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Press Releases

Welcome to the new Press Releases forum! Our old press release system has been retired but we've moved everything and everyone to a new, shinier home. Enjoy!

A press release must be written for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. Advertisements, promotions, or anything smelling even vaguely of spam will be deleted. All press releases must be relevant to the development community.

NewsWSO2 to Present Webinar on New Capabilities in WSO2 Complex Event Processor 3.0 Pin
Member 979567326-Sep-13 8:09
MemberMember 979567326-Sep-13 8:09 
NewsWSO2 VP of Technology Evangelism to Present New York Workshop on Building a Private or Hybrid PaaS with WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Pin
Member 979567325-Sep-13 6:17
MemberMember 979567325-Sep-13 6:17 
NewsParasoft Service Virtualization Promotes Fully-Automated Continuous Testing Pin
erikagd7724-Sep-13 7:27
Membererikagd7724-Sep-13 7:27 
NewsWSO2, SUSE and Yenlo Will Jointly Present Nuremberg Workshop on Building a Private or Hybrid PaaS Pin
Member 979567324-Sep-13 7:14
MemberMember 979567324-Sep-13 7:14 
GeneralE-XD++ BPMN Source Code Solution Visualization for C/C++ and .NET V18.01 is released! Pin
kellyonlyone24-Sep-13 4:53
sponsorkellyonlyone24-Sep-13 4:53 
GeneralCodenvy and WSO2 announce partnership to bring cloud development to the enterprise Pin
Member 979567323-Sep-13 9:53
MemberMember 979567323-Sep-13 9:53 
GeneralExtending Enterprise Resource Management Across Platforms Pin
DBI Technologies Inc20-Sep-13 4:50
MemberDBI Technologies Inc20-Sep-13 4:50 
GeneralYour Solution to the Complexities of Enterprise Scheduling Pin
DBI Technologies Inc20-Sep-13 4:46
MemberDBI Technologies Inc20-Sep-13 4:46 
Winnipeg, MB. - August 12, 2013 - Seventeen years ago DBI Technologies Inc. started designing, engineering and distributing industry proven, commercial component software, helping Windows developers solve their complex scheduling requirements. Significant advances in computing technology, software development platforms and modes of delivery have changed the landscape since that humble beginning. One relatively constant variable has remained - the complexity of scheduling. One might say scheduling has become even more complex.

Today, DBI Technologies Inc., the leading innovator of enterprise resource planning, scheduling, optimization and modern Windows UI component software products, is proud to announce the release of Calendar Silverlight. The evolution of developers taming the complexities of Scheduling and delivering cutting edge user experience designs and capabilities on their choice of platform.

The world as we know it is becoming more interconnected with greater demands for managing and scheduling resources around the world. Calendar Silverlight takes a byte out that complexity by managing the interconnected relationships that occur today between Appointments, Contacts, Locations and Tasks. Unique to the world of commercial component software, Calendar Silverlight offers internal management of multiple entities - tasks, locations, contacts all related to one or many appointments across the three integrated component views: Multi Day / Resource view, Month view and Week view. All in One Silverlight control.

For instance, an enterprise with offices on seven continents, each region owning critical skills and resourcing that support the success of the enterprise - Planning and Scheduling representatives (contacts) from each of these resource pools for a video conference call (appointment) is not a simple endeavour. Not to mention the tasks that may be assigned in preparation for the conference call and those tasks assigned post call for a successful conclusion.

The business requirement is defined - there has to be a better way. The enterprise development team is empowered with Calendar Silverlight, the data model is structured and the relationships and their user experience presentations start to fall into place as Calendar Silverlight is instanced on the form. Precision multi day and multi resource scheduling is immediately presented accompanied by multi-select Week views and Month view calendars.

Seventeen years of successfully providing developers with the right tools for solving complex scheduling and user experience designs, Calendar Silverlight - is the evolution of time and industry proven component software, and your solution to the complexities of scheduling.

Calendar Silverlight is one in a series of DBI component software products that support developers on their choice of development environment. Calendar Silverlight is available at the perfect per developer price of $179. Full product details, enterprise licensing and other component software solutions from DBI can be found at: or directly from your favorite value added reseller.

- ### -

About DBI Technologies Inc.

