code com ???? Pin
Christian Graus5-Feb-07 0:04
mveChristian Graus5-Feb-07 0:04 
GeneralRe: what is code com ???? Pin
DavidNohejl5-Feb-07 23:47
MemberDavidNohejl5-Feb-07 23:47 
AnswerRe: what is code com ???? Pin
Tim Paaschen5-Feb-07 0:18
MemberTim Paaschen5-Feb-07 0:18 
GeneralRe: what is CodeDom ???? Pin
PavanPareta5-Feb-07 20:25
MemberPavanPareta5-Feb-07 20:25 
AnswerRe: what is CodeDom ???? Pin
DavidNohejl5-Feb-07 23:53
MemberDavidNohejl5-Feb-07 23:53 
MemberPREDATORUNLEASHED2-Feb-07 22:49 
Christian Graus2-Feb-07 23:07
mveChristian Graus2-Feb-07 23:07 
GeneralGood evening Christian Pin
indian1432-Feb-07 23:39
Memberindian1432-Feb-07 23:39 
GeneralRe: Good evening Christian Pin
Christian Graus2-Feb-07 23:50
mveChristian Graus2-Feb-07 23:50 
GeneralRe: Good evening Christian Pin
indian1432-Feb-07 23:59
Memberindian1432-Feb-07 23:59 
QuestionRemoting : Event Handing of the Remote Object on Server Hosting the Remote Object Pin
Pramod Kumar R2-Feb-07 21:27
MemberPramod Kumar R2-Feb-07 21:27 

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