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General Indian Topics

GeneralIndia today Pin
Prerak Patel9-Aug-12 18:32
mvpPrerak Patel9-Aug-12 18:32 
GeneralRe: India today Pin
vijay69-Aug-12 18:51
membervijay69-Aug-12 18:51 
JokeRe: India today Pin
amitkarnik22119-Aug-12 19:13
memberamitkarnik22119-Aug-12 19:13 
GeneralRe: India today Pin
vijay69-Aug-12 20:20
membervijay69-Aug-12 20:20 
GeneralRe: India today Pin
amitkarnik22119-Aug-12 20:22
memberamitkarnik22119-Aug-12 20:22 
GeneralRe: India today Pin
vijay69-Aug-12 21:00
membervijay69-Aug-12 21:00 
GeneralQuote Pin
Prasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 18:30
memberPrasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 18:30 
GeneralGIT Headlines™ Pin
Prerak Patel9-Aug-12 18:30
mvpPrerak Patel9-Aug-12 18:30 

Save trees, save earth.
CP - GIT. FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012. PAGES 1*. PRICE 2.50 Rs.
Previous Edition | Archive

Save the girl child.
SENSEX 17515.22 (-45.65) NIFTY 5308.00 (-14.95) USD-INR 55.47 | EUR-INR 68.2 | GBP-INR 86.68 | AUD-INR 58.42
What are we Indians upto?|General-Indian-Topics

Ø India today by Prerak Patel
09:30 Athletics Women's High Jump Qualification SahanaKumari
13:42 Wrestling Women's 55kg Freestyle 1/8 Finals Geeta
19:38 Athletics Women's 800m Semifinals TintuLuka

Ø Quote by Prasad_Kulkarni
"Never let success go to your head and
Never let failure go to your heart."
-Author Unknown

Ø [Doodle] Slalom canoe 16.4 by Prerak Patel

Ø Hope fo Gold by amitkarnik2211
Is anyone in a position to do any positive prediction for Gold ???
Please please please

Ø Relax of 3 Days Off by AshishChaudha
Hurray..In this weekend 3 days off..

Ø Happy Janmastmi by AshishChaudha
Happy Janmastmi to all friends.

Ø Evening quote by stib_markc
The significant problems we face today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. --Albert Einstein

What's going on in Lounge?|Lounge

Ø Just discovered... by Rage
... that the key combination Windows Key + Shift + Left arrow (Right arrow) in Win7 will send the currently focused window to the monitor on the left (right), if you have more than one monitor (of course).
Sweeet ! Since I cannot install UltraMon and do not have a nVidia graphical card ( their driver have the UltraMon features built-in), this comes very handy.

Ø Olympic News by Dalek Dave
Congratulations to Nicola Adams for reaching the Olympic final of the Women's Fly Weight.
She has had to overcome years of sexism and innuendo in the sport to get this far.
I, for one, am really looking forward to seeing her box.

Ø US Blocks Nuclear Power Plants by Roger Wright
Regardless of one's position on nuclear power, this is an outrage!
Just a few years ago, this same US government promised to simplify licensing for new and renewed plants, and created a streamlined application process - even provided some funding - to kickstart a moribund industry. Now that billion$ have been invested and committed on the strength of government promises, they pull the plug.
No wonder the US is failing economically. Such development takes huge investment, a decade or so of design and construction, and years to begin a return of capital. Why would anyone take such a risk, knowing that the Feds are so incredibly fickle? I sure wouldn't; even on the smaller scale of individual investment, investing in shares of the companies who do this kind of development is an unacceptable risk.
Apparently, we as individuals are required to adhere to our commitments and contracts, but the government isn't.

J Occupational hazards by Ravi Bhavnani
This guy needs a job and decides to apply at the zoo. As it happened, their star attraction, a gorilla, had passed away the night before and they had carefully preserved his hide. They tell this guy that they'll pay him well if he would dress up in the gorilla's skin and pretend to be the gorilla so people will keep coming to the zoo. Well, the guy has his doubts, but hey, he needs the money, so he puts on the skin and goes out into the cage.
The crowd cheers when they see him. He plays up to the audience and they just eat it up. This isn't so bad, he thinks, and really starts putting on a show, jumping around, beating his chest and roaring, swinging around. During one acrobatic attempt, he loses his balance and crashes through some safety netting, landing square in the middle of the lion's cage. As he lies there stunned, the lion roars. He's terrified and starts screaming, "Help, Help, Help!" The lion races over to him, places his paws on his chest and hisses, "Shut up or we'll both lose our jobs!"

