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AnswerRe: problem with V4.master Pin
Not Active28-Jan-12 3:57
mentorNot Active28-Jan-12 3:57 
QuestionConditional display of list in Sharepoint 2010 Pin
Amit Patel198518-Jan-12 23:02
MemberAmit Patel198518-Jan-12 23:02 
QuestionSharePoint logs Pin
JimmyRopes12-Jan-12 3:27
professionalJimmyRopes12-Jan-12 3:27 
AnswerRe: SharePoint logs Pin
Not Active12-Jan-12 3:52
mentorNot Active12-Jan-12 3:52 
GeneralRe: SharePoint logs Pin
JimmyRopes12-Jan-12 4:16
professionalJimmyRopes12-Jan-12 4:16 
QuestionWebPart connections Pin
dileep200910-Jan-12 6:37
Memberdileep200910-Jan-12 6:37 
QuestionUser management Pin
CodingYoshi9-Jan-12 4:45
MemberCodingYoshi9-Jan-12 4:45 
AnswerRe: User management Pin
Kevpoint27-Jan-12 19:01
MemberKevpoint27-Jan-12 19:01 
Technically you can do this because -

1. SharePoint is compatible with the ASP.NET MembershipProvider, which is where *most* of the user functionality you seek lies.
2. SharePoint has lists and document libraries which you could leverage for the content functionality you mentioned.

Do take note of some of the strengths and weaknesses of sharepoint though - even if you plan to use the "free" version.
QuestionDisplaying Users ,Who are online Pin
Avinash Esanaka9-Jan-12 0:12
MemberAvinash Esanaka9-Jan-12 0:12 
AnswerRe: Displaying Users ,Who are online Pin
nainakarri10-Jan-12 20:22
Membernainakarri10-Jan-12 20:22 
Questionwhat i should to open document in browser ? Pin
Honeyboy_203-Jan-12 4:35
MemberHoneyboy_203-Jan-12 4:35 
QuestionSharepoint installation on windows server 2003 Pin
NetMan201221-Dec-11 5:04
MemberNetMan201221-Dec-11 5:04 
AnswerRe: Sharepoint installation on windows server 2003 Pin
Not Active21-Dec-11 8:43
mentorNot Active21-Dec-11 8:43 
AnswerRe: Sharepoint installation on windows server 2003 Pin
nainakarri28-Dec-11 23:20
Membernainakarri28-Dec-11 23:20 
GeneralRe: Sharepoint installation on windows server 2003 Pin
Not Active29-Dec-11 2:54
mentorNot Active29-Dec-11 2:54 
Questionwant to learn sharepoint. Pin
Bhupendra Chauhan21-Dec-11 1:03
professionalBhupendra Chauhan21-Dec-11 1:03 
AnswerRe: want to learn sharepoint. Pin
coded00721-Dec-11 17:38
professionalcoded00721-Dec-11 17:38 
AnswerRe: want to learn sharepoint. Pin
Not Active21-Dec-11 19:49
mentorNot Active21-Dec-11 19:49 
GeneralRe: want to learn sharepoint. Pin
Bhupendra Chauhan22-Dec-11 0:24
professionalBhupendra Chauhan22-Dec-11 0:24 
QuestionPortalSiteMapProvider is empty with anonymous access Pin
bob.e.baker20-Dec-11 6:48
Memberbob.e.baker20-Dec-11 6:48 
QuestionScript for retrieving .tif files Pin
Vigneswaran.M20-Dec-11 1:45
MemberVigneswaran.M20-Dec-11 1:45 
QuestionJSGrid column merging in sharepoint Pin
sidhu0919-Dec-11 19:40
Membersidhu0919-Dec-11 19:40 
QuestionHow to add RecurrenceDataControl Pin
ElenXYZ15-Dec-11 21:18
MemberElenXYZ15-Dec-11 21:18 
AnswerRe: How to add RecurrenceDataControl Pin
ElenXYZ16-Dec-11 1:45
MemberElenXYZ16-Dec-11 1:45 
QuestionManual edits then upload to SharePoint server Pin
john john mackey15-Dec-11 9:03
Memberjohn john mackey15-Dec-11 9:03 

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