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AnswerRe: Creating a Help System for a VB.NET Project Pin
MatrixCoder3-May-07 11:19
MemberMatrixCoder3-May-07 11:19 
Question[02/03] Please help graphing datasource Pin
Srigopal0073-May-07 8:19
MemberSrigopal0073-May-07 8:19 
QuestionError While Creating Publish Pin
vurugonda3-May-07 7:53
Membervurugonda3-May-07 7:53 
QuestionInstalling a Windows Service and the GAC Pin
Terry Porter3-May-07 6:04
MemberTerry Porter3-May-07 6:04 
AnswerRe: Installing a Windows Service and the GAC Pin
kubben3-May-07 6:24
Memberkubben3-May-07 6:24 
GeneralRe: Installing a Windows Service and the GAC Pin
Terry Porter3-May-07 6:33
MemberTerry Porter3-May-07 6:33 
Questionsearch for files Pin
jds12073-May-07 5:35
Memberjds12073-May-07 5:35 
AnswerRe: search for files Pin
kubben3-May-07 6:31
Memberkubben3-May-07 6:31 
You are looking for them in a specific directory? If you just want to seach the whole computer that sounds a lot like a virus or spyware.

Imports System.IO

Use the Directory object to get a list of files.

Dim files As String() = Directory.GetFiles("c:\", "*.mp3")


GeneralRe: search for files Pin
jds12073-May-07 7:53
Memberjds12073-May-07 7:53 
AnswerRe: search for files Pin
jds12073-May-07 10:03
Memberjds12073-May-07 10:03 
Questionvb-dll problem Pin
aamn13-May-07 5:18
Memberaamn13-May-07 5:18 
AnswerRe: vb-dll problem Pin
nlarson117-May-07 7:30
Membernlarson117-May-07 7:30 
QuestionRe: vb-dll problem Pin
aamn110-May-07 19:13
Memberaamn110-May-07 19:13 
Questionerror [modified] Pin
Xmen Real 3-May-07 5:09
professional Xmen Real 3-May-07 5:09 
QuestionCalling a DB2 COBOL Stored Procedure Pin
wpoopsi3-May-07 4:54
Memberwpoopsi3-May-07 4:54 
Questiontoolbar image blur's automatically VS 2005 Pin
Rizwan Bashir3-May-07 4:45
MemberRizwan Bashir3-May-07 4:45 
QuestionChanging Crystal Report's connection at runtime Pin
BooleanTrue3-May-07 3:27
professionalBooleanTrue3-May-07 3:27 
AnswerRe: Changing Crystal Report's connection at runtime Pin
Tarakeshwar Reddy3-May-07 4:02
professionalTarakeshwar Reddy3-May-07 4:02 
Questiondsn in Pin
Sonia Gupta3-May-07 2:32
MemberSonia Gupta3-May-07 2:32 
AnswerRe: dsn in Pin
Dave Kreskowiak3-May-07 4:43
mveDave Kreskowiak3-May-07 4:43 
Questionimages in the crystal reports ( 2005) Pin
Sonia Gupta3-May-07 1:24
MemberSonia Gupta3-May-07 1:24 
QuestionReading large file and Updating database Pin
virendra_0073-May-07 0:21
Membervirendra_0073-May-07 0:21 
AnswerRe: Reading large file and Updating database Pin
Tarakeshwar Reddy3-May-07 3:32
professionalTarakeshwar Reddy3-May-07 3:32 
QuestionText_Changed is not working Pin
TheEagle3-May-07 0:19
MemberTheEagle3-May-07 0:19 
AnswerRe: Text_Changed is not working Pin
_mubashir3-May-07 0:52
Member_mubashir3-May-07 0:52 

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