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QuestionConditional display of list in Sharepoint 2010 Pin
Amit Patel198518-Jan-12 23:02
MemberAmit Patel198518-Jan-12 23:02 
QuestionSharePoint logs Pin
JimmyRopes12-Jan-12 3:27
professionalJimmyRopes12-Jan-12 3:27 
AnswerRe: SharePoint logs Pin
Not Active12-Jan-12 3:52
mentorNot Active12-Jan-12 3:52 
GeneralRe: SharePoint logs Pin
JimmyRopes12-Jan-12 4:16
professionalJimmyRopes12-Jan-12 4:16 
QuestionWebPart connections Pin
dileep200910-Jan-12 6:37
Memberdileep200910-Jan-12 6:37 
QuestionUser management Pin
CodingYoshi9-Jan-12 4:45
MemberCodingYoshi9-Jan-12 4:45 
AnswerRe: User management Pin
Kevpoint27-Jan-12 19:01
MemberKevpoint27-Jan-12 19:01 
QuestionDisplaying Users ,Who are online Pin
Avinash Esanaka9-Jan-12 0:12
MemberAvinash Esanaka9-Jan-12 0:12 
I have to devolope a web part that shows the Users Who are online in sharepoint 2010 sites.please give me some idea .

Thanks in Advance
AnswerRe: Displaying Users ,Who are online Pin
nainakarri10-Jan-12 20:22
Membernainakarri10-Jan-12 20:22 
Questionwhat i should to open document in browser ? Pin
Honeyboy_203-Jan-12 4:35
MemberHoneyboy_203-Jan-12 4:35 
QuestionSharepoint installation on windows server 2003 Pin
NetMan201221-Dec-11 5:04
MemberNetMan201221-Dec-11 5:04 
AnswerRe: Sharepoint installation on windows server 2003 Pin
Not Active21-Dec-11 8:43
mentorNot Active21-Dec-11 8:43 
AnswerRe: Sharepoint installation on windows server 2003 Pin
nainakarri28-Dec-11 23:20
Membernainakarri28-Dec-11 23:20 
GeneralRe: Sharepoint installation on windows server 2003 Pin
Not Active29-Dec-11 2:54
mentorNot Active29-Dec-11 2:54 
Questionwant to learn sharepoint. Pin
Bhupendra Chauhan21-Dec-11 1:03
professionalBhupendra Chauhan21-Dec-11 1:03 
AnswerRe: want to learn sharepoint. Pin
coded00721-Dec-11 17:38
professionalcoded00721-Dec-11 17:38 
AnswerRe: want to learn sharepoint. Pin
Not Active21-Dec-11 19:49
mentorNot Active21-Dec-11 19:49 
GeneralRe: want to learn sharepoint. Pin
Bhupendra Chauhan22-Dec-11 0:24
professionalBhupendra Chauhan22-Dec-11 0:24 
QuestionPortalSiteMapProvider is empty with anonymous access Pin
bob.e.baker20-Dec-11 6:48
Memberbob.e.baker20-Dec-11 6:48 
QuestionScript for retrieving .tif files Pin
Vigneswaran.M20-Dec-11 1:45
MemberVigneswaran.M20-Dec-11 1:45 
QuestionJSGrid column merging in sharepoint Pin
sidhu0919-Dec-11 19:40
Membersidhu0919-Dec-11 19:40 
QuestionHow to add RecurrenceDataControl Pin
ElenXYZ15-Dec-11 21:18
MemberElenXYZ15-Dec-11 21:18 
AnswerRe: How to add RecurrenceDataControl Pin
ElenXYZ16-Dec-11 1:45
MemberElenXYZ16-Dec-11 1:45 
QuestionManual edits then upload to SharePoint server Pin
john john mackey15-Dec-11 9:03
Memberjohn john mackey15-Dec-11 9:03 
Questionhow to restrict user to upload only .docx or doc files in document library Pin
developerit13-Dec-11 21:40
Memberdeveloperit13-Dec-11 21:40 

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