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GeneralConvert PDF Files to Slide, Image, HTML & Many Other Formats in Cloud Pin
saaspose17-Jan-13 23:44
membersaaspose17-Jan-13 23:44 
NewsWSO2 to Present Technical Webinar on Simplifying the Integration of Real-time Processing Within an SOA Using the WSO2 Complex Event Processor Pin
andrew.kinetic17-Jan-13 22:09
memberandrew.kinetic17-Jan-13 22:09 
GeneralConvert your C# code to java for free now by Using Codeporting Pin
codeporting17-Jan-13 18:22
membercodeporting17-Jan-13 18:22 
GeneralMicro Focus changes the face of terminal emulation with release of RUMBA Pin
Priyank Prakash17-Jan-13 3:06
memberPriyank Prakash17-Jan-13 3:06 
NewsCrypto Obfuscator For .Net 2013 released Pin
LogicNP16-Jan-13 23:56
memberLogicNP16-Jan-13 23:56 
GeneralChange Particular Series Point Color & Improved Text Layout Algorithm Pin
Saira Riaz16-Jan-13 22:55
memberSaira Riaz16-Jan-13 22:55 
NewsWSO2 Names Adam Firestone as Director of Defense and Government Solutions, Releases Whitepaper on Evolving Needs in Military Information Technology Pin
andrew.kinetic16-Jan-13 8:11
memberandrew.kinetic16-Jan-13 8:11 
NewsJapanese Hospitality Leader Fujinami Deploys Fiorano ESB in Under 90 days to Scale Operations Pin
Mainten3316-Jan-13 5:39
memberMainten3316-Jan-13 5:39 
Compressed order-delivery cycle and optimized shipping logistics provide major boost to profitability and competitiveness

Fiorano Software, a leader in enterprise integration middleware, announced today that Fujinami Towel Service, a leading Japanese hospitality supplies company, has deployed the Fiorano ESB Enterprise Service Bus to scale operations, improve customer service and increase profitability.

Fujinami has a highly distributed network of franchisees who collect sales orders from and deliver supplies to shops and restaurants. In the past, manual order processing and complex rules for different franchise-product combinations slowed down operations and resulted in frequent errors. Handling intricate packing and shipping logistics on an ad-hoc basis resulted in a sub-optimal allocation of resources. The result was significant bottlenecks in the entire order-delivery and sales fulfillment cycle that limited Fujinami’s ability to scale operations. High costs eroded their profitability.

The company needed a scalable middleware system that could meet their growing needs and leverage their existing legacy systems (Database) and networks. Business terms with franchisees were in a continuous state of flux. This required an extremely flexible system that allowed them to make changes easily based on business expediency.

The initial architecture and design was handled by Intermirage, a system integrator. Describing the selection and deployment process, Mr. Noriaki Aoki, Chief Architect at Intermirage, said: "In selecting an SOA platform product, we carefully evaluate the implementation efficiency and value per use case of each alternative. With the Fiorano SOA Platform, development processes from configuration to deployment were very smooth and easy so alternative business scenarios could be completed very quickly. In addition, Fiorano’s REST adapter and event-port mechanism eliminated the need for coding scripts, such as branching by IF or WHEN statements in XSLT syntax, which are required by other products. We also saved significant time by creating and deploying REST APIs for business partners just by setting parameters in the Wizard."

The new order processing system based on the Fiorano ESB Enterprise Service Bus was built in just three months with the support of Intermirage. With Fiorano ESB, and the resultant SOA based system, Fujinami developers can now rapidly implement change requirements using just a drag-drop-deploy approach. Fiorano’s prebuilt components deploy just by mapping them to business functions and physical IT systems. The new system allows remote monitoring, logging and tracking for effective error tracking and problem resolution. It has the flexibility to change sales rules or the packaging/shipping algorithm on demand.

“Productivity increases were significant with the Fiorano SOA Platform,” says Mr. Aoki. “One use case took only two days to implement and most of that time was spent on validating SQL statements for existing databases.”

Building on this success, Fujinami now plans to integrate this order system with inventory management, and to expand the system for overseas operations.

View the complete case study here:[^].

About Fujinami Towel Service ([^]):
Founded in 1967 as a seller and rental supplier of “Oshibori”, or "hot towel", Fujinami established Oshibori-Japan as a brand name and redefined the sensation and originality of Oshibori itself. It now handles diversified hospitality supplies including non-towel services such as doormat rentals and the supply of sanitary materials and store articles, leveraging their established service network. Fujimami’s clients include global leaders such as Audi, Google, Estee Lauder, Facebook, Nippon Hotels, Nissan Price Nippon Loreal. Fujinami is aggressively expanding into the Pacific region including Vietnam and China, aiming for a “hub” business for procurement and sale of their goods.

