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GeneralRe: Detecting HDD Pin
Albert Holguin5-Dec-12 4:12
professionalAlbert Holguin5-Dec-12 4:12 
GeneralRe: Detecting HDD Pin
SrivathsanRaghavan5-Dec-12 4:50
MemberSrivathsanRaghavan5-Dec-12 4:50 
AnswerRe: Detecting HDD Pin
Albert Holguin5-Dec-12 4:56
professionalAlbert Holguin5-Dec-12 4:56 
AnswerRe: W8 tablet USB charge capability Pin
Jason Gleim3-Dec-12 10:40
professionalJason Gleim3-Dec-12 10:40 
GeneralRe: W8 tablet USB charge capability Pin
Jason Gleim4-Dec-12 4:25
professionalJason Gleim4-Dec-12 4:25 
QuestionVga converter from 31kHz to 45kHz Pin
marunio23-Nov-12 2:40
Membermarunio23-Nov-12 2:40 
QuestionAfter-market Heatsink Installation Pin
IndifferentDisdain15-Nov-12 4:58
MemberIndifferentDisdain15-Nov-12 4:58 
AnswerRe: After-market Heatsink Installation Pin
Peter_in_27804-Dec-12 19:04
professionalPeter_in_27804-Dec-12 19:04 
Well the picture in your link shows the fan held on by a couple of wire clips. If they didn't ship, I don't know what you can do. You might be able to just tie it down with a bit of hard foam or something to cushion it. Millimetre-perfect location is not important. You should be able to figure which way round from the curve of the blades in the pic.

wrt the arrows: One shows which way the blades move, the other shows which way the air moves.

Software rusts. Simon Stephenson, ca 1994. So does this signature. me, 2012

GeneralRe: After-market Heatsink Installation Pin
IndifferentDisdain5-Dec-12 3:09
MemberIndifferentDisdain5-Dec-12 3:09 
QuestionBest Microphone for speech recognition Pin
saurabh orange vyas11-Nov-12 22:54
Membersaurabh orange vyas11-Nov-12 22:54 
AnswerRe: Best Microphone for speech recognition Pin
WebMaster23-Nov-12 4:21
MemberWebMaster23-Nov-12 4:21 
QuestionComputer problem Pin
Ainnop9-Nov-12 1:34
MemberAinnop9-Nov-12 1:34 
AnswerRe: Computer problem Pin
Richard MacCutchan9-Nov-12 2:01
mveRichard MacCutchan9-Nov-12 2:01 
GeneralRe: Computer problem Pin
Ainnop9-Nov-12 2:39
MemberAinnop9-Nov-12 2:39 
GeneralRe: Computer problem Pin
Richard MacCutchan9-Nov-12 3:01
mveRichard MacCutchan9-Nov-12 3:01 
GeneralRe: Computer problem Pin
A NasseR9-Nov-12 12:01
MemberA NasseR9-Nov-12 12:01 
GeneralRe: Computer problem Pin
Richard MacCutchan9-Nov-12 23:23
mveRichard MacCutchan9-Nov-12 23:23 
GeneralRe: Computer problem Pin
Ainnop11-Nov-12 3:07
MemberAinnop11-Nov-12 3:07 
GeneralRe: Computer problem Pin
Richard MacCutchan11-Nov-12 3:27
mveRichard MacCutchan11-Nov-12 3:27 
GeneralRe: Computer problem Pin
Brandon-X1200018-Jan-13 11:09
MemberBrandon-X1200018-Jan-13 11:09 
AnswerRe: Computer problem Pin
WebMaster23-Nov-12 4:26
MemberWebMaster23-Nov-12 4:26 
QuestionUSBSpy driver Pin
__John_2-Nov-12 4:43
Member__John_2-Nov-12 4:43 
AnswerRe: USBSpy driver Pin
A NasseR8-Nov-12 3:28
MemberA NasseR8-Nov-12 3:28 
GeneralRe: USBSpy driver Pin
__John_8-Nov-12 4:27
Member__John_8-Nov-12 4:27 
QuestionRAM on windows 8 32bit Pin
Nitin S27-Oct-12 6:03
professionalNitin S27-Oct-12 6:03 

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