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GeneralRe: Focusing problem ? Pin
Mark Salsbery4-Jan-09 9:32
MemberMark Salsbery4-Jan-09 9:32 
GeneralRe: Focusing problem ? Pin
Mohammad Dayyan4-Jan-09 21:44
MemberMohammad Dayyan4-Jan-09 21:44 
QuestionWPF save button Pin
siten03083-Jan-09 12:23
Membersiten03083-Jan-09 12:23 
AnswerRe: WPF save button Pin
Mark Salsbery3-Jan-09 15:09
MemberMark Salsbery3-Jan-09 15:09 
GeneralRe: WPF save button Pin
siten03083-Jan-09 18:42
Membersiten03083-Jan-09 18:42 
GeneralRe: WPF save button Pin
Mark Salsbery3-Jan-09 20:58
MemberMark Salsbery3-Jan-09 20:58 
GeneralRe: WPF save button Pin
siten03084-Jan-09 5:56
Membersiten03084-Jan-09 5:56 
GeneralRe: WPF save button Pin
Mark Salsbery4-Jan-09 6:21
MemberMark Salsbery4-Jan-09 6:21 
I don't know about the sample code in the second link, but I imagine the stream
created there will work as well.

If you use the sample dialog code in your first link to get the pathname of the file to
save, you should be able to use that pathname in the code at this link:

JpegBitmapEncoder Class[^]

Scroll down to "This example demonstrates how to encode a BitmapSource
into a JPEG image using a JpegBitmapEncoder.

Mark Salsbery
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++

Java | [Coffee]

Questionback ground color change inGrid Pin
member272-Jan-09 20:13
Membermember272-Jan-09 20:13 
Questionsilverlight Pin
vkvimal2-Jan-09 18:51
Membervkvimal2-Jan-09 18:51 
AnswerRe: silverlight Pin
Timmy Kokke5-Jan-09 1:27
MemberTimmy Kokke5-Jan-09 1:27 
AnswerRe: silverlight Pin
Mohammad Dayyan8-Jan-09 10:51
MemberMohammad Dayyan8-Jan-09 10:51 
GeneralRe: silverlight Pin
vkvimal10-Jan-09 19:05
Membervkvimal10-Jan-09 19:05 
GeneralRe: silverlight Pin
Mohammad Dayyan10-Jan-09 23:36
MemberMohammad Dayyan10-Jan-09 23:36 
GeneralRe: silverlight Pin
vkvimal23-Jan-09 18:55
Membervkvimal23-Jan-09 18:55 
Questionrotate an arrow using silverlight Pin
priyagee2-Jan-09 1:13
Memberpriyagee2-Jan-09 1:13 
AnswerRe: rotate an arrow using silverlight Pin
Michael Sync29-Jan-09 2:42
MemberMichael Sync29-Jan-09 2:42 
QuestionTo Create Button Template Storyboard Pin
Member 58061221-Jan-09 18:29
MemberMember 58061221-Jan-09 18:29 
AnswerRe: To Create Button Template Storyboard Pin
Lev Danielyan5-Jan-09 20:57
MemberLev Danielyan5-Jan-09 20:57 
QuestionPlay QuickTime video file Using WPF Pin
Khan Firoz30-Dec-08 4:12
MemberKhan Firoz30-Dec-08 4:12 
AnswerRe: Play QuickTime video file Using WPF Pin
ColinM12330-Dec-08 11:17
MemberColinM12330-Dec-08 11:17 
Questiond:LayoutOverrides="Height" ? Pin
Mohammad Dayyan30-Dec-08 2:12
MemberMohammad Dayyan30-Dec-08 2:12 
AnswerRe: d:LayoutOverrides="Height" ? Pin
Mark Salsbery30-Dec-08 6:00
MemberMark Salsbery30-Dec-08 6:00 
QuestionHow to create a custom knob control in WPF XMAL ? Pin
dman1000129-Dec-08 7:31
Memberdman1000129-Dec-08 7:31 
AnswerRe: How to create a custom knob control in WPF XMAL ? Pin
User 27100929-Dec-08 13:18
MemberUser 27100929-Dec-08 13:18 

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