About Fiorano ([^]):
Founded in 1995, Silicon Valley based Fiorano is a California Corporation with proven leadership in enterprise middleware and peer-to-peer distributed systems. Fiorano's innovative event-driven, dataflow SOA platform integrates applications and complex technologies into an enterprise nervous system, increases business process performance, yields higher message throughput and enhances availability through agent-based visual composition. Fiorano’s SOA platform bridges the capability gap between business models and their implementation – the model is the application, ready to run.

Global leaders including AT&T Labs, British Telecom, Capgemini Telecom, DHL Aviation, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Federal Bank, L’Oreal, McKesson, NASA, POSCO Steel, Qwest Communications, Rabobank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Schlumberger, Northrop Grumman, UB Group, United States Coast Guard and Vodafone have deployed Fiorano to drive innovation through open, standards-based, dataflow SOA applications built in just days, yielding unprecedented productivity.

Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and FioranoMQ JMS Server, deliver the industry fastest, lowest latency, highest throughput real-time messaging (asynchronous and synchronous) to power high performance, highly available, and collaborative workflow applications whose application services are distributed throughout the IT landscape. The Fiorano Cloud Platform, is a hybrid ESB Platform that integrates applications across SaaS, PaaS and on-premise worlds. Fiorano B2B is an enterprise-level B2B gateway for transacting business electronically with customers, trading partners and distributors worldwide.
NewsWSO2 Announces 16 Featured Guest Speakers at WSO2Con 2013, Including Customers, Researchers and Third-Party Solution Providers Pin
andrew.kinetic15-Jan-13 11:20
memberandrew.kinetic15-Jan-13 11:20 
NewsEnhanced Support for Microsoft Technologies Added to Content Publishing Tool Doc-To-Help Pin
ComponentOne-PA15-Jan-13 9:29
memberComponentOne-PA15-Jan-13 9:29 
NewsNew YCSB Benchmark from Thumbtack Technology Reveals a Nearly 10x Performance Advantage for the Native Flash Aerospike Database Over Other Leading NoSQL Databases Pin
andrew.kinetic14-Jan-13 9:40
memberandrew.kinetic14-Jan-13 9:40 
NewsIntersoft Solutions Delivers WebUI Studio 2012 R2 Pin
Intersoft Solutions (Business)13-Jan-13 21:02
groupIntersoft Solutions (Business)13-Jan-13 21:02 
GeneralConvert Workbook to HTML & Embed Your Analytical Data to Website Quickly Pin
saaspose10-Jan-13 17:20
membersaaspose10-Jan-13 17:20 
GeneralNew amazing intergration tool Pin
cns connect10-Jan-13 2:01
membercns connect10-Jan-13 2:01 
GeneralRender PDF Sparklines & Display RTL Languages in Generated PDF Files Pin
Saira Riaz9-Jan-13 18:21
memberSaira Riaz9-Jan-13 18:21 
NewsWSO2 VP Will Bring Technical Workshop on Addressing Modern Enterprise IT Challenges to Colombo and San Francisco Pin
andrew.kinetic9-Jan-13 8:45
memberandrew.kinetic9-Jan-13 8:45 
GeneralConvert Word Docs to Images & PDF with Same Data & Formatting in Cloud Pin
saaspose8-Jan-13 18:33
membersaaspose8-Jan-13 18:33 
NewsMadCap Adds Modern HTML5 Output With Latest Release of Mimic Native XML Application for Creating Software Simulations and Tutorials Pin
andrew.kinetic8-Jan-13 9:42
memberandrew.kinetic8-Jan-13 9:42 
NewsLeading Provider of Property & Casualty Claims Technology Solutions Cuts Process Time by 82% Using MadCap Flare with Microsoft SharePoint and Team Foundation Server Pin
andrew.kinetic8-Jan-13 9:38
memberandrew.kinetic8-Jan-13 9:38 
GeneralRecognize Barcodes via COM Interop, Improved MSI & Code11 Recognition Pin
Saira Riaz7-Jan-13 18:06
memberSaira Riaz7-Jan-13 18:06 
GeneralETAP Component, electrical power system analysis tool and Simulation development engine VC + + source code Pin
kellyonlyone6-Jan-13 17:41
memberkellyonlyone6-Jan-13 17:41 
GeneralSort Worksheet Data in Ascending or Descending Order Using REST APIs Pin
saaspose3-Jan-13 16:55
membersaaspose3-Jan-13 16:55 
NewsWSO2 Delivers Webinar on Using WSO2 BAM 2.0 and Mule ESB to Monitor and Proactively Recover From System Failures Before They Interrupt Operations Pin
andrew.kinetic3-Jan-13 9:00
memberandrew.kinetic3-Jan-13 9:00 
GeneralMicro Focus Launches Enterprise Developer Personal Edition Pin
Priyank Prakash3-Jan-13 3:21
memberPriyank Prakash3-Jan-13 3:21 
GeneralPST Messages Export from Memory Stream & Better MSG to EML Conversion Pin
Saira Riaz2-Jan-13 18:37
memberSaira Riaz2-Jan-13 18:37 

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