J Allergy by Collin Jasnoch
I have now come to the conlcusion that I am allergic to exercise.
It makes my heart race, I have troubles breathing, I get dehydrated and sweat like crazy, and even my skin gets all blotchy!
Just like my cat allergy I see no reason to get my doctor involved for medication. I will just steer clear of it for health reasons

Ø Curiosity Rover Image Updates by Karl Sanford
I know some people here were a bit disappointed with the quality of the initial images sent back to Earth from the Curiosity Rover. So I wanted to offer some links to updated images.
So far, this one is my favorite:
They are also currently getting the high res landing video transmitted and processed, here is a sneak peak of the first frame to see what kind of resolution you can expect when its done:

Ø Let's not forget Opportunity by wizardzz
Give Curiosity some time, look at the cool stuff Opportunity has done:
Keep in mind this was launched in 2003, 8 years prior to Curiosity's launch. I don't know the details but I'll assume the media technology on Curiosity is an improvement.

Ø Backyard Roller Coster by ahmed zahmed
Best parents ever build backyard coaster (short video)
Very cool!

Ø A joke. by Zac Greve
185 bottles of beer walk into a bar.
The bartender says "Sorry, we cannot serve you"
The bottles of beer reply "What? You're a bar and you don't serve beer?"

Ø Goodbye [modified] by CDP1802
I am sorry to inform you that this will be my last post. As it appears, somebody has discovered who I am. While I usually have nothing against followers who read every word I write, this is definitely not a good situation. The trouble already has begun and I will have to deal with it. First step: Not writing anything anymore.
Thanks for all the articles and advice, which allowed me to get some work done. And, most of all, thanks for all the reposted jokes which helped me over some bad moments lately.
Do I hear some people crying? I have not really died. If I had, there would be something like this as my last will:
To Griff I would leave my first print Garfield book from 1978. Back then they were still funny. On top of that, he would get some highly decorative ceramic cats from Mexico.
DD would get a 1:100 scale Saturn V model and my Darth Vader action figure from 1977, first edition Boba Fett and the Tie Fighter. I hope you really are a Star Wars fan. Those are about all old toys that survived the garage sale to scrape together my first memory board for my old computer.
To JSOP I would have left my G3A3 airsoft rifle. It is made of metal, has the right weight and resembles the original very closely. It even shoots well. For a toy. And JSOP would probably also have most use for my black Stetson and my copy of 'The Art Of War'. Edit: JSOP, if I had died, I also would have regretted all the times I pulled your leg. Even if you never found out who I really am.
Last, I would like to be placed on a viking ship with a sword, my old computer and a generous supply of mead in my hands, to be burned at sea.
Oh no. The last one did it. Someone is crying again. Let's finish this by quickly going through all important Lounge rules:
- This was not a programming question.
- It was kid sister safe, I would have liked to have written more about elephants and sunshines, but I can't do that anymore.
- It was no repost and will never be repost. Leslie Nielsen will not have to be invoked. Please, no more crying!
- Sorry, but I found no way to mention bacon.
- There really is no reason to cry. Laugh, like you did when DD edited Wikipedia.
City | Min  | Max  
AHM  | 26.0 | 32.2
DEL  | 26.1 | 31.7
MUM  | 24.9 | 30.6
KOL  | 26.3 | 32.2
CHE  | 25.1 | 34.8
HYD  | 22.3 | 31.0
BAN  | 21.0 | 27.4
PUN  | 21.4 | 27.6

In News

Live: Baba Ramdev's fast enters day 2
Olympics, Athletics: No respect for Carl Lewis, says Bolt
Building guard 'killed' lawyer when she resisted advances
Battle rages in Syria's Aleppo, rebels pull back
Mars Curiosity rover snaps self-portrait and color panorama image
Geetika suicide case: Look-out notice issued against Kanda
Minister pressures scientists to push GM crops: Panel
On Day 2, Sonia plays Leader of House again
26/11: Kasab identifies Jundal
US gurudwara shooting: Badal to attend memorial services
Syrian rebels under heavy fire
We don't like Imran Khan, say Pakistan Taliban
Russian authorities find sect members living underground
Libyan national assembly votes Magarief president
US still believes Iran not on verge of nuclear weapon
Infosys faces new lawsuit over visa whistleblower
UBS downgrades SBI to 'sell' ahead of earnings
June industrial growth in reverse gear again; contracts 1.8%
India's Biggest Corporate Loss Shows Singh's Dilemma on Deficit
Google to pay $22.5 mn for violating privacy
Google talks about future of search
Can't take my family to watch Gangs of Wasseypur: Salman Khan
CAUGHT: Aamir Khan On 'Dhoom 3′ Sets!
VVS Laxman may survive axe
IPL GC discusses Deccan Chargers mess, player payments
Largest-Ever 3D Map of the Universe Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]
NASA's Morpheus lander crashes near Cape Canaveral
Public outcry forces Plan panel rethink on bid to 'corporatize healthcare'?
Remove Bhopal waste in six months: SC
Vilasrao Deshmukh suffering from Hepatitis B, liver cancer
Himanta assures care of 4400 pregnant camp inmates

