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NewsNew WSO2 Federal Systems White Paper Explores Solution Architecture for Improving Information Sharing and Security Pin
Member 979567316-Oct-13 8:27
memberMember 979567316-Oct-13 8:27 
NewsWSO2 Brings Workshop on Integration Best Practices to Auckland Pin
Member 979567314-Oct-13 6:51
memberMember 979567314-Oct-13 6:51 
NewsWSO2 Named in “Who’s Who Among Providers of Enterprise Service Bus Open-Source Software” by Gartner Pin
Member 979567310-Oct-13 10:02
memberMember 979567310-Oct-13 10:02 
GeneralWSO2 Presents Webinar on Lightweight Orchestration Using WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus Pin
Member 979567310-Oct-13 6:44
memberMember 979567310-Oct-13 6:44 
NewsWSO2 Technology Executives to Present Dubai Workshop on Building a Connected Business With WSO2 Cloud and Enterprise Middleware Pin
Member 97956739-Oct-13 6:25
memberMember 97956739-Oct-13 6:25 
NewsWSO2 Keynote Speakers at WSO2Con 2013 US Will Share Vision and Practical Applications of the Connected Business Pin
Member 97956738-Oct-13 7:23
memberMember 97956738-Oct-13 7:23 
NewsDr.Explain 4.10 facilitates faster creation of software documentation and user manuals Pin
Dennis Crane8-Oct-13 6:01
memberDennis Crane8-Oct-13 6:01 
GeneralMicro Focus Launches COBOL Code Contest Challenge Pin
Priyank Prakash7-Oct-13 23:52
memberPriyank Prakash7-Oct-13 23:52 
As part of its Academic Program, Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO.L), a leading provider of enterprise application modernisation, testing and management solutions, is launching a global COBOL code contest. Student and community developers around the world are being challenged to design and develop a video game program using Micro Focus Visual COBOL Personal Edition, for the chance to win a cash prize of $1,000, an iPad Mini plus other great prizes. The winning game will also make a highlighted appearance in a future release of Visual COBOL.
Anyone who dabbles in coding, or who wants to break into code development, can take part in this competition. Contestants can create their entry based on any existing video game, like the COBOL Blitz version of Space Invaders, or invent a new game of their own. The core contest requirement is that the game must contain at least 50% Visual COBOL. By downloading a copy of Visual COBOL Personal Edition – the free version of this innovative programming language – developers can build their video game using the very latest modern IDE of their choice - Visual Studio or Eclipse. Contestants are also encouraged to be creative, combining other programing languages or technologies with Visual COBOL to deliver a real game-changing experience.
The contest judging will take place between close on 17 December 2013 and 20 January 2014, with winners announced in late January, 2014. Competition entries will be judged by Micro Focus on a number of criteria including creativity, function, capability, experience and core technology requirements. Participants can also show off their work on the COBOL Community Forum to garner support and feedback on their entries. Full terms and conditions for the contest can be found here.
Commenting on the value of the COBOL code contest, Nitin Dang, Country General Manager, Micro Focus – India says: “Many of our back-end infrastructures rely on certain older programming languages that are not going to be retired any time soon. It makes sense for graduates to consider learning these enterprise programming languages as this skill set is one sought after by many of today’s top companies. As a business professional within this industry, there is more we can do to encourage academics to help guide students into learning enterprise languages such as COBOL. The COBOL code contest challenge is designed to generate excitement within the coding community and revive an interest in the language.”

Michael Coughlan, Lecturer at University of Limerick said: “COBOL supports 90% of Fortune 500 business systems and many organizations will continue to use it for decades to come. Students who wish to work in enterprise environments need a mixed skill-set, combining experience in modern programing languages with knowledge of enterprise applications written in older languages such as COBOL. Competitions like this help to encourage an interest in COBOL and allow enthusiastic students to gain experience with the language that may prove a useful differentiator when seeking employment in an increasingly competitive job market.”

“Since expanding our Academic Program earlier this year in support of the academic institutes, business organizations and student community, we continue our commitment to bridging the IT skills gap and building the next generation of COBOL developers. Since the rebirth of this program, we have seen a real upsurge in academic participants,” said Kevin Brearley, Senior Director of Product Management at Micro Focus. “An additional 44 universities around the globe have signed up to participate in our program – a membership increase of 26% - proving that COBOL has its place in the classroom and remains an importance component of the academic curriculum.”

More details and entry to the code contest can be found here:

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Notes to Editors

• A poll of academic leaders from 119 universities across the world in February 2013 saw more than half (58%) say they believed COBOL programming should be on their curriculum, with 54% estimating the demand for COBOL programming skills would increase or stay the same over the next 10 years. That’s a far cry from today’s reality. Of the 27% confirming COBOL programming was part of their curriculum; only 18% had it as a core part of the course, while the remaining 9% made it an elective component.

