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.NET Framework

AnswerRe: 3 tier architecture implementation in .net Pin
Obaid ur Rehman1-Mar-07 2:20
memberObaid ur Rehman1-Mar-07 2:20 
GeneralRe: 3 tier architecture implementation in .net Pin
mamatha_raghu1-Mar-07 18:59
membermamatha_raghu1-Mar-07 18:59 
QuestionInterface not Supported / Schnittstelle nicht unterstützt Pin
testy_proconsul28-Feb-07 0:34
membertesty_proconsul28-Feb-07 0:34 
Questionhow i using sockets in smart devices? Pin
Agbaria Ahmad28-Feb-07 0:23
memberAgbaria Ahmad28-Feb-07 0:23 
QuestionInvoking .NET from Native C Pin
novicedude27-Feb-07 19:51
membernovicedude27-Feb-07 19:51 
AnswerRe: Invoking .NET from Native C Pin
Mike Dimmick28-Feb-07 0:39
memberMike Dimmick28-Feb-07 0:39 
QuestionGetting WebBrowser cookies for HttpWebRequest Pin
jjholt27-Feb-07 12:57
memberjjholt27-Feb-07 12:57 
QuestionDateTimePicker commercial replacements ? Pin
CAE27-Feb-07 12:20
memberCAE27-Feb-07 12:20 

I would like to know if some component vendors have a DateTimePicker replacement. I don't mean a calendar or any complex component, just a DateTime picker. Optimally it would add what lacks to the microsoft control, like changing the Culture, accepting null values, text formatting, custom fields (like what is available with the win32 control) and so on (I am aware of the free components showcased here at CP). Thank you

QuestionPlease help me Pin
Glen Liu27-Feb-07 12:09
memberGlen Liu27-Feb-07 12:09 
GeneralWPF ActiveControl Equivalent Pin
Ed.Poore26-Feb-07 22:02
memberEd.Poore26-Feb-07 22:02 
QuestionMTOM taking more time than base64 method Pin
shahzadgodil26-Feb-07 19:26
membershahzadgodil26-Feb-07 19:26 
QuestionRemoting connection problem Pin
BobishKindaGuy26-Feb-07 13:41
memberBobishKindaGuy26-Feb-07 13:41 
Questionforce feedback game graphics - please help Pin
men0aphw25-Feb-07 23:10
membermen0aphw25-Feb-07 23:10 
QuestionHTTPS POST returning 100 Continue makes the WebClient throw protocol violation exception [modified] Pin
Corneliu Tusnea25-Feb-07 12:57
memberCorneliu Tusnea25-Feb-07 12:57 
QuestionStrongly named assemblies & 3rd-party COM/OCX Pin
Len Miller25-Feb-07 10:54
memberLen Miller25-Feb-07 10:54 
Questionintegrating visual 2003 or 2005 with autocad or 3d studio max Pin
mestkaniasa25-Feb-07 8:53
membermestkaniasa25-Feb-07 8:53 
Questionhelp on project biulding Pin
thesad25-Feb-07 3:17
memberthesad25-Feb-07 3:17 
AnswerRe: help on project biulding Pin
Colin Angus Mackay25-Feb-07 4:03
memberColin Angus Mackay25-Feb-07 4:03 
GeneralRe: help on project biulding Pin
thesad25-Feb-07 6:12
memberthesad25-Feb-07 6:12 
Question.NET Security Configuration Pin
Ian Uy24-Feb-07 16:17
memberIan Uy24-Feb-07 16:17 
AnswerRe: .NET Security Configuration Pin
Colin Angus Mackay25-Feb-07 4:02
memberColin Angus Mackay25-Feb-07 4:02 
QuestionGeneral question about object reference in .NET Framework Pin
Yanshof24-Feb-07 10:07
memberYanshof24-Feb-07 10:07 
AnswerRe: General question about object reference in .NET Framework Pin
Luc Pattyn24-Feb-07 10:59
professionalLuc Pattyn24-Feb-07 10:59 
GeneralRe: General question about object reference in .NET Framework Pin
Yanshof24-Feb-07 19:19
memberYanshof24-Feb-07 19:19 
GeneralRe: General question about object reference in .NET Framework Pin
Luc Pattyn24-Feb-07 23:20
professionalLuc Pattyn24-Feb-07 23:20 

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