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QuestionHow does ActiveX read and write cookie Pin
martinvan4-Oct-07 20:41
Membermartinvan4-Oct-07 20:41 
QuestionLearning stage of COM Pin
Shaileshvb4-Oct-07 1:57
MemberShaileshvb4-Oct-07 1:57 
AnswerRe: Learning stage of COM Pin
Nathan Holt at EMOM4-Oct-07 9:58
MemberNathan Holt at EMOM4-Oct-07 9:58 
GeneralRe: Learning stage of COM Pin
Shaileshvb4-Oct-07 17:41
MemberShaileshvb4-Oct-07 17:41 
GeneralRe: Learning stage of COM Pin
QuickDeveloper5-Oct-07 1:38
MemberQuickDeveloper5-Oct-07 1:38 
GeneralRe: Learning stage of COM Pin
Nathan Holt at EMOM5-Oct-07 5:44
MemberNathan Holt at EMOM5-Oct-07 5:44 
AnswerRe: Learning stage of COM Pin
ram.Jaddu8-Oct-07 23:43
Memberram.Jaddu8-Oct-07 23:43 
QuestionNeed book Pin
Tarek Jabri3-Oct-07 23:38
MemberTarek Jabri3-Oct-07 23:38 
can anyone help me finding a book about developing "com add-in" for office applications using mfc ?

thanks alot

QuestionAm I looking at this correctly? [modified] Pin
BubbaGeeNH2-Oct-07 6:18
MemberBubbaGeeNH2-Oct-07 6:18 
AnswerRe: I'm I looking at this correctly. [modified] Pin
Baltoro4-Oct-07 13:18
MemberBaltoro4-Oct-07 13:18 
GeneralRe: I'm I looking at this correctly. Pin
BubbaGeeNH5-Oct-07 3:00
MemberBubbaGeeNH5-Oct-07 3:00 
QuestionError code 269 Pin
Ohad Cabiri1-Oct-07 2:35
MemberOhad Cabiri1-Oct-07 2:35 
AnswerRe: Error code 269 Pin
JamesS[C1]2-Oct-07 10:54
MemberJamesS[C1]2-Oct-07 10:54 
QuestionWindows Services Pin
Chandra.Anumakonda30-Sep-07 22:39
MemberChandra.Anumakonda30-Sep-07 22:39 
Questionsys files Pin
zon_cpp29-Sep-07 20:31
Memberzon_cpp29-Sep-07 20:31 
AnswerRe: sys files [modified] Pin
Baltoro4-Oct-07 12:24
MemberBaltoro4-Oct-07 12:24 
QuestionCOM Transaction Support Pin
SakthiSurya28-Sep-07 0:34
MemberSakthiSurya28-Sep-07 0:34 
Questionthreading And Distributed transaction Pin
Fadi Abu-Mathkour25-Sep-07 7:58
MemberFadi Abu-Mathkour25-Sep-07 7:58 
AnswerRe: threading And Distributed transaction Pin
Sohailk26-Sep-07 0:36
MemberSohailk26-Sep-07 0:36 
QuestionIXMLDOMAttribute::put_value Pin
IWannaTalk24-Sep-07 3:36
MemberIWannaTalk24-Sep-07 3:36 
AnswerRe: IXMLDOMAttribute::put_value Pin
Nathan Holt at EMOM24-Sep-07 10:56
MemberNathan Holt at EMOM24-Sep-07 10:56 
GeneralRe: IXMLDOMAttribute::put_value [modified] Pin
IWannaTalk24-Sep-07 11:54
MemberIWannaTalk24-Sep-07 11:54 
GeneralRe: IXMLDOMAttribute::put_value Pin
IWannaTalk25-Sep-07 23:35
MemberIWannaTalk25-Sep-07 23:35 
GeneralRe: IXMLDOMAttribute::put_value Pin
Nathan Holt at EMOM26-Sep-07 12:40
MemberNathan Holt at EMOM26-Sep-07 12:40 
GeneralRe: IXMLDOMAttribute::put_value Pin
IWannaTalk27-Sep-07 4:12
MemberIWannaTalk27-Sep-07 4:12 

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