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Design and Architecture

AnswerRe: Algorithm help, Splitting up multiple readings Pin
Eddy Vluggen9-Oct-12 1:29
memberEddy Vluggen9-Oct-12 1:29 
GeneralRe: Algorithm help, Splitting up multiple readings Pin
glennPattonWork9-Oct-12 2:07
memberglennPattonWork9-Oct-12 2:07 
Questionhelp on MATLAB Pin
memberIBRAHIM HASSAN MTOLERA7-Oct-12 22:35 
AnswerRe: help on MATLAB Pin
Richard MacCutchan8-Oct-12 2:45
mvpRichard MacCutchan8-Oct-12 2:45 
GeneralRe: help on MATLAB Pin
memberIBRAHIM HASSAN MTOLERA8-Oct-12 2:55 
GeneralRe: help on MATLAB Pin
ProgramFOX8-Oct-12 3:18
memberProgramFOX8-Oct-12 3:18 
GeneralRe: help on MATLAB Pin
memberIBRAHIM HASSAN MTOLERA8-Oct-12 3:36 
QuestionC++ GUI Framework Pin
Kosta Cherry25-Sep-12 11:05
memberKosta Cherry25-Sep-12 11:05 
Before I ask a question, I should explain why I'm asking it and what for, to avoid flame, as question is highly flamable.

I'm in software development for 20+ years. I used to work with numerous (over 18) languages, many OSes, frameworks, platforms, etc. Over time I grew tired of learning some "new exciting tool/language/platform/you name it" just to have it disappear year or two later, or got superceeded with something else. I have only one life and don't want to waste it on learning "fashion" things that come and go before you even notice them. Besides, over time I grew to appreciate only two things - performance and "code beauty" (such as readability and maintainability). So, my by far preferred choice is C++. Yes, it is over 40 years old, but I bet it'll stay here for at least same amount of time. STL earned it's way into same league of "yes, we are here forever" (although I'm not big fan of it, but yes, it is well worth learning and sometimes even using Smile | :) it). And, or course, SQL. The new guy on a block is OpenCL, which was fighting with CUDA for quite some time now, and finally started to get into the same status as C++, STL and SQL.

I want to make myself clear - this is my personal choice, and I'm not advocating anybody else to agree with me, I just want to explain the starting point for my question.

I'm undertaking a new project right now with two goals in mind. First one is obvious - if I succeed, I wouldn't need to work for somebody else ever again Smile | :) . Second goal is - if I'll fail, then at least I will learn something new to make me more marketable, as in "able to find a decent and fun job with high pay" Smile | :) . And this is second goal that gives me headache right now.

Major part of the project is "number crunching", so I'm fine with what I already know and have. But minor part of the project involves GUI, and that is where I was hoping to learn something new AND have value of that skill to be retainable for quite some time. I used to work with Delphi/VCL (which I deem as a very, very good attempt at being perfect framework), Powerbuilder (well, this was not quite a framework, but it was, well, not too bad, and for displaying large amounts of data it was the fastest thing I ever saw), and last few years I worked extensively with MFC/ATL (which I deem as ugliest thing ever invented), and some other libs/frameworks that are not even worth mentioning.

So, I set myself on a search for a new GUI framework that "is here to stay". I code 99.99% of time for Windows, so I didn't care for other platforms. And, yes, I use MSVS - sorry, I like it the most. Call it personal preference, but I'd like to stick with it.

First, I checked Borland's (now Embarcadero) C++ Builder. Took them off the list - can't use VCL in MSVS, and they don't even have 64-bit compiler (which is an absolute must these days).
Then, I checked Qt. Oh, I wanted to try it for some time by now, and believe me, I spent a week reading, reading and reading about Qt 5, trying to convince myself to go this route - after all, they've been around long enough and very successful. But sorry, looks like I have to take this framework off the list also. And the reason is - they made a move that indicates beginning of the end of the Qt. You probably heard it: QML. Jeeze, I seen a zillion attempts of big corporations to introduce language/tool/methodology to "simplify" programming or design, so they can hire low-paid people off the street with no skills, and have them produce programs using this new thing. All of those attempts failed, and failed miserably. And the reason is well versed in this quote: "make a tool that even a fool can use, and only a fool would use it". Well, whatever the reason is under the choice Qt devs made, it takes Qt off the future desktop development. Yes, they will stay in for probaly another 5-10 years, but starting this summer (with inroduction of QtQuick 2) this is a dying framework (from C++ point of view).

Then I saw Ultimate++. Looks excellent, nice, neat and fast code, been here for 11 years, stable enough. Two problems: first, I can't use MSVS with them. Second: well, with all due respect, just how many U++ jobs are out there? Yes, zero.

So, am I stuck with MFC/ATL/WTL? Or can someone recommend a framework/library that "is here to stay" and have a "hire-able" value? I really want to find something, as MFC causes a PITA every time I have to use it.

P.S. Yes, I'm aware of WPF and WinForms, but no, with managed C++ they are not worth it.
AnswerRe: C++ GUI Framework Pin
Richard MacCutchan25-Sep-12 22:09
mvpRichard MacCutchan25-Sep-12 22:09 
GeneralRe: C++ GUI Framework Pin
Kosta Cherry26-Sep-12 5:40
memberKosta Cherry26-Sep-12 5:40 
GeneralRe: C++ GUI Framework Pin
Richard MacCutchan26-Sep-12 5:57
mvpRichard MacCutchan26-Sep-12 5:57 
GeneralRe: C++ GUI Framework Pin
Kosta Cherry26-Sep-12 6:15
memberKosta Cherry26-Sep-12 6:15 
GeneralRe: C++ GUI Framework Pin
Richard MacCutchan26-Sep-12 6:34
mvpRichard MacCutchan26-Sep-12 6:34 
AnswerRe: C++ GUI Framework Pin
Bernhard Hiller25-Sep-12 23:06
memberBernhard Hiller25-Sep-12 23:06 
GeneralRe: C++ GUI Framework Pin
Kosta Cherry26-Sep-12 5:48
memberKosta Cherry26-Sep-12 5:48 
GeneralRe: C++ GUI Framework Pin
.Shoaib30-Sep-12 23:26
member.Shoaib30-Sep-12 23:26 
GeneralRe: C++ GUI Framework Pin
Eddy Vluggen1-Oct-12 1:18
memberEddy Vluggen1-Oct-12 1:18 
QuestionOO Algorithms Tutorial? Pin
eddieangel25-Sep-12 6:59
membereddieangel25-Sep-12 6:59 
AnswerRe: OO Algorithms Tutorial? Pin
Ravi Bhavnani25-Sep-12 7:15
memberRavi Bhavnani25-Sep-12 7:15 
AnswerRe: OO Algorithms Tutorial? Pin
Bernhard Hiller25-Sep-12 23:01
memberBernhard Hiller25-Sep-12 23:01 
QuestionApplication efficiency? Pin
CsTreval22-Sep-12 22:54
memberCsTreval22-Sep-12 22:54 
AnswerRe: Application efficiency? Pin
Eddy Vluggen23-Sep-12 0:36
memberEddy Vluggen23-Sep-12 0:36 
GeneralRe: Application efficiency? Pin
CsTreval23-Sep-12 0:44
memberCsTreval23-Sep-12 0:44 
GeneralRe: Application efficiency? Pin
Eddy Vluggen23-Sep-12 0:52
memberEddy Vluggen23-Sep-12 0:52 
GeneralRe: Application efficiency? Pin
CsTreval23-Sep-12 1:00
memberCsTreval23-Sep-12 1:00 

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