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QuestionRe: dataset and datareader Pin
Sonia Gupta6-May-07 23:46
MemberSonia Gupta6-May-07 23:46 
AnswerRe: dataset and datareader Pin
Guffa7-May-07 0:03
MemberGuffa7-May-07 0:03 
QuestionRe: dataset and datareader [modified] Pin
Sonia Gupta7-May-07 0:25
MemberSonia Gupta7-May-07 0:25 
QuestionAdd records to MS Access Table Pin
IvanIT6-May-07 14:20
MemberIvanIT6-May-07 14:20 
AnswerRe: Add records to MS Access Table Pin
Guffa6-May-07 15:13
MemberGuffa6-May-07 15:13 
Questionpowerpoint automation via Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint Pin
uglyeyes6-May-07 14:09
Memberuglyeyes6-May-07 14:09 
QuestionSyntaxiserror in updatecommand Pin
keninfo6-May-07 8:41
Memberkeninfo6-May-07 8:41 
AnswerRe: Syntaxiserror in updatecommand Pin
Colin Angus Mackay6-May-07 23:09
MemberColin Angus Mackay6-May-07 23:09 
Your code is susceptable to SQL Injection Attack. Please read SQL Injection Attacks and Tips on How to Prevent Them[^].

You use ExecuteReader. But you don't get any information back. You should ExecuteNonQuery() when you don't expect a result set.

You are allowing unvalidated and unsanitised user input directly into the SQL Statement. It is highly possible that this dirty information is causing problems for your SQL Statement. The advice given in SQL Injection Attacks and Tips on How to Prevent Them[^] will help you generate a safe SQL command that will be protected against that sort of error when caused by user input.

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QuestionReport Generation in VB Pin
Mohamad Kaifi6-May-07 7:43
MemberMohamad Kaifi6-May-07 7:43 
QuestionRe: Report Generation in VB Pin
Sachin Pimpale7-May-07 2:29
MemberSachin Pimpale7-May-07 2:29 
Questionmaking and recording call Pin
aapke_leeye6-May-07 2:53
Memberaapke_leeye6-May-07 2:53 
AnswerRe: making and recording call Pin
Dave Kreskowiak7-May-07 4:12
mveDave Kreskowiak7-May-07 4:12 
QuestionHow to detect if "My documents" or "Internet explorer" is dropped... Pin
re infecta5-May-07 23:47
Memberre infecta5-May-07 23:47 
QuestionC to VB6 Pin
Alex_735-May-07 22:13
MemberAlex_735-May-07 22:13 
AnswerRe: C to VB6 Pin
Christian Graus6-May-07 11:36
protectorChristian Graus6-May-07 11:36 
QuestionRe: C to VB6 Pin
Alex_736-May-07 21:02
MemberAlex_736-May-07 21:02 
AnswerRe: C to VB6 Pin
Christian Graus7-May-07 1:08
protectorChristian Graus7-May-07 1:08 
General[Solved]Re: C to VB6 Pin
Alex_738-May-07 6:11
MemberAlex_738-May-07 6:11 
QuestionLooping Problem - ArgumentOutOfRange - Processes Pin
InfectiousX5-May-07 20:55
MemberInfectiousX5-May-07 20:55 
AnswerRe: Looping Problem - ArgumentOutOfRange - Processes Pin
Dave Kreskowiak6-May-07 5:06
mveDave Kreskowiak6-May-07 5:06 
QuestionMySql Login Pin
LegionFX5-May-07 11:59
MemberLegionFX5-May-07 11:59 
AnswerRe: MySql Login Pin
Paul Conrad5-May-07 12:45
professionalPaul Conrad5-May-07 12:45 
GeneralRe: MySql Login Pin
LegionFX5-May-07 12:51
MemberLegionFX5-May-07 12:51 
GeneralRe: MySql Login Pin
Paul Conrad5-May-07 13:22
professionalPaul Conrad5-May-07 13:22 
GeneralRe: MySql Login Pin
LegionFX6-May-07 0:42
MemberLegionFX6-May-07 0:42 

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