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Article Writing

QuestionPost Pin
Ernest Wiggins18-Sep-12 11:06
groupErnest Wiggins18-Sep-12 11:06 
AnswerRe: Post Pin
Sean Ewington18-Sep-12 11:19
staffSean Ewington18-Sep-12 11:19 
GeneralRe: Post Pin
Richard MacCutchan18-Sep-12 22:07
mvpRichard MacCutchan18-Sep-12 22:07 
GeneralRe: Post Pin
Sean Ewington19-Sep-12 6:19
staffSean Ewington19-Sep-12 6:19 
GeneralRe: Post Pin
Richard MacCutchan19-Sep-12 6:48
mvpRichard MacCutchan19-Sep-12 6:48 
Questionproblem to use services on different pc of same network Pin
pritamk18-Sep-12 2:07
memberpritamk18-Sep-12 2:07 
SuggestionRe: problem to use services on different pc of same network Pin
Jochen Arndt18-Sep-12 2:14
memberJochen Arndt18-Sep-12 2:14 
Questionecf net tcp bonding Pin
pritamk18-Sep-12 2:00
memberpritamk18-Sep-12 2:00 
i hv problem to use windows services on different pc on the came network.
my confg page is
host config
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<behavior name="WCFServiceHost_DAS.MyServiceBehavior">
<serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled="false" />
<serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults="false" />

<service behaviorConfiguration="WCFServiceHost_DAS.MyServiceBehavior"
<endpoint address="" binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration=""
name="NetTcpBindingEndpoint" contract="WCFServiceHost_DAS.IMyService">
<dns value="localhost" />

<endpoint address="mex" binding="mexTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration=""
name="MexTcpBindingEndpoint" contract="IMetadataExchange" />
<add baseAddress="net.tcp://" />

client config

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<binding name="NetTcpBindingEndpoint" closeTimeout="00:01:00"
openTimeout="00:01:00" receiveTimeout="00:10:00" sendTimeout="00:01:00"
transactionFlow="false" transferMode="Buffered" transactionProtocol="OleTransactions"
hostNameComparisonMode="StrongWildcard" listenBacklog="10"
maxBufferPoolSize="524288" maxBufferSize="65536" maxConnections="10"
<readerQuotas maxDepth="32" maxStringContentLength="8192" maxArrayLength="16384"
maxBytesPerRead="4096" maxNameTableCharCount="16384" />
<reliableSession ordered="true" inactivityTimeout="00:10:00"
enabled="false" />
<security mode="None">
<transport clientCredentialType="Windows" protectionLevel="EncryptAndSign" />
<message clientCredentialType="Windows" />

<endpoint address="net.tcp://"
binding="netTcpBinding" bindingConfiguration="NetTcpBindingEndpoint"
contract="ServiceReference1.IMyService" name="NetTcpBindingEndpoint">
<dns value="localhost" />

exception occur

the socket connection was aborted.
QuestionRules of Tip/Trick Pin
Tadit Dash17-Sep-12 3:00
memberTadit Dash17-Sep-12 3:00 
AnswerRe: Rules of Tip/Trick Pin
Sean Ewington17-Sep-12 3:49
staffSean Ewington17-Sep-12 3:49 
GeneralRe: Rules of Tip/Trick Pin
Tadit Dash17-Sep-12 4:05
memberTadit Dash17-Sep-12 4:05 
QuestionConfusion Pin
Richard MacCutchan16-Sep-12 7:50
mvpRichard MacCutchan16-Sep-12 7:50 
AnswerRe: Confusion Pin
Sean Ewington17-Sep-12 3:47
staffSean Ewington17-Sep-12 3:47 
GeneralRe: Confusion Pin
Richard MacCutchan17-Sep-12 4:27
mvpRichard MacCutchan17-Sep-12 4:27 
GeneralRe: Confusion Pin
Sean Ewington17-Sep-12 5:08
staffSean Ewington17-Sep-12 5:08 
GeneralRe: Confusion Pin
Richard MacCutchan17-Sep-12 5:40
mvpRichard MacCutchan17-Sep-12 5:40 
GeneralRe: Confusion Pin
Sean Ewington17-Sep-12 7:25
staffSean Ewington17-Sep-12 7:25 
QuestionUploading code Pin
mzdude15-Sep-12 14:06
membermzdude15-Sep-12 14:06 
AnswerRe: Uploading code Pin
Albert Holguin15-Sep-12 15:36
memberAlbert Holguin15-Sep-12 15:36 
Questionwhy not all articles? Pin
duke.liu12-Sep-12 15:46
memberduke.liu12-Sep-12 15:46 
AnswerRe: why not all articles? Pin
Chris Maunder12-Sep-12 16:24
adminChris Maunder12-Sep-12 16:24 
GeneralRe: why not all articles? Pin
duke.liu14-Sep-12 19:00
memberduke.liu14-Sep-12 19:00 
GeneralRe: why not all articles? Pin
duke.liu14-Sep-12 19:35
memberduke.liu14-Sep-12 19:35 
GeneralRe: why not all articles? Pin
duke.liu17-Sep-12 14:09
memberduke.liu17-Sep-12 14:09 
QuestionPlease help - Facing an issues with article editing wizard Pin
Akram El Assas12-Sep-12 11:17
memberAkram El Assas12-Sep-12 11:17 

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