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AnswerRe: share document can detete by only who can uploaded not to others Pin
Ingo4-Nov-12 21:01
memberIngo4-Nov-12 21:01 
QuestionHow to host sharepoint site in IIS Pin
HemadriT26-Oct-12 4:22
memberHemadriT26-Oct-12 4:22 
AnswerRe: How to host sharepoint site in IIS Pin
Ingo28-Oct-12 22:38
memberIngo28-Oct-12 22:38 
QuestionPickerEnity question Pin
Aptiva Dave23-Oct-12 8:44
memberAptiva Dave23-Oct-12 8:44 
AnswerRe: PickerEnity question Pin
Aptiva Dave23-Oct-12 9:45
memberAptiva Dave23-Oct-12 9:45 
GeneralRe: PickerEnity question Pin
balaji10108-Nov-12 0:14
memberbalaji10108-Nov-12 0:14 
QuestionOn-page Anchor Points [solved] Pin
JimmyRopes21-Oct-12 3:18
professionalJimmyRopes21-Oct-12 3:18 
AnswerRe: On-page Anchor Points Pin
Ingo21-Oct-12 22:15
memberIngo21-Oct-12 22:15 
JimmyRopes wrote:
Does anyone use on page links on a SharePoint page? What can I do to make this work without generating an error?

Standard-HTML anchors are broken in SharePoint. There are many solutions on google[^]. You can find two examples on[^]
Author of Primary ROleplaying SysTem

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GeneralRe: On-page Anchor Points Pin
JimmyRopes22-Oct-12 11:42
professionalJimmyRopes22-Oct-12 11:42 
QuestionSharePoint Migration steps Pin
chakravarthy3517-Oct-12 19:49
memberchakravarthy3517-Oct-12 19:49 
AnswerRe: SharePoint Migration steps Pin
Ingo17-Oct-12 22:01
memberIngo17-Oct-12 22:01 
QuestionHow to deploye sharepoint site Pin
HemadriT17-Oct-12 3:41
memberHemadriT17-Oct-12 3:41 
AnswerRe: How to deploye sharepoint site Pin
Ingo17-Oct-12 5:03
memberIngo17-Oct-12 5:03 
GeneralRe: How to deploye sharepoint site Pin
HemadriT17-Oct-12 5:28
memberHemadriT17-Oct-12 5:28 
AnswerRe: How to deploye sharepoint site Pin
Ingo18-Oct-12 4:12
memberIngo18-Oct-12 4:12 
Generalcolumn permission Pin
johnson_shalom16-Oct-12 20:43
memberjohnson_shalom16-Oct-12 20:43 
AnswerRe: column permission Pin
Ingo16-Oct-12 21:20
memberIngo16-Oct-12 21:20 
GeneralRe: column permission Pin
johnson_shalom18-Oct-12 21:06
memberjohnson_shalom18-Oct-12 21:06 
AnswerRe: column permission Pin
Ingo21-Oct-12 22:08
memberIngo21-Oct-12 22:08 
GeneralRe: column permission Pin
johnson_shalom24-Oct-12 3:47
memberjohnson_shalom24-Oct-12 3:47 
QuestionSharePoint 2010 Custom Expiration not working Pin
sheldons13-Oct-12 18:34
membersheldons13-Oct-12 18:34 
AnswerRe: SharePoint 2010 Custom Expiration not working Pin
sheldons13-Oct-12 19:12
membersheldons13-Oct-12 19:12 
QuestionShare with external users from sharepoint 2013 Pin
AnneGrethe9-Oct-12 23:09
memberAnneGrethe9-Oct-12 23:09 
AnswerRe: Share with external users from sharepoint 2013 Pin
Ingo10-Oct-12 3:37
memberIngo10-Oct-12 3:37 
Questionwhen im logon to a new user, im unable to get home page. Please help me in this code Pin
Member 94996879-Oct-12 18:28
memberMember 94996879-Oct-12 18:28 

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