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This forum is for discussing and recommending Free tools for software development. Please post direct links to tools, and not just links to pages that review or list tools.No shareware and no commercial products allowed. Please report spammers by voting to remove their messages and reporting their accounts.

GeneralRe: Visual DiffMerge with Patch File Support? Pin
John Hind11-Feb-14 23:20
MemberJohn Hind11-Feb-14 23:20 
GeneralTCC: Smallest fastest C compiler Pin
AlphaDeltaTheta31-May-13 23:36
MemberAlphaDeltaTheta31-May-13 23:36 
NewsFree Project Management Service for public projects Pin
dsouflis29-May-13 3:11
Memberdsouflis29-May-13 3:11 
GeneralRe: Free Project Management Service for public projects Pin
bluelogicweb25-Jun-13 2:19
Memberbluelogicweb25-Jun-13 2:19 
GeneralFree Graph Editor Pin
Mike Hankey26-May-13 11:56
professionalMike Hankey26-May-13 11:56 
GeneralRe: Free Graph Editor Pin
Tachyonx25-Jun-13 6:28
MemberTachyonx25-Jun-13 6:28 
GeneralRe: Free Graph Editor Pin
GuyThiebaut4-Sep-13 4:50
professionalGuyThiebaut4-Sep-13 4:50 
GeneralCollaborative Task Management Software -- ASP .NET Open Source? Pin
Matt U.22-May-13 2:53
MemberMatt U.22-May-13 2:53 
Hey everyone. I'm looking for (preferably free) ASP .NET-based task management software. I've done several Google searches and I cannot find anything. Perhaps I just didn't query the right terms so maybe you can help out. The problem is simple. I work in a warehouse environment. My boss has created a task list in Excel for himself, a few other members of management, and me. Periodically he sends an updated list based on when each person has completed tasks, we hold a meeting every Friday to discuss our progress, etc.

I'm looking for something that mimics this functionality, but can be installed on our local web server. We use Server 2008 R2 + IIS + SQL Server 2008 Express. Basically, we just need to allow users to create projects, tasks for each project. Each user who is assigned a task just needs to be able to update their progress in the application, maybe a commenting functionality, and so on. Nothing complex, just basic task tracking in a collaborative environment.

Any suggestions? I will continue to Google today. And I'll modify this thread if I find one. Thanks in advance! Smile | :)
djj55: Nice but may have a permission problem
Pete O'Hanlon: He has my permission to run it.

GeneralMicrosoft Access Administration tool Pin
Mike Hankey16-May-13 11:48
professionalMike Hankey16-May-13 11:48 
GeneralHTML5 JavaScript Diagramming Pin
AspDotNetDev14-May-13 7:32
protectorAspDotNetDev14-May-13 7:32 
GeneralRe: HTML5 JavaScript Diagramming Pin
Member 1077993322-May-14 4:35
MemberMember 1077993322-May-14 4:35 
GeneralFree Partition Tool Pin
Michael Martin27-Apr-13 17:56
professionalMichael Martin27-Apr-13 17:56 
GeneralNice free GIF editor PinPopular
Mike Hankey24-Apr-13 10:40
professionalMike Hankey24-Apr-13 10:40 
GeneralRe: Nice free GIF editor Pin
valondosh2-Jun-13 15:21
Membervalondosh2-Jun-13 15:21 
GeneralNHibernate Mapping Pin
girinformatique22-Apr-13 20:08
Membergirinformatique22-Apr-13 20:08 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
19-Apr-13 22:37
MemberDani Alican19-Apr-13 22:37 
NewsComprehensive Photo Gallery Tool Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar2-Apr-13 6:38
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar2-Apr-13 6:38 
GeneralJavaScript Tools Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki15-Mar-13 3:18
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki15-Mar-13 3:18 
GeneralIP camera emulator for H264 format Pin
hiajay14-Mar-13 22:13
Memberhiajay14-Mar-13 22:13 
Generalimproved, evolved, GreenShot screen capture program (Windows only, written using .NET) Pin
BillWoodruff7-Mar-13 7:04
mveBillWoodruff7-Mar-13 7:04 
GeneralRe: improved, evolved, GreenShot screen capture program (Windows only, written using .NET) Pin
Mike Hankey19-Apr-13 3:28
professionalMike Hankey19-Apr-13 3:28 
GeneralCreating IDL with Jacorb Pin
marziye5-Mar-13 9:27
Membermarziye5-Mar-13 9:27 
GeneralSeeking Terminal Program With Ability to Capture To File Pin
C-P-User-34-Mar-13 5:09
MemberC-P-User-34-Mar-13 5:09 
GeneralA free spreadsheet more capable than Excel Pin
David venewald27-Feb-13 17:27
MemberDavid venewald27-Feb-13 17:27 
QuestionRe: A free spreadsheet more capable than Excel Pin
Richard MacCutchan27-Feb-13 23:14
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan27-Feb-13 23:14 

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