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GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Richard Deeming14-Feb-13 1:35
memberRichard Deeming14-Feb-13 1:35 
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Simon_Whale14-Feb-13 1:51
memberSimon_Whale14-Feb-13 1:51 
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Rage14-Feb-13 2:20
memberRage14-Feb-13 2:20 
JokeRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Chris Reynolds (BNY)14-Feb-13 3:29
memberChris Reynolds (BNY)14-Feb-13 3:29 
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Chris Reynolds (BNY)14-Feb-13 3:41
memberChris Reynolds (BNY)14-Feb-13 3:41 
JokeRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Marcus Kramer14-Feb-13 3:57
mvpMarcus Kramer14-Feb-13 3:57 
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Chris Quinn14-Feb-13 5:03
memberChris Quinn14-Feb-13 5:03 
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
jschell14-Feb-13 13:10
memberjschell14-Feb-13 13:10 
CHill60 wrote:
There are still billions of lines of VB6 code still being using in Production systems across the world

How much Cobol?
How much Fortran?
How much Pascal?

CHill60 wrote:
Large, Medium and Small companies have kept VB6 (and even earlier tech) going for as long as they can simply because the stuff is already there, it works, it's already tested, it's already been proven, it's a major major investment in time and money to start converting it and doing all of that re-testing.

To be fair "tested" in this context means - "it works in production".

Versus, for example a extensive and complete testing suite.

CHill60 wrote:
work for to just dive in and replace all of their VB6 code with "the latest technologies" ... hey - how about we do that each time a new technology comes a-knocking? Yeah, right! You don't mind some of your money going missing in the meantime I guess?


The banks absolutely do not care if my money goes missing. What they care about is if their money goes missing.

This is why, for example, credit cards these days have so many 'fraud' checks. They do nothing to protect the consumer because the consumer's credit cards are already completely protected from loss (maximum of $50.) What they do is protect the bank's losses.

But other than that no business should upgrade to every new technology.

But businesses especially large ones should have some concept of architecture which includes evaluating new technologies for inclusion. Across the entire business. And banks don't do that. They often have divisions that not only do not coordinate their development but have absolutely no idea that the other divisions even exist. Hiring and management is often at the highest levels (perhaps always) handled by financial officers who do not have any experience with development. And there is no emphasis on looking for solutions that increase the quality of development but always an emphasis on reducing cost.
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Jörgen Andersson15-Feb-13 4:54
memberJörgen Andersson15-Feb-13 4:54 
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
CHill6015-Feb-13 5:59
memberCHill6015-Feb-13 5:59 
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Mycroft Holmes16-Feb-13 23:00
memberMycroft Holmes16-Feb-13 23:00 
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Naerling15-Feb-13 9:26
memberNaerling15-Feb-13 9:26 
GeneralRe: VB6 is a god!! Pin
Eddy Vluggen15-Feb-13 23:36
mvpEddy Vluggen15-Feb-13 23:36 
JokeBJOTD - caught in the kitchen Pin
_Damian S_13-Feb-13 15:58
member_Damian S_13-Feb-13 15:58 
GeneralRe: BJOTD - caught in the kitchen Pin
Nagy Vilmos13-Feb-13 22:17
memberNagy Vilmos13-Feb-13 22:17 
GeneralRe: BJOTD - caught in the kitchen Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki14-Feb-13 5:00
memberBassam Abdul-Baki14-Feb-13 5:00 
GeneralNo kidding. Pin
Pete O'Hanlon13-Feb-13 10:55
protectorPete O'Hanlon13-Feb-13 10:55 
GeneralRe: No kidding. Pin
mark merrens13-Feb-13 11:41
membermark merrens13-Feb-13 11:41 
GeneralRe: No kidding. Pin
GenJerDan14-Feb-13 3:10
memberGenJerDan14-Feb-13 3:10 
JokeDIY Martial Arts 101 Pin
Naerling13-Feb-13 10:13
memberNaerling13-Feb-13 10:13 
GeneralRe: DIY Martial Arts 101 Pin
Brisingr Aerowing13-Feb-13 13:05
memberBrisingr Aerowing13-Feb-13 13:05 
GeneralAnother gynecologist joke Pin
Marco Bertschi12-Feb-13 23:52
memberMarco Bertschi12-Feb-13 23:52 
GeneralRe: Another gynecologist joke Pin
ihoecken13-Feb-13 0:18
memberihoecken13-Feb-13 0:18 
GeneralRe: Another gynecologist joke Pin
J4amieC13-Feb-13 21:31
memberJ4amieC13-Feb-13 21:31 
GeneralHow times change... Pin
Dalek Dave12-Feb-13 4:24
memberDalek Dave12-Feb-13 4:24 

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