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Collaboration / Beta Testing

AnswerRe: Beta testers needed: Fun way of Website promotion Pin
luckystar0916-Aug-09 17:40
Memberluckystar0916-Aug-09 17:40 
QuestionHelp me, please! Pin
thuonghasm10-Jun-09 1:49
Memberthuonghasm10-Jun-09 1:49 
QuestionHow to share a nice collab / project wiki with a friend. Pin
Jarno Burger2-Jun-09 0:07
MemberJarno Burger2-Jun-09 0:07 
QuestionTesters and feedback wanted for requirements planning application Pin
SoftwareMonkeys30-May-09 2:18
MemberSoftwareMonkeys30-May-09 2:18 
QuestionCan someone test gmail's imap? Pin
Quake2Player27-May-09 5:15
MemberQuake2Player27-May-09 5:15 
QuestionTDP setting RTRT tool for C++ Pin
maheesh25-May-09 18:14
Membermaheesh25-May-09 18:14 
GeneralDos [modified] Pin
BenJamming18-May-09 8:49
MemberBenJamming18-May-09 8:49 
GeneralHelp Add-in Beta Test Pin
pelnor28-Mar-09 8:53
Memberpelnor28-Mar-09 8:53 
I've been making the effort lately to turn my side project into a small business. I'm at the point now where I'd like to offer my program up to the gods of beta testing.

My project is the Pelnor Help Add-in. It is a Visual Studio add-in for creating front end project documentation and help files. It works with VS 2005 and 2008. It can create documentation as PDF, XPS, HTML help, and WinHelp. I'm going to run this beta test until May 1st.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please visit[^] to download the program.

QuestionLoad testing using VSTS 2008 Pin
Viky_Tester19-Mar-09 3:06
MemberViky_Tester19-Mar-09 3:06 
QuestionLoad testing in VS .net 2008 Pin
Ash_VCPP19-Mar-09 2:51
MemberAsh_VCPP19-Mar-09 2:51 
News[SixPack library] Beta testers wanted! Pin
sklivvz14-Mar-09 13:13
Membersklivvz14-Mar-09 13:13 
GeneralRe: [SixPack library] Beta testers wanted! Pin
hairy_hats20-Mar-09 2:24
Memberhairy_hats20-Mar-09 2:24 
AnswerRe: [SixPack library] Beta testers wanted! Pin
sklivvz20-Mar-09 4:43
Membersklivvz20-Mar-09 4:43 
QuestionJust curious... Pin
Jon Rista4-Feb-09 7:34
MemberJon Rista4-Feb-09 7:34 
Generalattract more Pin
Luc Pattyn4-Feb-09 7:58
sitebuilderLuc Pattyn4-Feb-09 7:58 
GeneralRe: attract more Pin
Jon Rista4-Feb-09 9:46
MemberJon Rista4-Feb-09 9:46 
GeneralRe: attract more Pin
Luc Pattyn4-Feb-09 10:07
sitebuilderLuc Pattyn4-Feb-09 10:07 
QuestionPorting the VCF to WinCE Pin
Jim Crafton4-Feb-09 6:10
MemberJim Crafton4-Feb-09 6:10 
Questionthis is not a good place for tester.. Pin
HaWk Of DaWn1-Feb-09 23:47
MemberHaWk Of DaWn1-Feb-09 23:47 
Questiondon't get fooled Pin
Luc Pattyn15-Jan-09 3:17
sitebuilderLuc Pattyn15-Jan-09 3:17 
AnswerRe: don't get fooled Pin
Pete O'Hanlon15-Jan-09 4:37
communityengineerPete O'Hanlon15-Jan-09 4:37 
Questiondiffernces between mercury loadrunner,ANTS profiler,ACT tool(Urgent) Pin
ajaych29-Apr-08 4:58
Memberajaych29-Apr-08 4:58 
GeneralCoding help needed for OpenSource Media Player Pin
Sukhjinder_K27-Apr-08 21:00
MemberSukhjinder_K27-Apr-08 21:00 
GeneralRe: Coding help needed for OpenSource Media Player Pin
Reelix28-Apr-08 21:47
MemberReelix28-Apr-08 21:47 
GeneralRe: Coding help needed for OpenSource Media Player Pin
Sukhjinder_K28-Apr-08 21:52
MemberSukhjinder_K28-Apr-08 21:52 

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