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GeneraliTunes controller for gamers. Pin
Liam Cairns Kelly13-Aug-12 11:59
MemberLiam Cairns Kelly13-Aug-12 11:59 
GeneralSeeking advise on SyncToy Pin
Vaclav_7-Aug-12 8:02
MemberVaclav_7-Aug-12 8:02 
GeneralRe: Seeking advise on SyncToy Pin
fd97508-Aug-12 3:22
professionalfd97508-Aug-12 3:22 
GeneralRe: Seeking advise on SyncToy Pin
Chris Maunder11-Aug-12 7:52
cofounderChris Maunder11-Aug-12 7:52 
GeneralReplace a line with a range of lines in a file using Perl Pin
Faez Shingeri5-Aug-12 22:31
MemberFaez Shingeri5-Aug-12 22:31 
GeneralSmashing Magazine's review of over thirty 'free' fonts Pin
BillWoodruff25-Jul-12 3:50
mveBillWoodruff25-Jul-12 3:50 
GeneralFree Installer Pin
Brisingr Aerowing22-Jul-12 4:10
professionalBrisingr Aerowing22-Jul-12 4:10 
SuggestionNew programming language Pin
Globin18-Jul-12 11:18
MemberGlobin18-Jul-12 11:18 
I've got an idea for a new programming language:
New Coding Visual # Language = NCV#L


<if the specified condition is complete, runs code>
If [condition] Then
-If---Sub keywords
<if the previous condition isn't complete, specifies another conditions and runs other code>
elseif [condition]
<no conditions true? Run else's code>
If [mytextbox-text = ""] Then
msg{"No text"}
elseif [mytextbox-text = Null]
msg{"Text's null"}
msg{"There's text"}
Shown in the previous if example. Represents the default value of anything. Its use may cause a NullReferenceException.
Declares a new instance of object. Can be use after as or in equals
privated mytxtbox as new TextBox
myobj = new TextBox
Specifies the type of a declaration. Its use was shown in the previous example.
----- public, privated, friendly, shared, local, hidden
Keywords specifying how an object can be accessed:
public – from any place of the solution
privated – from only the place where it was declared
friendly – from only on the declared namespace of it.
shared – from all instance of its parent.
local – none of these keywords can be used as local variables on methods. Except this one.
hidden – declares again object hiding other objects with the same name on its parent.
byval , byref , opt are used only in parameters.
Use shown on the previous example of AS
Same of sub and void in VB&C#. Declares a method, its parameters and its code and have nothing to return. Void don’t have ctors so does not matter if you put ‘as new void’
public main-load as void {byval e as object}
myGroupbox-Header = “This is what we call ‘effect void’”
CTORS are like subnew and public blablablabla on C#&VB. Define how each instance of class will be created
#Call of StartComponent is needed for XAML\WinForms design support
Create more options to voids\funcs\ctors.
public load-text as void{byref filename as str}
option{byval filename as str, byval coding as Coding}
myrtf.LoadAdvanced{filename, coding}
option{byval stream as Stream}
Imports a namespace, as well its members.
Uses Me.Resources
Like void, but shold return something.
public CheckSpell{} as func[ as bool ]
If [Spellerror] Then
Only in funcs or in the property situations below(props). Makes a object throw the valueToReturn.
A property.
public WordWrap as props[ as bool ]{local ww as bool}
WhenRead #Means: what will be done when the prop is being read.
return ww
WhenWrite #Means: what will be done when the prop is being write.
ww = value
NOTE:If you miss any value, it will become Read Only\Write Only.

Default types(in red)

App commands
Using App #Using acts like with of visual basic.
.Run – runs a new instance of app
.Shutdown – End all instances of application
End (doesn’t needs to type or use app) – close the current instance of app.
A class can’t refer to themselve – use this instead
My namespace was replace by Me namespace
Properties aren't separated by dot and yes, by a hiphen.
properties\funcs returning values are in boxes

Arguments are in braces
GeneralRe: New programming language Pin
Wes Aday18-Jul-12 11:51
professionalWes Aday18-Jul-12 11:51 
GeneralRe: New programming language Pin
Albert Holguin18-Jul-12 12:00
professionalAlbert Holguin18-Jul-12 12:00 
GeneralRe: New programming language Pin
Globin18-Jul-12 13:04
MemberGlobin18-Jul-12 13:04 
GeneralRe: New programming language Pin
Pete O'Hanlon18-Jul-12 22:19
subeditorPete O'Hanlon18-Jul-12 22:19 
GeneralRe: New programming language Pin
Richard MacCutchan18-Jul-12 22:15
mveRichard MacCutchan18-Jul-12 22:15 
SuggestionA free Text search tool: TextCrawler Pin
woutercx15-Jul-12 11:21
Memberwoutercx15-Jul-12 11:21 
SuggestionFree JavaScript Information Visualization Toolkit Pin
Wonde Tadesse1-Jul-12 8:00
professionalWonde Tadesse1-Jul-12 8:00 
SuggestionFree web Tracking blocker tools Pin
Wonde Tadesse28-Jun-12 14:30
professionalWonde Tadesse28-Jun-12 14:30 
GeneralHavne any reporting tool for Pin
Koid11-Jun-12 18:28
MemberKoid11-Jun-12 18:28 
GeneralRe: Havne any reporting tool for Pin
Farhan Ghumra14-Jun-12 23:03
MemberFarhan Ghumra14-Jun-12 23:03 
GeneralA method for removing non-Latin Fonts from Win7 Pin
BillWoodruff23-May-12 1:35
mveBillWoodruff23-May-12 1:35 
GeneralvsSpeedster - speed up your Visual Studio 2010 compilations Pin
dexterama22-May-12 7:28
professionaldexterama22-May-12 7:28 
SuggestionSoftware Deployment Tool Pin
Vitaly Tomilov21-May-12 8:51
MemberVitaly Tomilov21-May-12 8:51 
SuggestionWindows Server 2003 - Extend System Partition Pin
Jorge J. Martins21-May-12 6:41
professionalJorge J. Martins21-May-12 6:41 
GeneralJetBrains DotNetPeek decompiler tool. Pin
Septimus Hedgehog17-May-12 0:21
MemberSeptimus Hedgehog17-May-12 0:21 
QuestionList of free hosting servers? Pin
Brandon-X1200016-May-12 9:24
MemberBrandon-X1200016-May-12 9:24 
AnswerRe: List of free hosting servers? Pin
Eddy Vluggen21-May-12 6:56
professionalEddy Vluggen21-May-12 6:56 

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