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Chris Maunder16-Jul-09 3:09
cofounderChris Maunder16-Jul-09 3:09 
PinnedHow to get an answer to your question Pin
Chris Maunder16-Jul-09 3:05
cofounderChris Maunder16-Jul-09 3:05 
For those new to message boards please try to follow a few simple rules when posting your question.
  1. Choose the correct forum for your message. Posting a VB.NET question in the C++ forum will end in tears.

  2. Be specific! Don't ask "can someone send me the code to create an application that does 'X'. Pinpoint exactly what it is you need help with.

  3. Keep the subject line brief, but descriptive. eg "File Serialization problem"

  4. Keep the question as brief as possible. If you have to include code, include the smallest snippet of code you can.

  5. Be careful when including code that you haven't made a typo. Typing mistakes can become the focal point instead of the actual question you asked.

  6. Do not remove or empty a message if others have replied. Keep the thread intact and available for others to search and read. If your problem was answered then edit your message and add "[Solved]" to the subject line of the original post, and cast an approval vote to the one or several answers that really helped you.

  7. If you are posting source code with your question, place it inside <pre></pre> tags. We advise you also check the "Encode "<" (and other HTML) characters when pasting" checkbox before pasting anything inside the PRE block, and make sure "Use HTML in this post" check box is checked.

  8. Be courteous and DON'T SHOUT. Everyone here helps because they enjoy helping others, not because it's their job.

  9. Please do not post links to your question into an unrelated forum such as the lounge. It will be deleted. Likewise, do not post the same question in more than one forum.

  10. Do not be abusive, offensive, inappropriate or harass anyone on the boards. Doing so will get you kicked off and banned. Play nice.

  11. If you have a school or university assignment, assume that your teacher or lecturer is also reading these forums.

  12. No advertising or soliciting.

  13. We reserve the right to move your posts to a more appropriate forum or to delete anything deemed inappropriate or illegal.

Chris Maunder

The Code Project Co-founder
Microsoft C++ MVP

QuestionMessage Closed Pin
23-May-20 0:46
MemberMember 1484135923-May-20 0:46 
QuestionSerial port takes a long time to respond Pin
Member 1480999628-Apr-20 6:12
MemberMember 1480999628-Apr-20 6:12 
AnswerRe: Serial port takes a long time to respond Pin
Richard MacCutchan28-Apr-20 21:36
mveRichard MacCutchan28-Apr-20 21:36 
QuestionDisplay Port to HDMI Pin
Richard Andrew x643-Apr-20 3:16
professionalRichard Andrew x643-Apr-20 3:16 
QuestionGreen shaded images from USB camera... Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter8-Mar-20 22:43
mveKornfeld Eliyahu Peter8-Mar-20 22:43 
QuestionUSB Problem Pin
Kevin Marois8-Mar-20 14:49
professionalKevin Marois8-Mar-20 14:49 
AnswerMessage Closed Pin
15-Mar-20 20:00
MemberMember 1477387515-Mar-20 20:00 
GeneralRe: USB Problem Pin
Dave Kreskowiak16-Mar-20 4:52
mveDave Kreskowiak16-Mar-20 4:52 
GeneralRe: USB Problem Pin
Richard MacCutchan16-Mar-20 5:24
mveRichard MacCutchan16-Mar-20 5:24 
GeneralRe: USB Problem Pin
Dave Kreskowiak16-Mar-20 7:46
mveDave Kreskowiak16-Mar-20 7:46 
QuestionGemalto IDBridge CT700 (PC PIN PAD) Experience Pin
_Asif_19-Jan-20 23:09
professional_Asif_19-Jan-20 23:09 
AnswerRe: Gemalto IDBridge CT700 (PC PIN PAD) Experience Pin
Richard MacCutchan19-Jan-20 23:17
mveRichard MacCutchan19-Jan-20 23:17 
AnswerRe: Gemalto IDBridge CT700 (PC PIN PAD) Experience Pin
Gerry Schmitz20-Jan-20 9:24
mveGerry Schmitz20-Jan-20 9:24 
QuestionWhat limits how much of the memory a PCIe device can address? Pin
Rakanoth27-Dec-19 7:25
MemberRakanoth27-Dec-19 7:25 
QuestionHard Drive Firmware Pin
Antiquity13118-Oct-19 3:54
MemberAntiquity13118-Oct-19 3:54 
AnswerRe: Hard Drive Firmware Pin
Dave Kreskowiak8-Nov-19 2:40
mveDave Kreskowiak8-Nov-19 2:40 
QuestionTeledyne DALSA BOA SPOT Camera access Pin
Andreas Saurwein26-Sep-19 4:05
MemberAndreas Saurwein26-Sep-19 4:05 
AnswerRe: Teledyne DALSA BOA SPOT Camera access Pin
Richard MacCutchan26-Sep-19 4:45
mveRichard MacCutchan26-Sep-19 4:45 
GeneralRe: Teledyne DALSA BOA SPOT Camera access Pin
Andreas Saurwein26-Sep-19 5:02
MemberAndreas Saurwein26-Sep-19 5:02 
QuestionCommunicating software with hardware Pin
Otekpo Emmanuel24-Sep-19 9:34
MemberOtekpo Emmanuel24-Sep-19 9:34 
AnswerRe: Communicating software with hardware Pin
Andreas Saurwein26-Sep-19 4:06
MemberAndreas Saurwein26-Sep-19 4:06 
AnswerRe: Communicating software with hardware Pin
Gerry Schmitz26-Sep-19 5:09
mveGerry Schmitz26-Sep-19 5:09 
GeneralRe: Communicating software with hardware Pin
Otekpo Emmanuel21-Nov-19 19:48
MemberOtekpo Emmanuel21-Nov-19 19:48 

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