Today's joke
One Antartian was driving down an old country road when he spots another Antartian in a wheat field rowing a boat. He pulls over to the side of the road and stops the car.
Staring in disbelief, he stands at the side of the road to watch the woman for a while.
When he could not stand it any more, he called out to the Antartian in the field, "Why are you rowing a boat in the middle
of the field?"
The Antartian in the field stops rowing and responds, "Because it is an ocean of wheat."
The Antartian standing on the side of the road is furious. He yells at the Antartian in the field, "It is Antartians like you that give the rest of us a bad name." The Antartian in the field just shrugged her shoulders and began rowing again.
The Antartian on the side of the road was beside himself and shook his fist at Antartian in the field yelling, "If I could swim, I would come out there and drag you in!!!"


Aries: Even if you don't have the chance to take it easy and enjoy yourself during the day, it's a great time for you to enjoy a nice relaxing evening at home if you possibly can.
Taurus: Your social life will really be on the upswing, and you should be in an extremely talkative mood today.
Gemini: If you're in a particularly generous frame of mind today, just try not to get too carried away and end up blowing your budget.
Cancer: You should be quite charming today, and romance and relationships will really be high on your list of priorities.
Leo: Try to ignore any minor distractions and annoyances today and concentrate on what's truly important.
Virgo: If you try to focus more on what's good for others than on what's good for you today, it really won't seem like all that much of a sacrifice.
Libra: You'll be tempted to not put your full effort into things today.
Scorpio: You're bound to be daydreaming about taking a vacation or visiting some place you've never been before.
Sagittarius: Some promising new financial opportunities should soon become available to you, and other people will really be willing to help you out.
Capricorn: People will find you very charming today, and you're bound to be quite popular at the moment.
Aquarius: Today is an excellent time to start thinking about how you can make a little more money for yourself in some way.
Pisces: Your energy level will be very high at the moment.

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Prerak : Articles | Tips/Tricks | Answers | Blog | qRecycle always
We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

GeneralGoogle Doodle is Rocking everyday Pin
_ Kunal Chowdhury _9-Aug-12 18:25
mvp_ Kunal Chowdhury _9-Aug-12 18:25 
GeneralI Scored 27 Pin
Prasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 18:28
memberPrasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 18:28 
General41 so far Pin
Prerak Patel9-Aug-12 18:45
mvpPrerak Patel9-Aug-12 18:45 
GeneralReached 46 Pin
Prasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 22:46
memberPrasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 22:46 
GeneralIts more than previous Pin
Prasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 22:52
memberPrasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 22:52 
GeneralRe: Google Doodle is Rocking everyday Pin
Ambre Sachin9-Aug-12 19:10
memberAmbre Sachin9-Aug-12 19:10 
GeneralRe: Google Doodle is Rocking everyday Pin
Sanjay K. Gupta9-Aug-12 19:13
memberSanjay K. Gupta9-Aug-12 19:13 
GeneralRe: Google Doodle is Rocking everyday Pin
Prerak Patel9-Aug-12 19:20
mvpPrerak Patel9-Aug-12 19:20 
GeneralEvening quote Pin
stib_markc9-Aug-12 1:44
memberstib_markc9-Aug-12 1:44 
GeneralRe: Evening quote Pin
Rajesh R Subramanian9-Aug-12 1:58
memberRajesh R Subramanian9-Aug-12 1:58 
GeneralHappy Janmastmi Pin
AshishChaudha9-Aug-12 1:07
memberAshishChaudha9-Aug-12 1:07 
GeneralRe: Happy Janmastmi Pin
Prerak Patel9-Aug-12 1:11
mvpPrerak Patel9-Aug-12 1:11 
GeneralRe: Happy Janmastmi Pin
Prasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 1:16
memberPrasad_Kulkarni9-Aug-12 1:16 
GeneralRe: Happy Janmastmi Pin
Vedangi9-Aug-12 2:39
memberVedangi9-Aug-12 2:39 
GeneralRe: Happy Janmastmi Pin
Vani Kulkarni9-Aug-12 3:18
memberVani Kulkarni9-Aug-12 3:18 
GeneralRe: Happy Janmastmi Pin
nagendrathecoder9-Aug-12 4:19
membernagendrathecoder9-Aug-12 4:19 
GeneralRelax of 3 Days Off Pin
AshishChaudha9-Aug-12 1:05
memberAshishChaudha9-Aug-12 1:05 

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