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Welcome to the new Press Releases forum! Our old press release system has been retired but we've moved everything and everyone to a new, shinier home. Enjoy!

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NewsMadCap Software Increases Q1 2013 Revenues by 34% Year-Over-Year Pin
Member 97956732-May-13 7:39
memberMember 97956732-May-13 7:39 
NewsWSO2 to Present Webinar Series on Optimizing Business Processes with Enterprise Solution Patterns and WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware Platform Pin
Member 97956732-May-13 6:59
memberMember 97956732-May-13 6:59 
GeneralAdd MapiContacts, Notes, Tasks, Journal & Calendar Data to PST Files Pin
sherazam1-May-13 18:19
membersherazam1-May-13 18:19 
NewsWSO2 Publishes White Paper on Reinventing the Application Platform to Optimize Enterprise IT Processes Pin
Member 97956731-May-13 5:47
memberMember 97956731-May-13 5:47 
GeneralIncrediBuild 4.6 Code Build Acceleration Gets Games and Apps to Market Even Faster Pin
Xoreax Software Ltd.1-May-13 0:26
groupXoreax Software Ltd.1-May-13 0:26 
NewsWSO2 CTO to Present London Workshop Providing Hands-on Lessons on How to Build a Private or Hybrid PaaS with WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Pin
Member 979567330-Apr-13 8:21
memberMember 979567330-Apr-13 8:21 
GeneralTX Text Control X9 and TX Barcode .NET have been released Pin
Christopher Krause29-Apr-13 5:46
memberChristopher Krause29-Apr-13 5:46 
GeneralRender 3D Charts, Fixed Html Save Format & Improved Outline Rendering Pin
sherazam28-Apr-13 20:46
membersherazam28-Apr-13 20:46 

What's New in this Release?

This month’s release includes a new save format for greater fidelity when saving a document as HTML and improvements to the API. This month’s release contains a brand new save format:  HtmlFixed. The HtmlFixed format provides the ability to render a document to HTML while preserving almost all formatting and structure found in the original input document. This is a great development as traditionally Word to HTML conversion does not yield a result that looks exactly like the original document, this is not caused by any issue with the way Aspose.Words converts Word documents to HTML, but is to be expected as due to the differences of the two formats. Not all elements in Word documents can be directly represented in an HTML document and thus these elements may be distorted or removed. Use the newly added ExtrusionEnabled and ShadowEnabled properties on Shape class to detect whether a shape is formatted as 3D (extrusion) or with a shadow. Several fixed paged formats display headings and bookmarks in a tree based display for easy access, for example, the navigation panel found with most PDF viewers. In this release the API to work with outline levels has been improved, an introduction of the standard OutlineOptions class replaces the individual members which were previously used to set outline levels for each SaveOptions class. In addition to this, through the use of the new BookmarksOutlineLevelCollection class you can now set the outline level of individual bookmarks. The list of most notable new and improved features in this release are listed below

  • Improvements in style handing in Tables, Format Revisions
  • Improvements and resiliency code for ODT, RTF and DOCX
  • DrawingML Charts 3D mode rendering implemented
  • VML perspective shadows rendering implemented
  • Outline rendering to PDF and XPS improved
  • Multi-level bookmark rendering supported
  • PDF rendering performance improved for documents with images
  • Improved clipping of text boxes
  • Fixed issue with missing footnotes in complex page layout
  • Support rendering of 3D Charts
  • Support pyramid charts.
  • Expose property for Shape to detect 3D shapes
  • Support 3D Column/Bar charts.
  • Support cylinder charts.
  • Support 3D line charts.
  • Support pie 3D charts.
  • Support area 3D charts.
  • Support rendering Cartesian axis plane in 3D mode
  • Support "Do full justification the way WordPerfect 6.x for Windows does" compatibility option
  • Support export to FixedPage HTML.
  • Development of attributes inheritance model
  • Read characterSet attribute (strict OOXML).
  • Publish this month's blog post and public API changes
  • Support rendering of bubbles in 3D mode.
  • Slow saving documents with images (to PDF)
  • Consider improving the execution time of the updateFields method
  • A Table causes Aspose.Words to hang during rendering to PDF
  • Even pages have incorrect left page margin in PDF
  • Consider filling mail merge region with empty name
  • Conditional mail merge stop mail merge operation
  • EULA 28th August 2012 update
  • GBK code page on windows
  • Support Object.Attr syntax for merge fields
  • Bullet symbols are rendering incorrectly in HTML
  • Shading effect of AutoShapes are getting lost when rendering to PDF
  • StyleCollection.AddCopy changes Font Color
  • Document.UpdateFields incorrectly update TOC
  • DML properties are lost when saving Docx to Rtf
  • Icons for embedded objects are not saved in pdf
  • Doc to HTML conversion issue with image rendering
  • ListLabel.LabelValue values are rendering incorrectly in fixed page formats
  • Shapes in Footer become invisible during open/save RTF
  • Image do not preserve in output doc/docx
  • Unable to Open RTF Document is now fixed
  • Font size of Hebrew content do not preserve in output document is fixed
  • Link breaking is fixed between multiple grouped textboxes when save to Docx
  • Link breaking is fixed between multiple grouped textboxes after merging multiple document
  • Document.HasRevisions returns false but document contain revisions is fixed
  • Document.AcceptAllRevisions now working with Paragraph formatting changes
  • Table is now preserved during open/save RTF
  • MS Word 2007 now correctly layouts List at second ListLevel in DOC
  • Text misplaced is resolved after conversion from Doc to Fixed file format
  • Footnote numbering restarts with each page in output ODT is fixed
  • Document to PDF conversion issue is resolved with image position
  • UpdateFields doesn't update the value of a STYLEREF field in PDF file
  • Sizes of Shapes are now preserved during open/save DOC
  • Incorrect rendering of footnotes in Fixed Page Formats
  • Document.UpdateFields duplicate the Shape node is fixed
  • 3D shape without rotation renders incorrectly if it has relative size is now fixed
  • Aspose.Words hangs during rendering Line AutoShape to Pdf is fixed
  • Aspose.Words hangs during rendering DOC to Pdf is now fixed
  • Line AutoShapes cause Aspose.Words to hang during rendering is now fixed
  • Text moved to next page after conversion from Doc to Pdf is now fixed
  • altchunk contents lost is resolved while open/save
  • StyleIdentifier is now applied to Table unless cell/row formatting is reset to defaults
  • Fill color of pie chart is rendered as white in PDF is now fixed
  • Label numbering of first TOC item is missed by UpdateFields is now fixed
  • WPF host/viewer is unable to load XAML generated by Aspose.Words
  • Non standard Quotation marks are now recognized during MailMerge
  • A Bookmark is displayed twice in PDF document outline is fixed
  • A Bookmark preserving issue is resolved during open/save a DOCX
  • A Bookmark preserving is fixed during open/save a DOCX
  • Left page margin for even pages is now respected in fixed page formats

