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AnswerRe: Character Encoding Problem ASP.NET Pin
Cape Town Developer22-Jul-08 0:00
MemberCape Town Developer22-Jul-08 0:00 
QuestionApplication does not work inside the IIS?? Pin
obarahmeh21-Jul-08 22:19
Memberobarahmeh21-Jul-08 22:19 
AnswerRe: Application does not work inside the IIS?? Pin
eyeseetee21-Jul-08 23:44
Membereyeseetee21-Jul-08 23:44 
Question[Message Deleted] Pin
umeshdaiya21-Jul-08 21:43
Memberumeshdaiya21-Jul-08 21:43 
AnswerRe: cybercafe software Pin
eyeseetee21-Jul-08 22:06
Membereyeseetee21-Jul-08 22:06 
AnswerRe: cybercafe software Pin
N a v a n e e t h21-Jul-08 22:08
MemberN a v a n e e t h21-Jul-08 22:08 
QuestionHTTP Request Error Pin
chanzeb21-Jul-08 21:12
Memberchanzeb21-Jul-08 21:12 
AnswerRe: HTTP Request Error Pin
Sam Xavier22-Jul-08 21:18
MemberSam Xavier22-Jul-08 21:18 
Check to see if the service is properly registered and installed.
Does it works on a local machine ?

Best Regards,
Sam Xavier

Questionhow to use crystal report in 2005? Pin
BalasubramanianK21-Jul-08 19:38
MemberBalasubramanianK21-Jul-08 19:38 
QuestionHow to work with Crystal Reports in Pin
BalasubramanianK21-Jul-08 18:52
MemberBalasubramanianK21-Jul-08 18:52 
AnswerRe: How to work with Crystal Reports in Pin
sepel21-Jul-08 23:43
Membersepel21-Jul-08 23:43 
QuestionProblem to display data from database visullay inside table control . Pin
Rameez Raja21-Jul-08 16:53
MemberRameez Raja21-Jul-08 16:53 
QuestionStorage of String constants Pin
scottgp21-Jul-08 13:53
professionalscottgp21-Jul-08 13:53 
AnswerRe: Storage of String constants Pin
N a v a n e e t h21-Jul-08 18:08
MemberN a v a n e e t h21-Jul-08 18:08 
Questioncustom control visibility Pin
kjosh21-Jul-08 13:39
Memberkjosh21-Jul-08 13:39 
QuestionPassword Text Box Pin
mrkeivan21-Jul-08 10:52
Membermrkeivan21-Jul-08 10:52 
AnswerRe: Password Text Box Pin
Herman<T>.Instance21-Jul-08 11:44
MemberHerman<T>.Instance21-Jul-08 11:44 
GeneralRe: Password Text Box Pin
mrkeivan24-Jul-08 19:34
Membermrkeivan24-Jul-08 19:34 
AnswerRe: Password Text Box Pin
Nirandas21-Jul-08 17:40
MemberNirandas21-Jul-08 17:40 
AnswerRe: Password Text Box Pin
eyeseetee21-Jul-08 21:35
Membereyeseetee21-Jul-08 21:35 
GeneralMixed Authorization Pin
Brady Kelly21-Jul-08 10:43
MemberBrady Kelly21-Jul-08 10:43 
Questionpersist css ?? Pin
C. L. Phillip21-Jul-08 9:20
MemberC. L. Phillip21-Jul-08 9:20 
AnswerRe: persist css ?? Pin
ToddHileHoffer21-Jul-08 9:29
MemberToddHileHoffer21-Jul-08 9:29 
GeneralMissing Request Parameter Pin
Brady Kelly21-Jul-08 8:14
MemberBrady Kelly21-Jul-08 8:14 
JokeRe: Missing Request Parameter Pin
Paul Conrad21-Jul-08 8:49
professionalPaul Conrad21-Jul-08 8:49 

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