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Questionvalidation controls in asp Pin
sritha8-May-09 19:54
Membersritha8-May-09 19:54 
AnswerRe: validation controls in asp Pin
Kaushal Arora8-May-09 22:51
MemberKaushal Arora8-May-09 22:51 
QuestionPlease help me in gridview binding Pin
thileepansekaran8-May-09 17:52
Memberthileepansekaran8-May-09 17:52 
QuestionWhat is it called? Pin
misCafe8-May-09 17:16
MembermisCafe8-May-09 17:16 
AnswerRe: What is it called? Pin
Kaushal Arora8-May-09 22:55
MemberKaushal Arora8-May-09 22:55 
GeneralRe: What is it called? Pin
misCafe10-May-09 14:43
MembermisCafe10-May-09 14:43 
QuestionHow can save and read data into the session state for user name and password? Pin
Aung Paing8-May-09 17:08
MemberAung Paing8-May-09 17:08 
AnswerRe: How can save and read data into the session state for user name and password? Pin
ShilpaGinodiya9-May-09 2:14
MemberShilpaGinodiya9-May-09 2:14 

Refer below link for what is session state and how to save and read values in session state.[^]

Brief about session state and view state:

View State are valid mainly during postbacks and information is stored in client only.
Viewstate are valid for serializable data only.
Moreover Viewstate are not secured as data is exposed to client.It get stored in browser.
Although we can configure page directive and machine key to make view state encrypted.
Session State- this is user specific data that is stored in server memory . Session state is valid for any type of objects. We can take help of session through different web pages also. But yes this is valid till that user's session.

Hope this is of help.

QuestionCSS on Treeview not working Pin
AndyASPVB8-May-09 13:19
MemberAndyASPVB8-May-09 13:19 
QuestionGridview Pin
hahii8-May-09 13:03
Memberhahii8-May-09 13:03 
AnswerRe: Gridview Pin
Christian Graus8-May-09 14:45
mveChristian Graus8-May-09 14:45 
GeneralRe: Gridview Pin
hahii8-May-09 17:16
Memberhahii8-May-09 17:16 
AnswerRe: Gridview Pin
Amit Patel19858-May-09 21:24
MemberAmit Patel19858-May-09 21:24 
QuestionListview and unbound control values Pin
C. L. Phillip8-May-09 10:08
MemberC. L. Phillip8-May-09 10:08 
AnswerRe: Listview and unbound control values Pin
Atif Shahbaz8-May-09 21:55
MemberAtif Shahbaz8-May-09 21:55 
GeneralRe: Listview and unbound control values Pin
C. L. Phillip11-May-09 3:12
MemberC. L. Phillip11-May-09 3:12 
Questionmenu items Pin
hahii8-May-09 9:32
Memberhahii8-May-09 9:32 
QuestionObject Expected error Pin
yasBinder8-May-09 9:07
MemberyasBinder8-May-09 9:07 
AnswerRe: Object Expected error Pin
Christian Graus8-May-09 14:47
mveChristian Graus8-May-09 14:47 
Questionhow to access cross domain using JSON ajax Pin
hannahwill8-May-09 5:12
Memberhannahwill8-May-09 5:12 
AnswerRe: how to access cross domain using JSON ajax Pin
Jeff Circeo8-May-09 9:28
MemberJeff Circeo8-May-09 9:28 
Questionwebservice in asp .net Pin
hannahwill8-May-09 5:11
Memberhannahwill8-May-09 5:11 
AnswerRe: webservice in asp .net Pin
Christian Graus8-May-09 14:49
mveChristian Graus8-May-09 14:49 
Questionget email attachment??? Pin
nkmkrishna8-May-09 4:32
Membernkmkrishna8-May-09 4:32 
AnswerRe: get email attachment??? Pin
Christian Graus8-May-09 14:49
mveChristian Graus8-May-09 14:49 

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