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NewsWSO2 Launches 100% Open Source WSO2 Enterprise Store, First Platform for Managing and Provisioning All Digital Asset Types Across the Entire Life Cycle Pin
Member 979567330-Oct-13 9:43
memberMember 979567330-Oct-13 9:43 
Newscombit List & Label Reporting Tool Released In Version 19 Pin
combit30-Oct-13 1:37
membercombit30-Oct-13 1:37 
GeneralDesign and implement vSphere using Packt’s New Book and eBook Pin
Velinda30-Oct-13 0:51
memberVelinda30-Oct-13 0:51 
GeneralEnhance your knowledge of the Salesforce CRM platform using Packt's new book and eBook Pin
Velinda30-Oct-13 0:38
memberVelinda30-Oct-13 0:38 
NewsWSO2Mobile Begins Recruiting Beta Customers for WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Management Platform Pin
Member 979567328-Oct-13 17:57
memberMember 979567328-Oct-13 17:57 
NewsDiscountASP.NET adds Scheduled Deployment to Snapp Systems Platform-as-a-Service Pin
DiscountASP - TFS28-Oct-13 11:18
memberDiscountASP - TFS28-Oct-13 11:18 
NewsAerospike Recognized in the “Visionaries” Quadrant of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems Pin
Member 979567328-Oct-13 9:43
memberMember 979567328-Oct-13 9:43 
GeneralMobile app development: Cross-platform tools realize 30% time and cost savings for most developers Pin
Carrie Davis-Sydor24-Oct-13 6:10
professionalCarrie Davis-Sydor24-Oct-13 6:10 
Cross-platform tools can generate significant efficiency gains for mobile app development, but their acceptance and usage among app developers is still low. These results are part of a new, free report by research2guidance “Cross Platform Tool Benchmark 2013 - The hidden champions of the app economy".

Two thirds of developers, using cross-platform tools for their app projects, realize time and cost savings of more than 30%. More than 70% of app developers say that cross-platform tools are a cost-efficient way for their app development.

"Today less than 5% of all apps in the major app stores have been developed with a cross-platform tool. There is of course the argument that apps created with the help of cross-platform tools lack quality" explains Joachim Thiele-Schlesier, Senior Analyst. The results of the benchmarking study support this argument: 25% of developers rate the app quality lower or much lower compared to native apps. On the other hand, 75% of the developers say that they can build apps of a similar quality to native apps.

The research results raise the question, why aren’t there more apps developed with cross-platform tools? Given the time and cost saving potential that these tools offer, the app economy could benefit significantly and bring app development to the next efficiency level. The spotlight is on for the cross platform tool vendors. Their communication strategies have failed in educating and convincing developers about the benefits of developing once and publishing multiple times.

For app developers, IT managers, but also app services buying companies, the research results suggest checking if one of the existing CP Tools fits with the project requirement before starting the next app project. With the overall positive user feedback cross-platform tools have received and the low awareness they have in the app market, they are really the hidden champions of the app economy.

Over the course of the last five years, multi-app and multi-platform app publishing has become common for traditional enterprises and pure app developers. Consequently, "complexity of mobile app development as well as development costs and maintenance costs have increased. At the same time a multitude of solutions, which support multi-app and multi-platform publishing for simple and complex apps, has sprung up" says Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Research Director at research2guidance.

These solutions fall into 4 main categories: App factories, web app toolkits, cross-platform integrated development environments (CP IDE) and CP IDE for enterprises. These four tool classes differ significantly in their complexity, targeted platforms, required development skills, support service quality and performance. Developers using cross-platform tools report significant time and cost savings compared to native app development. Mobile app developers are also happy with costs and performance of cross-platform developed apps: 70% of them are happy with the cost-performance ratio when working with a cross-platform development tool.

