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Welcome to the new Press Releases forum! Our old press release system has been retired but we've moved everything and everyone to a new, shinier home. Enjoy!

A press release must be written for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. Advertisements, promotions, or anything smelling even vaguely of spam will be deleted. All press releases must be relevant to the development community.

NewsWatchdog for Xcode – Now Available on the Mac App Store Pin
Cerebral Gardens26-Nov-13 13:35
memberCerebral Gardens26-Nov-13 13:35 
NewsDiscountASP.NET Named 2013 Community Choice Award Winner by the Dev Pro Community Pin
DiscountASP - TFS26-Nov-13 11:17
memberDiscountASP - TFS26-Nov-13 11:17 
GeneralAJC Active Backup v2 released for BETA testing Pin
AJC Software26-Nov-13 8:39
memberAJC Software26-Nov-13 8:39 
NewsWSO2 Webinar Will Feature Customer Molino de Ideas Presenting How to Build an API Ecosystem Using WSO2 API Manager Pin
Member 979567326-Nov-13 7:29
memberMember 979567326-Nov-13 7:29 
GeneralE-XD++ BPMN Source Code Solution Visualization for C/C++ and .NET V18.02 is released! Pin
kellyonlyone25-Nov-13 20:07
memberkellyonlyone25-Nov-13 20:07 
NewsWSO2 Middleware Expert to Present a Technical Paper on Streamlining Message Mediation at iiWAS 2013 Pin
Member 979567325-Nov-13 8:39
memberMember 979567325-Nov-13 8:39 
NewsDiscountASP.NET Launches Shared Team Foundation Server 2013 Hosting Pin
DiscountASP - TFS21-Nov-13 12:33
memberDiscountASP - TFS21-Nov-13 12:33 
NewsTX Text Control X10 Released - Reporting and Right-to-Left Support Pin
Christopher Krause21-Nov-13 0:58
memberChristopher Krause21-Nov-13 0:58 
The software component vendor Text Control recently released version X10 of the word processing component family TX Text Control.

TX Text Control X10 supports right-to-left text rendering for languages such as Arabic or Hebrew and is ready for markets in middle east. Each line in a document can be bi-directional, which means, that it can contain text parts written from left-to-right and text parts written from right-to-left. The optional spell checking component TX Spell .NET available in version 4.0 also fully supports right-to-left dictionaries.

The word processing component, available for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET and ActiveX, also supports multi-lingual hyphenation. The hyphenation works automatically based on new language regions in TX Text Control. Regions of a document such as a characater, a word or complete paragraphs can be associated with a specific language. This is done automatically when the user switches the input keyboard, it can be set programmatically or using a new dialog box.

TX Text Control improved the overall creation and rendering performance significantly. All components are fully multithreading compatible which makes document batch creation drastically faster.

The 20th version of TX Text Control has been updated with many new reporting and mail merge features that can be used in all supported .NET platforms. The direct use of enumerable business objects as a data source to merge templates is one of the most commonly requested features of TX Text Control Reporting. The reporting engine now supports string formatters for merge fields and image placeholder merging.

At the same time, TX Barcode 3.0 has been released with 9 new industry standard 1D and 2D barcode types, including commonly used types such as MaxiCode, PDF417 and MicroPDF.

Aside from all the new features and improvements, the developers of Text Control have invested a lot of development time into improvements to their template designer TX Text Control Words. TX Text Control Words is used to create the basis of a reporting process: The template. This MS Word compatible template is merged with data by the TX Text Control reporting engine MailMerge as part of a Windows Forms, WPF or ASP.NET application.

An overview of all new features can be found here:

What's New in TX Text Control X10

We are delighted to announce TX Text Control X10 - revolutionizing word processing:

Client Components for Word Processing

TX Text Control .NET for Windows Forms X10
TX Text Control .NET for WPF X10
TX Text Control ActiveX X10

Server Components for Word Processing

TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET (incl. Windows Forms) X10
TX Text Control Server for ASP.NET (incl. WPF) X10
TX Text Control ActiveX Server X10

Components for Spell Checking

TX Spell .NET for Windows Forms 4.0
TX Spell .NET for WPF 4.0

Components for 1D and 2D Barcodes

TX Barcode .NET for Windows Forms 3.0
TX Barcode .NET for WPF 3.0

Download Updated Trial Versions

If you would like to try out the new features of TX Text Control X10, TX Spell 4.0 and TX Barcode 3.0, please download one of the updated trial versions. The trial versions are fully featured and valid for 30 days.

Free Technical Support for Subscription Customers

The team of TX Text Control support engineers is waiting to assist you with every aspect of TX Text Control X10, TX Spell 4.0 and TX Barcode 3.0. Remember, technical support is unlimited and entirely free of charge for subscription customers.

