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GeneralRe: Bull Pin
loctrice8-Jan-13 6:24
memberloctrice8-Jan-13 6:24 
GeneralRe: Bull Pin
Vivic8-Jan-13 16:57
memberVivic8-Jan-13 16:57 
GeneralRe: Bull Pin
Mika Wendelius10-Jan-13 10:09
mvpMika Wendelius10-Jan-13 10:09 
GeneralRe: Bull Pin
Brisingr Aerowing11-Jan-13 14:32
memberBrisingr Aerowing11-Jan-13 14:32 
GeneralRe: Bull Pin
Jörgen Andersson11-Jan-13 22:44
memberJörgen Andersson11-Jan-13 22:44 
GeneralRe: Bull Pin
Brisingr Aerowing12-Jan-13 5:59
memberBrisingr Aerowing12-Jan-13 5:59 
GeneralChoking Pin
Jörgen Andersson8-Jan-13 3:34
memberJörgen Andersson8-Jan-13 3:34 
GeneralRe: Choking Pin
sucram8-Jan-13 4:00
membersucram8-Jan-13 4:00 
GeneralQOTD Pin
Nagy Vilmos8-Jan-13 0:20
memberNagy Vilmos8-Jan-13 0:20 
GeneralRe: QOTD Pin
Jörgen Andersson8-Jan-13 2:38
memberJörgen Andersson8-Jan-13 2:38 
GeneralRe: QOTD Pin
Rage8-Jan-13 3:24
memberRage8-Jan-13 3:24 
GeneralRe: QOTD Pin
Chris Meech8-Jan-13 6:12
memberChris Meech8-Jan-13 6:12 
QuestionIs it so poor programmer? Pin
chitswemyint7-Jan-13 0:07
memberchitswemyint7-Jan-13 0:07 
AnswerRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
Pete O'Hanlon7-Jan-13 0:33
protectorPete O'Hanlon7-Jan-13 0:33 
Perhaps it's the fact I was up stupidly early this morning, or perhaps it's a language thing, but I have no idea what you are on about. Could you please clarify what your post means for my sleep deprived brain?

*pre-emptive celebratory nipple tassle jiggle* - Sean Ewington

"Mind bleach! Send me mind bleach!" - Nagy Vilmos

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GeneralRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
Nagy Vilmos7-Jan-13 0:57
memberNagy Vilmos7-Jan-13 0:57 
GeneralRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
V.7-Jan-13 1:27
memberV.7-Jan-13 1:27 
GeneralRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
Marco Bertschi7-Jan-13 2:02
memberMarco Bertschi7-Jan-13 2:02 
GeneralRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
Marco Bertschi7-Jan-13 1:17
memberMarco Bertschi7-Jan-13 1:17 
GeneralRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
Pete O'Hanlon7-Jan-13 1:24
protectorPete O'Hanlon7-Jan-13 1:24 
GeneralRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
Marco Bertschi7-Jan-13 2:05
memberMarco Bertschi7-Jan-13 2:05 
GeneralRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
chitswemyint7-Jan-13 3:47
memberchitswemyint7-Jan-13 3:47 
GeneralRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
TorstenH.7-Jan-13 4:27
memberTorstenH.7-Jan-13 4:27 
GeneralRe: Is it so poor programmer? Pin
GenJerDan7-Jan-13 4:30
memberGenJerDan7-Jan-13 4:30 
JokeFront Wheel Drive Pin
GenJerDan3-Jan-13 5:23
memberGenJerDan3-Jan-13 5:23 
GeneralRe: Front Wheel Drive Pin
djj553-Jan-13 9:33
memberdjj553-Jan-13 9:33 
GeneralRe: Front Wheel Drive Pin
GenJerDan3-Jan-13 9:46
memberGenJerDan3-Jan-13 9:46 
GeneralRe: Front Wheel Drive Pin
Marco Bertschi4-Jan-13 0:40
memberMarco Bertschi4-Jan-13 0:40 
GeneralDriving Pin
GenJerDan3-Jan-13 5:21
memberGenJerDan3-Jan-13 5:21 
GeneralRe: Driving Pin
The Reincarnation3-Jan-13 6:25
memberThe Reincarnation3-Jan-13 6:25 
GeneralRe: Driving Pin
GenJerDan3-Jan-13 9:47
memberGenJerDan3-Jan-13 9:47 
GeneralRe: Driving Pin
jschell3-Jan-13 10:11
memberjschell3-Jan-13 10:11 
GeneralRe: Driving Pin
_Maxxx_3-Jan-13 17:16
member_Maxxx_3-Jan-13 17:16 
GeneralRe: Driving Pin
Mike Hankey4-Jan-13 12:30
memberMike Hankey4-Jan-13 12:30 
GeneralRe: Driving Pin
TorstenH.7-Jan-13 3:24
memberTorstenH.7-Jan-13 3:24 
GeneralRe: Driving Pin
GenJerDan7-Jan-13 4:14
memberGenJerDan7-Jan-13 4:14 
GeneralRe: Driving Pin
Forogar9-Jan-13 10:41
memberForogar9-Jan-13 10:41 
GeneralHere John Pin
wizardzz2-Jan-13 13:02
memberwizardzz2-Jan-13 13:02 
GeneralRe: Here John Pin
randprin6-Jan-13 1:16
memberrandprin6-Jan-13 1:16 
GeneralGJOTD Pin
Keith Barrow2-Jan-13 4:41
mentorKeith Barrow2-Jan-13 4:41 
GeneralRe: GJOTD Pin
Manfred R. Bihy2-Jan-13 5:52
mvpManfred R. Bihy2-Jan-13 5:52 
GeneralRe: GJOTD Pin
wizardzz2-Jan-13 13:14
memberwizardzz2-Jan-13 13:14 
GeneralRe: GJOTD Pin
Chris Meech2-Jan-13 6:56
memberChris Meech2-Jan-13 6:56 
GeneralHere JSOP Pin
loctrice1-Jan-13 5:35
memberloctrice1-Jan-13 5:35 
GeneralRe: Here JSOP Pin
wizardzz2-Jan-13 12:54
memberwizardzz2-Jan-13 12:54 
GeneralRe: Here JSOP Pin
loctrice2-Jan-13 14:41
memberloctrice2-Jan-13 14:41 
GeneralRe: Here JSOP Pin
John Simmons / outlaw programmer3-Jan-13 8:39
mvpJohn Simmons / outlaw programmer3-Jan-13 8:39 
GeneralStirred Up Pin
John Simmons / outlaw programmer31-Dec-12 7:48
mvpJohn Simmons / outlaw programmer31-Dec-12 7:48 
GeneralRe: Stirred Up Pin
Adam R Harris31-Dec-12 8:13
memberAdam R Harris31-Dec-12 8:13 
GeneralRe: Stirred Up Pin
John Simmons / outlaw programmer31-Dec-12 8:22
mvpJohn Simmons / outlaw programmer31-Dec-12 8:22 
GeneralRe: Stirred Up Pin
Adam R Harris31-Dec-12 9:25
memberAdam R Harris31-Dec-12 9:25 

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