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NewsThinkGeo Releases Map Suite 8.0 with Centralized Product Center for Easy Product Access, Native Support of Popular Data Formats, and Many Other New Features Pin
ThinkGeo - Code Project24-Jun-14 6:14
memberThinkGeo - Code Project24-Jun-14 6:14 
GeneraldbForge Query Builder for SQL Server v3.8 Now Supports SQL Server 2014 Pin
Devart24-Jun-14 3:50
memberDevart24-Jun-14 3:50 
GeneralE-XD++ Electronic Form design, Form printing, Form filling, data dissemination, C / C++ visualization, VB/.NET, source code component library, 100% VC++ Source Code is Shipped 2014 Pin
kellyonlyone22-Jun-14 21:00
memberkellyonlyone22-Jun-14 21:00 
NewsFreecode gone stale, replacement announced Pin
Marco Bertschi22-Jun-14 2:15
protectorMarco Bertschi22-Jun-14 2:15 
GeneralFree PowerPoint component--Spire.Presentation for .NET is released Pin
CalebWell19-Jun-14 23:52
memberCalebWell19-Jun-14 23:52 
NewsWSO2 VP of Platform Evangelism to Lead Workshop on Improving IT Performance with a DevOps PaaS at Gigaom Structure 2014 Pin
Member 979567318-Jun-14 13:32
memberMember 979567318-Jun-14 13:32 
NewsMarmalade's Cross-Platform SDK goes Free Pin
CISP18-Jun-14 1:19
memberCISP18-Jun-14 1:19 
NewsBA Insight Uses MadCap Flare to Optimize Training Processes and Materials for Online help, PDF and Microsoft PowerPoint Outputs Pin
andrew.kinetic16-Jun-14 12:18
memberandrew.kinetic16-Jun-14 12:18 
New Case Study Examines How BA Insight Relies on MadCap Flare’s Topic-Based Authoring and Single Source Publishing to Deliver Training Materials as PDFs, Web Help and PowerPoint Slides

BA Insight Logo and MadCap FlareLa Jolla, California — May 16, 2014 — MadCap Software, Inc., the leader in multi-channel content authoring and a showcase company for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Visual Studio and Microsoft XPS, today announced that it has published a new case study on BA Insight. An innovator in software for implementing powerful search-driven applications, BA Insight relies on MadCap Flare to deliver documentation and training materials for different tools across multiple outputs, including Web Help, PDF files, and Microsoft PowerPoint slides. The full BA Insight case study can be viewed by visiting:

Since 2004, BA Insight has been dedicated to transforming the way organizations find and access information through software that enables organizations to rapidly implement powerful search-driven applications at a fraction of the cost, time, and risk of alternatives. Fueled by the emergence of big data and market demand for search-driven applications, BA Insight grew 193% during a five year period, leading the company to be ranked 393 on Deloitte’s 2013 Technology Fast 500TM. BA Insight’s signature Knowledge Integration Platform earned the KMWorld magazine “Trend Setting Product of 2013” award for the third consecutive year, and BA Insight was named to “KMWorld’s 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management for 2014, as well as the three years prior.”

To support BA Insight’s significant internal and external growth, the company recently realized the need for a more effective training system that could support both its internal team and end-user community. The company’s search of leading technical communications tools to support the new system led to the selection and implementation of MadCap Flare. Among the key benefits BA Insight has realized with Flare:

* MadCap Flare’s topic-based authoring and single-source publishing have eliminated redundancies and reduced the project time required to deliver PDF files, Web Help and PowerPoint files for multiple tools within the BA Insight Knowledge Integration Platform.
* Auto-numbering of PDF content has reduced the reference time for BA Insight technical writers, who handle over 2,000 pages of writing.
* Flare’s Microsoft Word import capabilities let writers seamlessly import content from Word and then publish editable PowerPoint slides as one of the Flare outputs.
* Content structured as topics, combined with a top-level glossary, index and table of contents for quick information reference makes it easy for end users to search and find the information they need.
* Screenshots integrated with step-by-step directions in Flare enhance end users’ comprehension.

"Working with MadCap has really helped us improve our documentation for training purposes and make the delivery for every release more efficient,” Pat observed. “Getting ramped up with Flare was just as easy and quick as working with the tool itself. With an abundance of resources, from free webinars to online forums, we felt like we had a solid community of support to build with,” said Pat D’Ambrosio, BA Insight documentation lead. “I’ve become a complete cheerleader for Flare, and can’t wait to bring our documentation to the next level with MadCap.”

“BA Insight has built its success on empowering companies to transform the way they find and access information to increase innovation, improve productivity, grow revenue, and reduce costs,” said Anthony Olivier, MadCap founder and CEO. “We are thrilled by the superior training and search-friendly content that BA Insight is providing these customers with the powerful topic-based authoring and single-source publishing of our Flare software.”