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Words for .NET documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Words for performing different tasks like the followings.

Overview: Aspose.Words for .NET

Aspose.Words is a word processing component that enables .NET applications to read, write and modify Word documents without using Microsoft Word. Other useful features include document creation, content and formatting manipulation, mail merge abilities, reporting features, TOC updated/rebuilt, Embedded OOXML, Footnotes rendering and support of DOCX, DOC, WordprocessingML, HTML, XHTML, TXT and PDF formats (requires Aspose.Pdf). It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. You can even use Aspose.Words for .NET to build
applications with Mono.

More about Aspose.Words for .NET

Contact Information

Aspose Pty Ltd

Suite 163, 79 Longueville Road

Lane Cove, NSW, 2066


Aspose - Your File Format Experts

Phone: 888.277.6734

Fax: 866.810.9465

GeneralExcel Printing with Image, Copying Cell Format & Pivot Table are Improved Pin
sherazam25-Apr-13 23:41
membersherazam25-Apr-13 23:41 
NewsBeta Release of HTML Artist .NET Brings Easy Web Publishing to .NET Developers Pin
SoftPressRelease24-Apr-13 19:35
memberSoftPressRelease24-Apr-13 19:35 
GeneralOLE Frames Linking, Adding Chart Trend Lines & Presentation Rendering Pin
sherazam24-Apr-13 18:48
membersherazam24-Apr-13 18:48 
NewsARCOM Streamlines Delivery of Print Documentation and Online Help for Construction Specifications Software with MadCap Flare Pin
andrew.kinetic24-Apr-13 8:31
memberandrew.kinetic24-Apr-13 8:31 
NewsWSO2 to Present Webinar Series on Optimizing Identity Management Via SSO Pin
Member 979567324-Apr-13 7:48
memberMember 979567324-Apr-13 7:48 
GeneralE-XD++ Power Engineering Visualization Source Code Kit for C/C++ and .NET Pin
kellyonlyone24-Apr-13 4:22
memberkellyonlyone24-Apr-13 4:22 
NewsWSO2 Executives Will Explore Open Source Cloud Adoption at the Computerworld Open Business Conference 2013 Pin
Member 979567323-Apr-13 9:48
memberMember 979567323-Apr-13 9:48 
GeneralGenerate & Recognize MicroPDF417 2D Barcode with ECC Standards Support Pin
sherazam22-Apr-13 19:03
membersherazam22-Apr-13 19:03 
NewsDiscountASP.NET Launches SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Hosting Pin
DiscountASP - TFS22-Apr-13 12:18
memberDiscountASP - TFS22-Apr-13 12:18 
NewsWSO2 Presents Madrid Workshop on WSO2 Integration Platform Discovery Pin
Member 979567322-Apr-13 9:31
memberMember 979567322-Apr-13 9:31 
GeneralAdd Floating Boxes in New or Existence PDF Files & Better Fonts Support Pin
sherazam21-Apr-13 17:39
membersherazam21-Apr-13 17:39 
GeneralRapidSpell Web .NET v4.1 released Pin
Keyoti19-Apr-13 5:36
groupKeyoti19-Apr-13 5:36 
GeneralConvert Documents to PDF File in Workflow & Store It in Document Library Pin
sherazam18-Apr-13 17:24
membersherazam18-Apr-13 17:24 
NewsWSO2 and Rolta Guest Presenters Will Conduct User Experience Webinar on Geo-Enabling Enterprises Pin
Member 979567318-Apr-13 7:53
memberMember 979567318-Apr-13 7:53 
GeneralTypemock Launches Community for Developers in Early Stages of Unit Testing Adoption Pin
manny617-Apr-13 10:28
membermanny617-Apr-13 10:28 
NewsWSO2 Technology Executives to Present Webinar Series on Optimizing Business Agility Using a Responsive, Cloud-Native “New IT” Model Pin
Member 979567317-Apr-13 7:28
memberMember 979567317-Apr-13 7:28 
GeneralE-XD++ Real Time Dynamic Simulation and Visualization Toolkit for C/C++and .NET Pin
kellyonlyone17-Apr-13 2:09
memberkellyonlyone17-Apr-13 2:09 

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