• Bridging the COBOL skills gap infographic

• COBOL in demand:
o COBOL supports 90% of Fortune 500 business systems every day
o 70% of all critical business logic and data is written in COBOL
o COBOL connects 500 million mobile phone users every day
o COBOL applications manage the care of 60 million patients every day
o COBOL powers 85% of all daily business transactions processed
o COBOL applications move 72,000 shipping containers every day and process 85% of port transactions
o 95% of all ATM transactions use COBOL
o COBOL enables 96,000 vacations to be booked every year
o COBOL powers 80% of all point-of-sale transactions
o There are 200 more COBOL transactions per day than Google + You Tube searches worldwide
o $2 trillion worth of mainframe applications in corporations are written in COBOL
o 1.5 million new lines of COBOL code are written every day
o 5 billion lines of new COBOL code are developed every year
o The total investment in COBOL technologies, staff and hardware is estimated at $5 trillion
o An estimated 2 million people are currently working in COBOL

Sources: Aberdeen Group; Giga Information Group; Database & Network Journal; The COBOL Report;; Tactical Strategy Group; The Future of COBOL Report.

About Micro Focus
Micro Focus, a member of the FTSE 250, provides innovative software that allows companies to dramatically improve the business value of their enterprise applications. Micro Focus Enterprise Application Modernization, Testing and Management software enables customers’ business applications to respond rapidly to market changes and embrace modern architectures with reduced cost and risk. For additional information please visit

About the Micro Focus Academic Program
The Academic Program supports new and existing university IT programs to meet the demands of today’s business organizations, facilitates greater collaboration between businesses and academic communities and provides an interface through which existing students can connect with prospective employers seeking COBOL based development skills.
NewsWSO2 to Present Webinar on Master Data Management Using WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware Platform Pin
Member 97956737-Oct-13 10:12
memberMember 97956737-Oct-13 10:12 
NewsE-XD++ database document printing Source Code Solution for C/C++, .NET Pin
kellyonlyone5-Oct-13 0:56
memberkellyonlyone5-Oct-13 0:56 
GeneralUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville Partners with MadCap Software to Teach Students Best Practices in Modern Technical Writing and Prepare Them for Lifelong Careers in Technical Communications Pin
Member 97956733-Oct-13 13:35
memberMember 97956733-Oct-13 13:35 
NewsWSO2 Federal Systems Director to Speak at the Cloud Computing & Network Services Symposium for Defense, Intelligence & Homeland Security Pin
Member 97956732-Oct-13 12:08
memberMember 97956732-Oct-13 12:08 
NewsNew WSO2 Guide Explores Best Practices for Enterprise Application Development Using WSO2’s Composable Middleware for On-premises and the Cloud Pin
Member 97956731-Oct-13 7:29
memberMember 97956731-Oct-13 7:29 
GeneralJelastic Launches New Mobile Application for Cloud Platform Management Pin
SoftPressRelease1-Oct-13 4:19
memberSoftPressRelease1-Oct-13 4:19 
NewsWSO2 VP of Technology Evangelism is Featured Presenter at Workshops on Integration Best Practices Being Held in Atlanta and Fort Lauderdale Pin
Member 979567330-Sep-13 9:21
memberMember 979567330-Sep-13 9:21 
GeneralRTF to HTML .Net Library 4.0: Converting to HTML5 Documents for Developers Pin
SoftPressRelease27-Sep-13 0:43
memberSoftPressRelease27-Sep-13 0:43 
NewsWSO2 to Present Webinar on New Capabilities in WSO2 Complex Event Processor 3.0 Pin
Member 979567326-Sep-13 8:09
memberMember 979567326-Sep-13 8:09 
NewsWSO2 VP of Technology Evangelism to Present New York Workshop on Building a Private or Hybrid PaaS with WSO2 Stratos 2.0 Pin
Member 979567325-Sep-13 6:17
memberMember 979567325-Sep-13 6:17 
NewsParasoft Service Virtualization Promotes Fully-Automated Continuous Testing Pin
erikagd7724-Sep-13 7:27
membererikagd7724-Sep-13 7:27 
NewsWSO2, SUSE and Yenlo Will Jointly Present Nuremberg Workshop on Building a Private or Hybrid PaaS Pin
Member 979567324-Sep-13 7:14
memberMember 979567324-Sep-13 7:14 
GeneralE-XD++ BPMN Source Code Solution Visualization for C/C++ and .NET V18.01 is released! Pin
kellyonlyone24-Sep-13 4:53
memberkellyonlyone24-Sep-13 4:53 
GeneralCodenvy and WSO2 announce partnership to bring cloud development to the enterprise Pin
Member 979567323-Sep-13 9:53
memberMember 979567323-Sep-13 9:53 
GeneralExtending Enterprise Resource Management Across Platforms Pin
DBI Technologies Inc20-Sep-13 4:50
memberDBI Technologies Inc20-Sep-13 4:50 
GeneralYour Solution to the Complexities of Enterprise Scheduling Pin
DBI Technologies Inc20-Sep-13 4:46
memberDBI Technologies Inc20-Sep-13 4:46 
NewsWSO2 Featured Guest Speakers at WSO2Con 2013 US Will Present Technologies and Best Practices for Enabling the Connected Enterprise Pin
Member 979567319-Sep-13 8:25
memberMember 979567319-Sep-13 8:25 

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