About BA Insight

BA Insight provides software that enables organizations to transform SharePoint® into a powerful unified information access platform for rapid implementation of search-driven applications at a fraction of the cost, time, and risk of alternatives. With our platform, our customers deliver a remarkable user experience, auto-classification, and connectivity to a wide variety of systems. It can function as a comprehensive solution or its components can be implemented in a phased approach to meet growing organizational needs.

We serve visionary organizations such as ADP, Australia Department of Defence, Bayer, Chevron, Deloitte, Ford Motor Company, Green Mountain Coffee, Pfizer, Rio Tinto, The Procter & Gamble Company, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Visit for more information.

About MadCap Software

MadCap Software, Inc. is a leading technical communication software firm specializing in integrated applications for end-to-end content development, delivery and management. MadCap’s software products provide state-of-the-art content workflow solutions for multi-channel publishing, including the Web, print, desktop and mobile. Through its strategic partner Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT), MadCap delivers solutions optimized for Microsoft Windows, Visual Studio, and the .NET environment. Headquartered in La Jolla, CA, MadCap is home to some of the most experienced software architects and product experts in the documentation industry.
NewsWSO2 Launches WSO2 Private PaaS 4.0, First Comprehensive Enterprise-Grade PaaS Based on the Apache Stratos 4.0 PaaS Framework Pin
Member 979567316-Jun-14 12:17
memberMember 979567316-Jun-14 12:17 
NewsWSO2 Launches WSO2 App Factory 2.0 for Enterprise DevOps and ALM With Continuous Cloud Delivery Pin
Member 979567316-Jun-14 11:57
memberMember 979567316-Jun-14 11:57 
NewsWSO2 Announces Beta Availability of WSO2 App Cloud and WSO2 API Cloud Summer 2014 Releases Pin
Member 979567316-Jun-14 11:51
memberMember 979567316-Jun-14 11:51 
GeneralFind & Replace Control for WPF Pin
Keyoti13-Jun-14 4:08
groupKeyoti13-Jun-14 4:08 
NewsWSO2 CTO to Present Session on Achieving a Connected Business at Forrester's Forum For Technology Management Leaders 2014 Pin
Member 979567312-Jun-14 10:03
memberMember 979567312-Jun-14 10:03 
NewsWSO2 Announces Full Agenda for WSO2Con Europe 2014 Conference Pin
Member 979567311-Jun-14 12:37
memberMember 979567311-Jun-14 12:37 
NewsWSO2 CTO to Present Keynote on Open Standards for Identity Management at Identity Assurance 2014 Forum in London Pin
Member 979567310-Jun-14 19:17
memberMember 979567310-Jun-14 19:17 
NewsWSO2 Technology Experts To Present Sessions on PaaS and API Management Architectural Best Practices at QCon New York 2014 Pin
Member 97956739-Jun-14 13:42
memberMember 97956739-Jun-14 13:42 
NewsWSO2 Introduces Industry’s First Enterprise Identity Bus With the Launch of WSO2 Identity Server 5.0 Pin
Member 97956734-Jun-14 15:30
memberMember 97956734-Jun-14 15:30 
Newsm-creations Delivers Mobile Payment Solution in Three Months Using WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware Platform Pin
Member 97956734-Jun-14 15:24
memberMember 97956734-Jun-14 15:24 
GeneralSQL Server Pro Spotlights Forerunner Software’s CEO and Founder Jason Carlson for His Groundbreaking Work in Creating Mobilizer for Cost Effective Mobile BI Pin
Member 107375823-Jun-14 9:00
memberMember 107375823-Jun-14 9:00 
NewsWSO2 Managed Cloud Service Debuts to Foster Enterprise IT Agility Pin
Member 97956732-Jun-14 13:48
memberMember 97956732-Jun-14 13:48 
NewsWSO2 Guest Speakers at WSO2Con Europe 2014 Will Examine Technology Developments and Best Practices Enabling the Connected Business Pin
Member 979567329-May-14 18:10
memberMember 979567329-May-14 18:10 
GeneralNew WSO2 White Paper Presents an Internet of Things Reference Architecture Pin
Member 979567328-May-14 18:29
memberMember 979567328-May-14 18:29 
NewsDiscountASP.NET Partners with Urban Turtle for Hosted Agile Project Management Pin
DiscountASP - TFS28-May-14 10:38
memberDiscountASP - TFS28-May-14 10:38 
GeneralNew 2014,UCanCode Releases Upgraded E-XD++ Visualization Enterprise Suite V19.21 Pin
kellyonlyone22-May-14 21:23
memberkellyonlyone22-May-14 21:23 
NewsNew Zealand Technical Writers Association Joins Forces with MadCap Software to Present a Series of Technical Communication Workshops Pin
andrew.kinetic22-May-14 12:18
memberandrew.kinetic22-May-14 12:18 

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