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.NET Framework

AnswerRe: To execute post-build event condition of managed projects for specific configuration Pin
kubben4-Mar-07 12:16
memberkubben4-Mar-07 12:16 
QuestionWord or Excel , get opened file name Pin
Muhammad Nauman Yousuf3-Mar-07 9:02
memberMuhammad Nauman Yousuf3-Mar-07 9:02 
QuestionIs WPF fast enough for real time? Pin
Epinephrine3-Mar-07 6:30
memberEpinephrine3-Mar-07 6:30 
AnswerRe: Is WPF fast enough for real time? Pin
Dave Kreskowiak3-Mar-07 11:36
mveDave Kreskowiak3-Mar-07 11:36 
AnswerRe: Is WPF fast enough for real time? Pin
Scott Dorman4-Mar-07 8:30
professionalScott Dorman4-Mar-07 8:30 
QuestionFile copying in network Pin
tonyalex2-Mar-07 3:46
membertonyalex2-Mar-07 3:46 
AnswerRe: File copying in network Pin
Pete O'Hanlon2-Mar-07 9:54
protectorPete O'Hanlon2-Mar-07 9:54 
QuestionShow Bitmap Handle to Picture Control Pin
priyank_ldce2-Mar-07 0:55
memberpriyank_ldce2-Mar-07 0:55 
Hi all,
I am making simple screen capture win32 application using VC++.NET. I am able to capture it in the memory and getting handle of that bitmap but I am not able to show that bitmap in Picture Control in dialog box. Can I know what wrong with my code??
I am pasting my code here.

int nScreenWidth = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN);
int nScreenHeight = GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN);
HWND hDesktopWnd = GetDesktopWindow();
HDC hDesktopDC = GetDC(hDesktopWnd);
HDC hCaptureDC = CreateCompatibleDC(hDesktopDC);

HBITMAP hCaptureBitmap =CreateCompatibleBitmap(hDesktopDC, 
				nScreenWidth, nScreenHeight);



::SendMessage(::GetDlgItem(hDlg, IDC_BITMAP_CONTROL), STM_SETIMAGE, IMAGE_BITMAP, (LPARAM)hCaptureBitmap);

AnswerRe: Show Bitmap Handle to Picture Control Pin
prasad_som2-Mar-07 3:53
memberprasad_som2-Mar-07 3:53 
QuestionWeb.config, Global.asax Pin
Kusal1-Mar-07 18:09
memberKusal1-Mar-07 18:09 
AnswerRe: Web.config, Global.asax Pin
lgrabarevic5-Mar-07 0:54
memberlgrabarevic5-Mar-07 0:54 
Questionrunning Appliaction on Pocket PC Pin
Blue_Boy1-Mar-07 5:46
memberBlue_Boy1-Mar-07 5:46 
GeneralExtending XML Comments Pin
Brady Kelly1-Mar-07 3:22
memberBrady Kelly1-Mar-07 3:22 
QuestionDataGridViewComboBoxColumn Data Error Pin
Hendrik Debedts1-Mar-07 2:07
memberHendrik Debedts1-Mar-07 2:07 
QuestionHow manage assembly Pin
Salvodif1-Mar-07 1:13
memberSalvodif1-Mar-07 1:13 
Questionexport to excel through asp page(not Pin
mamatha_raghu1-Mar-07 0:38
membermamatha_raghu1-Mar-07 0:38 
AnswerRe: export to excel through asp page(not Pin
Scott Page8-Mar-07 0:07
professionalScott Page8-Mar-07 0:07 
Question3 tier architecture implementation in .net Pin
mamatha_raghu28-Feb-07 19:40
membermamatha_raghu28-Feb-07 19:40 
AnswerRe: 3 tier architecture implementation in .net Pin
Obaid ur Rehman1-Mar-07 3:20
memberObaid ur Rehman1-Mar-07 3:20 
GeneralRe: 3 tier architecture implementation in .net Pin
mamatha_raghu1-Mar-07 19:59
membermamatha_raghu1-Mar-07 19:59 
QuestionInterface not Supported / Schnittstelle nicht unterstützt Pin
testy_proconsul28-Feb-07 1:34
membertesty_proconsul28-Feb-07 1:34 
Questionhow i using sockets in smart devices? Pin
Agbaria Ahmad28-Feb-07 1:23
memberAgbaria Ahmad28-Feb-07 1:23 
QuestionInvoking .NET from Native C Pin
novicedude27-Feb-07 20:51
membernovicedude27-Feb-07 20:51 
AnswerRe: Invoking .NET from Native C Pin
Mike Dimmick28-Feb-07 1:39
memberMike Dimmick28-Feb-07 1:39 
QuestionGetting WebBrowser cookies for HttpWebRequest Pin
jjholt27-Feb-07 13:57
memberjjholt27-Feb-07 13:57 

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