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NewsSUSE and WSO2 Deliver Enterprise PaaS Using OpenStack-based SUSE Cloud Pin
Member 979567312-Jun-13 9:45
memberMember 979567312-Jun-13 9:45 
GeneralFormer Mercury Interactive Country Manager Joins Typemock Pin
manny611-Jun-13 3:12
membermanny611-Jun-13 3:12 
GeneralLaunch of TrakLive 6.2.5. a complete bug tracking and issue tracking solution by Pin
Time Tracking Software10-Jun-13 23:21
memberTime Tracking Software10-Jun-13 23:21 
GeneralTitle: E-iceblue Released Free barcode component- Spire.BarCode Pin
CalebWell10-Jun-13 17:22
memberCalebWell10-Jun-13 17:22 
NewsDiscountASP.NET launches Snapp Systems, the first Platform-as-a-Service with Staging and Production Environments Pin
DiscountASP - TFS6-Jun-13 9:45
memberDiscountASP - TFS6-Jun-13 9:45 
NewsWSO2 and SUSE Presenters at Cloud Expo 2013 New York Will Team to Discuss How to Deliver a Service-Oriented Data Center via IaaS and PaaS Pin
Member 97956736-Jun-13 8:56
memberMember 97956736-Jun-13 8:56 
NewsWSO2 to Present Webinar Series on Optimizing Big Data Management Pin
Member 97956736-Jun-13 8:47
memberMember 97956736-Jun-13 8:47 
GeneralMy TeamMonitor™ Enhances Performance & Efficiency of Telecommuters and Office Based Workers! Pin
PuschCom6-Jun-13 8:12
memberPuschCom6-Jun-13 8:12 
LONDON, UK – MAY 31, 2013 – With the announcement that Yahoo, Best Buy, Google, and Twitter had called in their chief whip to ring-fence internal policy on telecommuting and remote working; it seemed appropriate to examine the politics surrounding this debate. In the case of Yahoo’s Chief Executive, Marissa Mayer, she just said ‘No’! Electronics retailer, Best Buy decided their ‘Best’ policy was to scale back remote workers, whereas Twitter and Google engaged their PR machine, used positive spin, and issued a recall to the office for the majority of their telecommuters stating, “ it promotes collaboration and, ‘ultimately’, innovation.”

Telecommuting is a growing trend within private and public sector organizations; 10% of the US workforce work from home, 9% in Europe, 27% Middle East & Africa and 24% in Asia. Contentious and debatable quandaries arise from; the usefulness of telecommuting as a management practice does it ‘ultimately’ increase productivity and performance? How effective are the monitoring mechanisms in place to pool in reports, analytics, and decipher whether this proposition really works for businesses’ profit margin, policy makers and managers alike?
Technological advances in software, with the development of My TeamMonitor™, pioneers in employee monitoring solutions, continue to aid and abet not just the telecommuting and remote workforce but also for those employees based in the office.

My TeamMonitor™ is a simple to use cloud based software suite that tracks and records all staff and employee productivity. It allows Employers, HR Managers and Senior Management to remotely monitor the activities of their workers from the office, at home, or anywhere from their iPad, Tablet or smartphone. No expensive server or software installation, hosting or technical expertise is required.

Where ethical issues sometimes arise in monitoring workers, My TeamMonitor™ addresses the balance between surveillance and monitoring. Distinct infractions by employees can be dealt with quickly and swiftly, ensuring that proper conduct and use of company assets is maintained. By offering transparency, and peace of mind My TeamMonitor™ instills trust for both ‘Employers’ and ‘Employees’ and mitigates risk on both sides.

The software caters for 1-100+ employees; it tracks all staff activity in real-time producing daily, weekly and monthly stats by taking screenshots at regular 5 minute intervals. It captures all activity being performed by the employee on the system, which includes; hours worked, keystrokes, mouse clicks, and website visits.

By simply registering and creating an account on My TeamMonitor™ website, (which takes less than 1 minute) ‘Employers’ can screen the activities of individual employees or teams by viewing the statistics and screenshots on an intuitive, interactive Dashboard located on their desktop, mobile device or Tablet.

Similarly, ‘Employees’ via their employers are provided with a password and link to Homepage; where they can ‘Click’ and ‘Download’ the software (compatible with Windows and Mac OS X) in 3 easy steps, installation only takes a few minutes to complete.
“In an ever changing global economy, with shifting dynamics, employers look at ways to assess and increase performance and better practices within the workplace,” said Giotto De Filipi, spokesperson for My TeamMonitor™.

“Employers face increasing challenges when managing employee productivity and performance. They have a valid business reason and in some cases a legal requirement to monitor employee and staff activities. It is now common place for employers to monitor workers computer habits in the office or remotely from home.”

”My TeamMonitor™ is a clear winner for both employers and employees and offers a flexible solution to improve job performance and productivity.”

