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This forum is for discussing and recommending Free tools for software development. Please post direct links to tools, and not just links to pages that review or list tools.No shareware and no commercial products allowed. Please report spammers by voting to remove their messages and reporting their accounts.

GeneralKeePass password safe Pin
Peter_in_278021-Mar-12 19:56
professionalPeter_in_278021-Mar-12 19:56 
GeneralRe: KeePass password safe Pin
Corporal Agarn26-Mar-12 5:04
professionalCorporal Agarn26-Mar-12 5:04 
GeneralRe: KeePass password safe Pin
Albert Holguin14-May-12 3:44
professionalAlbert Holguin14-May-12 3:44 
SuggestionFree UML Modeling Tool ... Pin
Wonde Tadesse16-Mar-12 12:07
professionalWonde Tadesse16-Mar-12 12:07 
GeneralRe: Free UML Modeling Tool ... Pin
Emre Ataseven9-Jun-14 22:36
professionalEmre Ataseven9-Jun-14 22:36 
QuestionAny tool to check UI controls alignment? Pin
PravinSingh15-Mar-12 22:08
MemberPravinSingh15-Mar-12 22:08 
SuggestionRe: Any tool to check UI controls alignment? Pin
Wonde Tadesse16-Mar-12 12:00
professionalWonde Tadesse16-Mar-12 12:00 
GeneralRe: Any tool to check UI controls alignment? Pin
PravinSingh16-Mar-12 16:51
MemberPravinSingh16-Mar-12 16:51 
Thanks Wonde, have posted there now.

But I still don't understand how this forum is wrong. AFAIK this forum is meant for asking tools related questions as well (that's why we have the '?' icon available for the threads) and when someone answers (suggests a tool), the thread becomes part of the forum's KB.

It's better to know some of the questions than all of the answers.


GeneralRe: Any tool to check UI controls alignment? Pin
Dalek Dave17-Mar-12 7:58
professionalDalek Dave17-Mar-12 7:58 Pin
AspDotNetDev13-Mar-12 20:24
protectorAspDotNetDev13-Mar-12 20:24 
GeneralRe: Pin
ProEnggSoft16-Mar-12 7:01
MemberProEnggSoft16-Mar-12 7:01 
NewsA few new ones Pin
Eddy Vluggen2-Mar-12 12:12
professionalEddy Vluggen2-Mar-12 12:12 
AnswerRe: A few new ones Pin
ProEnggSoft3-Mar-12 17:08
MemberProEnggSoft3-Mar-12 17:08 
GeneralRe: A few new ones Pin
Vinod Jangle21-Dec-15 8:07
MemberVinod Jangle21-Dec-15 8:07 
QuestionHosted Code Convertor Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar29-Feb-12 7:52
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar29-Feb-12 7:52 
AnswerRe: Hosted Code Convertor Pin
R. Giskard Reventlov29-Feb-12 8:08
MemberR. Giskard Reventlov29-Feb-12 8:08 
AnswerRe: Hosted Code Convertor Pin
ProEnggSoft1-Mar-12 5:46
MemberProEnggSoft1-Mar-12 5:46 
AnswerRe: Hosted Code Convertor - Alternatives Pin
thatraja1-Mar-12 6:29
professionalthatraja1-Mar-12 6:29 
GeneralRe: Hosted Code Convertor - Alternatives Pin
JohnPayton6-Mar-12 17:26
MemberJohnPayton6-Mar-12 17:26 
AnswerMathCast Pin
kid sister24-Feb-12 8:43
Memberkid sister24-Feb-12 8:43 
GeneralRe: MathCast Pin
ProEnggSoft25-Feb-12 6:48
MemberProEnggSoft25-Feb-12 6:48 
GeneralLINQPad to test C#, VB programs Pin
ProEnggSoft23-Feb-12 13:42
MemberProEnggSoft23-Feb-12 13:42 
GeneralRe: LINQPad to test C#, VB programs Pin
ZurdoDev23-Mar-12 6:16
mveZurdoDev23-Mar-12 6:16 
GeneralRegexRenamer for multiple file renaming using regular expressions Pin
ProEnggSoft21-Feb-12 4:00
MemberProEnggSoft21-Feb-12 4:00 
GeneralDesktop file search utility based on Regularexpressions on File Name only Pin
ProEnggSoft19-Feb-12 5:08
MemberProEnggSoft19-Feb-12 5:08 

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