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This forum is for discussing and recommending Free tools for software development. Please post direct links to tools, and not just links to pages that review or list tools.No shareware and no commercial products allowed. Please report spammers by voting to remove their messages and reporting their accounts.

NewsPokki "start menu" for Windows 8 Pin
Joan M22-Aug-13 23:21
professionalJoan M22-Aug-13 23:21 
GeneralMarkdown editor Pin
Mehdi Gholam13-Aug-13 22:00
MemberMehdi Gholam13-Aug-13 22:00 
GeneralBitTorrent Sync Pin
Mehdi Gholam10-Aug-13 20:44
MemberMehdi Gholam10-Aug-13 20:44 
GeneralRe: BitTorrent Sync Pin
yusif muffed ektilat25-Aug-13 22:23
professionalyusif muffed ektilat25-Aug-13 22:23 
GeneralBetterTouchTool for Mac: Snap-to-border for MacOS Pin
Chris Maunder26-Jul-13 6:57
cofounderChris Maunder26-Jul-13 6:57 
QuestionSyncronization tool similar to Tortoise SVN/CVS Pin
Steffen Villadsen16-Jul-13 14:02
MemberSteffen Villadsen16-Jul-13 14:02 
AnswerRe: Syncronization tool similar to Tortoise SVN/CVS Pin
Jörgen Andersson10-Aug-13 23:33
communityengineerJörgen Andersson10-Aug-13 23:33 
GeneralQuality Spy - Testing Tool Pin
ankle7-Jul-13 0:01
Memberankle7-Jul-13 0:01 
Quality Spy is a lightweight tool for software testing.

- Define a test strategy
- Plan-based tests
- Exploratory tests
- Document tests with protocol incl. bug tracking integration

Project Page:[^]
GeneralAn online tool to execute get post put and delete request Pin
Abhishek Somani26-Jun-13 0:09
MemberAbhishek Somani26-Jun-13 0:09 
GeneralRe: An online tool to execute get post put and delete request Pin
rriegel26-Jul-13 14:33
professionalrriegel26-Jul-13 14:33 
Generaltcpcopy: a network traffic replay tool targeted to servers Pin
wangbin_16324-Jun-13 0:59
Memberwangbin_16324-Jun-13 0:59 
QuestionVisual DiffMerge with Patch File Support? Pin
John Hind8-Jun-13 2:11
MemberJohn Hind8-Jun-13 2:11 
AnswerRe: Visual DiffMerge with Patch File Support? Pin
AlphaDeltaTheta19-Jun-13 18:48
MemberAlphaDeltaTheta19-Jun-13 18:48 
AnswerRe: Visual DiffMerge with Patch File Support? Pin
pdohara11-Feb-14 10:08
Memberpdohara11-Feb-14 10:08 
GeneralRe: Visual DiffMerge with Patch File Support? Pin
John Hind11-Feb-14 23:20
MemberJohn Hind11-Feb-14 23:20 
GeneralTCC: Smallest fastest C compiler Pin
AlphaDeltaTheta31-May-13 23:36
MemberAlphaDeltaTheta31-May-13 23:36 
NewsFree Project Management Service for public projects Pin
dsouflis29-May-13 3:11
Memberdsouflis29-May-13 3:11 
GeneralRe: Free Project Management Service for public projects Pin
bluelogicweb25-Jun-13 2:19
Memberbluelogicweb25-Jun-13 2:19 
GeneralFree Graph Editor Pin
Mike Hankey26-May-13 11:56
professionalMike Hankey26-May-13 11:56 
GeneralRe: Free Graph Editor Pin
Tachyonx25-Jun-13 6:28
MemberTachyonx25-Jun-13 6:28 
GeneralRe: Free Graph Editor Pin
GuyThiebaut4-Sep-13 4:50
professionalGuyThiebaut4-Sep-13 4:50 
GeneralCollaborative Task Management Software -- ASP .NET Open Source? Pin
Matt U.22-May-13 2:53
MemberMatt U.22-May-13 2:53 
GeneralMicrosoft Access Administration tool Pin
Mike Hankey16-May-13 11:48
professionalMike Hankey16-May-13 11:48 
GeneralHTML5 JavaScript Diagramming PinPopular
AspDotNetDev14-May-13 7:32
protectorAspDotNetDev14-May-13 7:32 
GeneralRe: HTML5 JavaScript Diagramming Pin
Member 1077993322-May-14 4:35
MemberMember 1077993322-May-14 4:35 

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