These are some of the results of the global benchmarking study conducted by research2guidance over the course of the last months. The study is based on a survey of more than 1,000 app developers and publishers, with the collaboration of the leading tool vendors. The “Cross Platform Tool Benchmark 2013” report evaluates the service offering of 45 cross-platform tools and compares both sides; vendors and tool users. Download the free 59 page report here.

About research2guidance:
research2guidance is a Berlin-based mobile app economy specialist. The company’s service offerings include app strategy consulting, market studies and research.

Link to blog post:

Link to free report:

Link to graph:

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GeneralComponentOne Adds Touch Support to its Cross-Platform Excel-Compatible Spreadsheet Components Pin
ComponentOne-PA24-Oct-13 3:39
memberComponentOne-PA24-Oct-13 3:39 
GeneralMicro Focus Brings the Mainframe to iPads with Rumba+ Mobile Pin
Priyank Prakash23-Oct-13 2:16
memberPriyank Prakash23-Oct-13 2:16 
NewsWSO2 Will Bring API Management Training and Certification Program to San Francisco in Conjunction with WSO2Con 2013 US Pin
Member 979567322-Oct-13 10:39
memberMember 979567322-Oct-13 10:39 
NewsDiscountASP.NET Launches Standalone Team Foundation Server Build-as-a-Service Solution Pin
DiscountASP - TFS21-Oct-13 14:34
memberDiscountASP - TFS21-Oct-13 14:34 
GeneralSpell Checking for ASP.NET Applications Pin
Keyoti21-Oct-13 10:43
groupKeyoti21-Oct-13 10:43 
NewsWSO2 Executives Will Explore API Optimization, Brand Strategy and Architectural Best Practices at the API Strategy and Practice Conference Pin
Member 979567321-Oct-13 9:11
memberMember 979567321-Oct-13 9:11 
NewsStimulsoft Reports 2013.2: Creative Approach to Technical Solutions Pin
Andrew Savin18-Oct-13 3:30
memberAndrew Savin18-Oct-13 3:30 
NewsUniversity of Central Florida Partners with MadCap Software to Advance Students' Technical Communication Skills and Empower Professional Growth Pin
andrew.kinetic17-Oct-13 12:53
memberandrew.kinetic17-Oct-13 12:53 
NewsWSO2 to Deliver Webinar on Single Sign-On Best Practices Using WSO2 Identity Server Pin
Member 979567317-Oct-13 9:24
memberMember 979567317-Oct-13 9:24 
NewsVersion 19 of List & Label Reporting Tool Will Be Released This Fall Pin
combit16-Oct-13 23:43
membercombit16-Oct-13 23:43 
NewsDBmaestro Releases Teamwork V 3.7 with Oracle SQL Developer Extension Pin
Jeremy Hess16-Oct-13 10:09
memberJeremy Hess16-Oct-13 10:09 
NewsNew WSO2 Federal Systems White Paper Explores Solution Architecture for Improving Information Sharing and Security Pin
Member 979567316-Oct-13 9:27
memberMember 979567316-Oct-13 9:27 
NewsWSO2 Brings Workshop on Integration Best Practices to Auckland Pin
Member 979567314-Oct-13 7:51
memberMember 979567314-Oct-13 7:51 
NewsWSO2 Named in “Who’s Who Among Providers of Enterprise Service Bus Open-Source Software” by Gartner Pin
Member 979567310-Oct-13 11:02
memberMember 979567310-Oct-13 11:02 
GeneralWSO2 Presents Webinar on Lightweight Orchestration Using WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus Pin
Member 979567310-Oct-13 7:44
memberMember 979567310-Oct-13 7:44 
NewsWSO2 Technology Executives to Present Dubai Workshop on Building a Connected Business With WSO2 Cloud and Enterprise Middleware Pin
Member 97956739-Oct-13 7:25
memberMember 97956739-Oct-13 7:25 
NewsWSO2 Keynote Speakers at WSO2Con 2013 US Will Share Vision and Practical Applications of the Connected Business Pin
Member 97956738-Oct-13 8:23
memberMember 97956738-Oct-13 8:23 

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