DBI Technologies Inc. is an industry proven supplier of innovative scheduling, resource planning, interface design and information mining component software. DBI's focus is on empowering application development teams with the right tools, at the right time and for the right places. DBI has been recognized eight years in a row for its award winning component software products and services - supporting customers working in all Microsoft compliant platforms.

DBI offers creative and innovative solutions for customers looking to incorporate industry leading technologies built on commercially sound component architectures.

Press information:
DBi Marketing |
800.670.8045 | 204.985.5770 | 204.943.0738 (fax)

Product and company names mentioned herein are trademarks or trade names of their respective companies. all rights reserved
NewsWSO2 Featured Guest Speakers at WSO2Con 2013 US Will Present Technologies and Best Practices for Enabling the Connected Enterprise Pin
Member 979567319-Sep-13 8:25
MemberMember 979567319-Sep-13 8:25 
NewsWSO2 Expands Identity Management Capabilities Across Cloud, Mobile and Web Applications With the Launch of WSO2 Identity Server 4.5 Pin
Member 979567318-Sep-13 9:50
MemberMember 979567318-Sep-13 9:50 
NewsGdPicture.NET 10 Document Imaging SDK New Major Release Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS17-Sep-13 0:04
MemberGdPicture-ORPALIS17-Sep-13 0:04 
NewsIntersoft Releases Premier Studio 2013 with Revolutionary Cross-Platform Mobile Toolset, Powerful XAML Reporting and Major ASP.NET Upgrades Pin
Intersoft Solutions (Business)16-Sep-13 18:43
MemberIntersoft Solutions (Business)16-Sep-13 18:43 
GeneralPDF Vision .NET is Now 300% Faster in Converting JPEG and TIFF to PDF under .NET Pin
SoftPressRelease15-Sep-13 4:06
MemberSoftPressRelease15-Sep-13 4:06 
NewsUltrafast JPEG Codec from Fastvideo Pin
SoftPressRelease15-Sep-13 3:13
MemberSoftPressRelease15-Sep-13 3:13 
NewsWSO2 Presents Four Technical Webinars on Optimizing API Management Best Practices Using WSO2 API Manager Pin
Member 979567312-Sep-13 8:54
MemberMember 979567312-Sep-13 8:54 
NewsSuva Streamlines Insurance Processes With WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus Pin
Member 979567311-Sep-13 11:49
MemberMember 979567311-Sep-13 11:49 
NewsWSO2 Presents Manchester Workshop on WSO2 Integration Platform Discovery Pin
Member 979567311-Sep-13 11:44
MemberMember 979567311-Sep-13 11:44 
NewsWSO2 Presents Three Technical Webinars on Using WSO2 App Factory to Optimize Cloud-Enabled Enterprise Application Development Pin
Member 979567310-Sep-13 6:48
MemberMember 979567310-Sep-13 6:48 
GeneralE-XD++ ircuit Design and interactive simulation isualization C/C++ and .NET Source Code solution Pin
kellyonlyone7-Sep-13 4:53
sponsorkellyonlyone7-Sep-13 4:53 
NewsWSO2 CTO to Present London Workshop on Building a Private or Hybrid PaaS with WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Pin
Member 97956736-Sep-13 12:13
MemberMember 97956736-Sep-13 12:13 
GeneralRasterizing PDF Documents into Jpeg and Multipage TIFF Images in .Net Applications Pin
SoftPressRelease6-Sep-13 6:15
MemberSoftPressRelease6-Sep-13 6:15 
GeneralActual Installer 5.0 - A Wizard of Product Installing Pin
SoftPressRelease6-Sep-13 5:30
MemberSoftPressRelease6-Sep-13 5:30 
NewsWSO2 Positioned in the “Visionaries” Quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Application Services Governance Pin
Member 97956735-Sep-13 11:27
MemberMember 97956735-Sep-13 11:27 
NewsWSO2 Technology Executives to Present Palo Alto Workshop on Cloud-Enabled Application Delivery Best Practices Using WSO2 App Factory Pin
Member 97956734-Sep-13 7:25
MemberMember 97956734-Sep-13 7:25 
GeneralE-XD++ Visualization HMI and SCADA , UML, GIS Source Code Kits for C/C++, .NET V18.01 is released! Pin
kellyonlyone29-Aug-13 15:42
sponsorkellyonlyone29-Aug-13 15:42 

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