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Visual Studio 2015 & .NET 4.6

AnswerRe: Thanking Mike Meinz Pin
Sandeep Mewara20-Feb-13 7:27
mvpSandeep Mewara20-Feb-13 7:27 
Questionfind sentence with regular expression in VS Pin
Elham M18-Feb-13 22:25
memberElham M18-Feb-13 22:25 
AnswerRe: find sentence with regular expression in VS Pin
Pete O'Hanlon18-Feb-13 23:24
protectorPete O'Hanlon18-Feb-13 23:24 
Questionprocessor id Pin
srinivasankrishnaa16-Feb-13 4:38
membersrinivasankrishnaa16-Feb-13 4:38 
AnswerRe: processor id Pin
Mike Meinz16-Feb-13 5:22
memberMike Meinz16-Feb-13 5:22 
GeneralRe: processor id Pin
vivek51118-Feb-13 0:48
membervivek51118-Feb-13 0:48 
GeneralRe: processor id Pin
Richard Deeming18-Feb-13 3:05
memberRichard Deeming18-Feb-13 3:05 
AnswerRe: processor id Pin
Mike Meinz18-Feb-13 6:23
memberMike Meinz18-Feb-13 6:23 
Great response from Richard Deeming. I used that to create a version that does not require Option Strict Off and Option Explicit Off. Both can be set to on with this version:
Dim objSearcher As New ManagementObjectSearcher("Select * from Win32_Processor")
Dim colProcessors As ManagementObjectCollection = objSearcher.Get
For Each objProcessor As ManagementObject In colProcessors
    Debug.WriteLine("Manufacturer: " & DirectCast(objProcessor("Manufacturer"), String))
    Debug.WriteLine("Name: " & DirectCast(objProcessor("Name"), String))
    Debug.WriteLine("Description: " & DirectCast(objProcessor("Description"), String))
    Debug.WriteLine("ProcessorID: " & DirectCast(objProcessor("ProcessorID"), String))
    Debug.WriteLine("Architecture: " & CStr(objProcessor("Architecture")))
    Debug.WriteLine("AddressWidth: " & CStr(objProcessor("AddressWidth")))
    Debug.WriteLine("NumberOfCores: " & CStr(objProcessor("NumberOfCores")))
    Debug.WriteLine("DataWidth: " & CStr(objProcessor("DataWidth")))
    Debug.WriteLine("Family: " & CStr(objProcessor("Family")))
    Debug.WriteLine("MaximumClockSpeed: " & CStr(objProcessor("MaxClockSpeed")))

QuestionCrystal Report for Visual Studio 2010 Pin
source.compiler14-Feb-13 21:10
membersource.compiler14-Feb-13 21:10 
QuestionAdd a Class to a Windows App Pin
ASPnoob8-Feb-13 19:09
memberASPnoob8-Feb-13 19:09 
AnswerRe: Add a Class to a Windows App Pin
Richard MacCutchan8-Feb-13 23:55
mvpRichard MacCutchan8-Feb-13 23:55 
GeneralRe: Add a Class to a Windows App Pin
ASPnoob9-Feb-13 0:27
memberASPnoob9-Feb-13 0:27 
QuestionVirtual memory not released after my program ran out of memory ... Pin
Martial8-Feb-13 1:50
memberMartial8-Feb-13 1:50 
QuestionCross page posting Pin
Tanaji.C30-Jan-13 1:38
memberTanaji.C30-Jan-13 1:38 
AnswerRe: Cross page posting Pin
Richard MacCutchan30-Jan-13 3:56
mvpRichard MacCutchan30-Jan-13 3:56 
AnswerRe: Cross page posting Pin
Pete O'Hanlon30-Jan-13 4:16
protectorPete O'Hanlon30-Jan-13 4:16 
GeneralRe: Cross page posting Pin
Tanaji.C30-Jan-13 18:10
memberTanaji.C30-Jan-13 18:10 
GeneralRe: Cross page posting Pin
Pete O'Hanlon30-Jan-13 19:50
protectorPete O'Hanlon30-Jan-13 19:50 
AnswerRe: Cross page posting Pin
Edo Tzumer3-Feb-13 0:09
memberEdo Tzumer3-Feb-13 0:09 
QuestionFiring event when creating instance of a class in Pin
Mir Hassan Shams Moosavi23-Jan-13 7:00
memberMir Hassan Shams Moosavi23-Jan-13 7:00 
AnswerRe: Firing event when creating instance of a class in Pin
Paulo Zemek23-Jan-13 7:09
memberPaulo Zemek23-Jan-13 7:09 
QuestionAssistant in the work of the Graduation Project Pin
alaa_2220-Jan-13 6:14
memberalaa_2220-Jan-13 6:14 
Questionosk to notepad Pin
srinivasankrishnaa16-Jan-13 5:08
membersrinivasankrishnaa16-Jan-13 5:08 
AnswerRe: osk to notepad Pin
Richard MacCutchan16-Jan-13 5:17
mvpRichard MacCutchan16-Jan-13 5:17 
Questionshortcut keys Pin
srinivasankrishnaa16-Jan-13 5:04
membersrinivasankrishnaa16-Jan-13 5:04 

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