Independent research carried out on workers using My TeamMonitor™ software found several striking results; firstly the performance of home workers went up significantly to well over 17% over a six months period. This improvement came mainly from an increase in the number of minutes and subsequent hours logged in; a reduction in breaks and sick-days taken off.

In addition, there was a 7% increase in the call rate from both home workers and office based staff, dramatically escalating the number of calls made per hour!

Unlike other employee monitoring software or devices, My TeamMonitor™ is a totally adaptable cloud based solution which allows employers the flexibility to monitor their staff from any location. Employers are not tied in to lengthy contracts or monthly subscriptions, instead employers are offered 150 hours of Free usage and can ‘top-up’ as and when required for only 5¢ per hour (min. purchase $5), making it one of the most cost effective solutions offered in the current market place!
For more information on My TeamMonitor™ visit:
To download My TeamMonitor™ Press Kit click here
Note to Editors:
About My TeamMonitor™
Founded in 2010, My TeamMonitor™ is a leader in cloud based SaaS, employee monitoring and analysis software. My TeamMonitor™ has helped businesses improve productivity, minimize costs and the complexity for monitoring employees and staff working remotely or from an office base.

My TeamMonitor™ allows employers to screen employee performance from anywhere without the use of software installation or a dedicated server. For further information, visit or email:
For further information or interviews contact:

Olivia Williams
My TeamMonitor™ Press Officer

Tel: +44 (0) 790448832
NewsThinkGeo Releases Map Suite 7.0 Native to the .NET 4.0 Framework with Enhanced Geometry Functions, Raster Reprojection, FileGeodatabase Support, and Many Other New Features Pin
ThinkGeo - Code Project6-Jun-13 7:03
memberThinkGeo - Code Project6-Jun-13 7:03 
GeneralE-XD++ CAD Software VC++ Visualization Source Code Kit and CAD OCX Control Pin
kellyonlyone6-Jun-13 4:48
memberkellyonlyone6-Jun-13 4:48 
NewsMark Zbikowski Joins Jelastic as a Senior Technical Advisor Pin
SoftPressRelease6-Jun-13 2:37
memberSoftPressRelease6-Jun-13 2:37 
GeneralGet started with the Stylecop engine using Packt's new Book Pin
Velinda5-Jun-13 1:55
memberVelinda5-Jun-13 1:55 
Member 97956734-Jun-13 8:23
memberMember 97956734-Jun-13 8:23 
NewsWSO2 VP and API Evangelist Founder Will Co-present Webinar on Developing an API Brand Strategy Pin
Member 97956734-Jun-13 6:41
memberMember 97956734-Jun-13 6:41 
GeneralHMI-SCADA Graphics Visualization Source Code Solution For C/C++, .NET and Web, 100% VC++ Source Code is Shipped. Pin
kellyonlyone4-Jun-13 4:00
memberkellyonlyone4-Jun-13 4:00 
NewsTypemock Introduces Isolator V7.4 – Enhanced Visual Coverage Makes Bug Detection Easier than Ever Pin
manny63-Jun-13 20:19
membermanny63-Jun-13 20:19 
NewsNewest Release of WSO2 API Manager Adds Multi-tenancy, Becomes First API Management Product to Enable Federated Access to APIs Across Multiple Entities Pin
Member 97956733-Jun-13 7:42
memberMember 97956733-Jun-13 7:42 
GeneralETAP Component, Electrical power system analysis tool and Simulation development engine, Visualization Source code SDK/API for C/C++, .NET Pin
kellyonlyone31-May-13 3:32
memberkellyonlyone31-May-13 3:32 
NewsWSO2 Presents Chicago Workshop on WSO2 Integration Platform Discovery Pin
Member 979567330-May-13 7:58
memberMember 979567330-May-13 7:58 
GeneralLearn how to develop Windows Phone applications using F# with Packt's new Book Pin
Velinda30-May-13 1:12
memberVelinda30-May-13 1:12 
NewsWSO2 to Present Webinar Series on Optimizing Enterprise Governance with WSO2 Governance Registry Pin
Member 979567329-May-13 6:09
memberMember 979567329-May-13 6:09 
GeneralMaster .NET Framework using Visual Studio with Packt’s new book and eBook Pin
Velinda28-May-13 23:45
memberVelinda28-May-13 23:45 
NewsDr.Explain 4.9 Creates "Viral" User Manuals and Software Help Systems Pin
SoftPressRelease28-May-13 21:27
memberSoftPressRelease28-May-13 21:27 
NewsWSO2 to Present Detroit Workshop on Cloud-Enabled Application Delivery Pin
Member 979567328-May-13 7:21
memberMember 979567328-May-13 7:21 
GeneralSlide to SVG, Chart Rendering, PDF & Thumbnail Generation are Enhanced Pin
sherazam27-May-13 18:57
membersherazam27-May-13 18:57 

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