Get more information here:




Spell Checking

1D and 2D Barcodes

PDF Reflow

About TX Text Control:

TX Text Control was originally released in 1991, since then more than 50,000 copies have been sold. Starting off as a single, small DLL, TX Text Control has made its way through 16-bit DLL and VBX versions to today‘s Enterprise edition with its .NET and ActiveX components. The recent addition to the family, TX Text Control .NET Server, offers all of TX Text Control advanced word processing functionality in an easy-to-use server-side .NET component. Customers benefit from these years of experience, large user base, and at the same time, appreciate developing with a mature, reliable product.

Contact Informations:

North & South America: Tel: +1 704-544-7445 Tel: +1 855-533-8398 (855-533-TEXT) toll free
Europe: Phone: +49 (0)421 42 70 67 10
Asia Pacific:Phone: +886 2-2797-8508
NewsSO2 Federal Systems Director of Solutions to Present Two Sessions at Government Video Expo 2013 Pin
Member 979567320-Nov-13 5:57
memberMember 979567320-Nov-13 5:57 
NewsNevron announces the release of the Beta version of NOV - the Cross-Platform Presentation Layer for .NET Pin
Christo Bahchevanov20-Nov-13 3:58
professionalChristo Bahchevanov20-Nov-13 3:58 
NewsPortland State University Partners with MadCap Software to Provide Students with Leading Technical Writing Tools and Foster Successful Careers in Technical Communications Pin
andrew.kinetic19-Nov-13 12:12
memberandrew.kinetic19-Nov-13 12:12 
NewsComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 v3 Supports Visual Studio 2013 Plus Adds New Theming Options Pin
ComponentOne-PA19-Nov-13 5:47
memberComponentOne-PA19-Nov-13 5:47 
NewsFinancial Sector Shows Highest Demand for DevOps for Database solutions in 2013, DBmaestro Finds Pin
Jeremy Hess19-Nov-13 1:04
memberJeremy Hess19-Nov-13 1:04 
NewsTwenty Exam Participants Awarded Title of “Certified Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) Practitioner” by IFPUG Pin
Mainten3318-Nov-13 9:54
memberMainten3318-Nov-13 9:54 
NewsWSO2 VP of Solutions Architecture to Present Los Angeles Workshop on Using WSO2 API Manager Pin
Member 979567318-Nov-13 9:31
memberMember 979567318-Nov-13 9:31 
NewsTypemock Appoints Former Mercury-Interactive Managing Director as President Pin
Jeremy Hess18-Nov-13 1:29
memberJeremy Hess18-Nov-13 1:29 
NewsGdPicture.NET 10.1 Imaging SDK New Medium Release and New DICOM Plugin Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS15-Nov-13 4:36
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS15-Nov-13 4:36 
NewsWSO2 and Guest Presenter AgilePath Will Conduct Case Study on Implementing a Service Registry to Address Enterprise Cloud Challenges Pin
Member 979567314-Nov-13 9:06
memberMember 979567314-Nov-13 9:06 
NewsWSO2 to Present Webinar on How to Build a Common Access Control Platform Using XACML and WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware Pin
Member 979567312-Nov-13 8:20
memberMember 979567312-Nov-13 8:20 
GeneralE-XD++ Circuit layout visualization C/C++ and .NET Source Code solution V18.01 is released Pin
kellyonlyone12-Nov-13 4:40
memberkellyonlyone12-Nov-13 4:40 
NewsWSO2 to Present Webinar on Managing Enterprise Application Development Using WSO2 App Factory Pin
Member 97956738-Nov-13 9:51
memberMember 97956738-Nov-13 9:51 
NewsWSO2 Vice President of Technology Evangelism to Present Sessions on Optimizing Open Source PaaS and IaaS at SUSECon 2013 Pin
Member 97956736-Nov-13 6:37
memberMember 97956736-Nov-13 6:37 
GeneralSearch Engine for ASP.NET Web Applications Pin
Keyoti6-Nov-13 5:05
groupKeyoti6-Nov-13 5:05 
NewsLeading University in China Selects MadCap Software to Teach Students Best Practices in Technical Writing and Prepare Them for Lifelong Careers in Translation and Technical Communication Pin
andrew.kinetic5-Nov-13 14:26
memberandrew.kinetic5-Nov-13 14:26 
NewsWright State University Chooses MadCap Software to Best Prepare Students for Careers in Technical Writing and Provide them with a Competitive Advantage in the Workforce Pin
andrew.kinetic5-Nov-13 14:22
memberandrew.kinetic5-Nov-13 14:22 

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