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Welcome to the new Press Releases forum! Our old press release system has been retired but we've moved everything and everyone to a new, shinier home. Enjoy!

A press release must be written for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy. Advertisements, promotions, or anything smelling even vaguely of spam will be deleted. All press releases must be relevant to the development community.

NewsClone Shapes, View Error Bars in Charts & Set Predefined Presentation View using .NET Pin
sherazam18-Aug-14 22:49
membersherazam18-Aug-14 22:49 
NewsRender images in CMYK Color Space in PDF, Vertical Text Support in HTML & EPUB Pin
sherazam18-Aug-14 2:34
membersherazam18-Aug-14 2:34 
NewsFont Substitution Mechanism & Excel to PDF Conv. are Enhanced in Android Apps Pin
sherazam15-Aug-14 7:32
membersherazam15-Aug-14 7:32 
NewsWSO2 VP of Solutions Architecture to Speak at Gartner Catalyst Conference 2014 Pin
Member 979567312-Aug-14 9:43
memberMember 979567312-Aug-14 9:43 
NewsProject Data Rendering Enhancements & Better Project Data Export to HTML Pin
sherazam12-Aug-14 0:14
membersherazam12-Aug-14 0:14 
GeneralEntityDAC - new ORM for Delphi is released Pin
Devart11-Aug-14 4:13
memberDevart11-Aug-14 4:13 
NewsAdd Attachments to Outlook Journal Items & Save Outlook Journal as MSG Pin
sherazam10-Aug-14 23:09
membersherazam10-Aug-14 23:09 
NewsConvert PDF to Excel & PDF/ A_3B, Improved PDF Size Optimization in Java Apps Pin
sherazam8-Aug-14 8:02
membersherazam8-Aug-14 8:02 

What's New in this Release?

We are pleased to announce the release of Aspose.Pdf for Java 9.3.0. In this release, we have introduced the feature to convert a PDF file to a Microsoft Excel workbook, where each individual page in the PDF is rendered as a separate worksheet. PDF to PDF/A conversion has been supported in this API for a while already. To further extend this feature, we have introduced the capability to convert PDF documents to PDF/A_3B format. For this purpose, a new value, PDF_A_3B, has been introduced to the PdfFormat class. JavaScript is one of the great options available in PDF documents as it provides the capability to call certain features/operations at particular event. Using JavaScript, we can also set PDF expiration. Layers can be useful when you have a multi-lingual file that you want to distribute and want text in each language to appear on different layers, with the background design appearing on a separate layer as well. You might also create documents with animation that appears on a separate layer. One example could be to add a license agreement to your file, and you don’t want a user to view the content until they agree to the terms of the agreement. The latest release of Aspose.Pdf for Java supports adding layers to PDF files (either while creating a new document or manipulating an existing file). In order to accomplish this requirement, a class named Layer is introduced. Font are embedded inside a PDF file so that text is displayed properly when the document is viewed on a machine that does not have all of the fonts the PDF contains installed. However, when embedding the fonts, the complete font is included in the PDF and the file size increases. To optimize the size of a PDF file, is is possible to un-embed fonts. To accomplish this requirement, the UnembedFonts(..) method has been introduced to the OptimizationOptions class. If true is passed as an argument to this method, the fonts in the PDF file are no longer embedded. The DocumentPrivilege class has been introduced to allow the users to set PDF access privileges. Using this class, you can allow or prevent users from certain operation on a PDF file. As well as the new features mentioned above, this version includes fixes related to converting SVG/PCL/HTML/XPS files to PDF and converting PDF files to image format. Better text and image extraction, general performance improvements when generating PDF files and much more.  Some important new and improved features included in this release are given below

  • Convert PDF file to PDF/A3
  • PDF Expiration Feature
  • Pdf to Excel converter
  • BindFO() method with ByteArrayInputStream parameter
  • MemoryLeaks are fixed during text extraction
  • StackOverflowError  is resolved on getting RadioButton
  • PCL to PDF: java.lang.RuntimeException is resolved
  • XPS to PDF: Rectangle renders incorrectly is now corrected
  • SVG to PDF - Input SVG file wasn't closed and is now fixed
  • XPS to PDF - Bookmarks issue is fixed and are now honored
  • Some methods and fields are now visible after obfuscation
  • ZipException: unknown compression is resolved method while opening PNG-file
  • XPS to PDF conversion: Invalid character found exception in class is now fixed
  • HTML to PDF throws RuntimeException: is now resolved
  • Image extraction code compilation error "ag cannot be resolved to a type" is now fixed
  • Concatenating Tagged file results into non-tagged file is now fixed.
  • PDF to PNG: JAR throwing Corrupt content Exception message is resolved
  • PDF to PNG - Text dropping out in the images is now fixed
  • PDF to Image - Java heap space error is resolved while conversion
  • API does not listing all XFA fields is now fixed
  • Bookmarks collection only retains last bookmark
  • Invalid parameters appearing against getNextImage method are now fixed
  • PDF to Image conversion is fixed and now working in 9.1.0
  • NullReference exception is resolved when trying to read form field names

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Pdf for Java documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Pdf for performing different tasks like the followings.

Overview: Aspose.Pdf for Java

Aspose.Pdf is a Java PDF component to create PDF documents without using Adobe Acrobat. It supports Floating box, PDF form field, PDF attachments, security, Foot note & end note, Multiple columns document, Table of Contents, List of Tables, Nested tables, Rich text format, images, hyperlinks, JavaScript, annotation, bookmarks, headers, footers and many more. Now you can create PDF by API, XML and XSL-FO files. It also enables you to converting HTML, XSL-FO and Excel files into PDF.

More about Aspose.Pdf for Java

Contact Information

Aspose Pty Ltd

Suite 163, 79 Longueville Road

Lane Cove, NSW, 2066


Aspose – Your File Format APIs

Phone: 888.277.6734

Fax: 866.810.9465

GeneralSpecify Resolution/Transparency for PNG & Angle for Image Rotation in .NET Apps Pin
sherazam5-Aug-14 1:10
membersherazam5-Aug-14 1:10 
GeneraldbForge Query Builder for MySQL v3.2 with Sessions Restore Feature is Released Pin
Devart4-Aug-14 4:40
memberDevart4-Aug-14 4:40 
NewsAspose.Newsletter August 2014: New REST API for Processing Images Files & More Pin
sherazam4-Aug-14 0:18
membersherazam4-Aug-14 0:18 
GeneralIEC61131 PLC Automation Programming and Simulation Visualization Source Code Kit for C/C++, .NET 2014 Pin
kellyonlyone3-Aug-14 22:59
memberkellyonlyone3-Aug-14 22:59 
GeneralDevart Releases Updates for MySQL and Oracle Comparison Tools Pin
Devart3-Aug-14 21:49
memberDevart3-Aug-14 21:49 
GeneralMsn Customer Support | Msn Email Support Contact Number Pin
EmmaErin2-Aug-14 2:12
memberEmmaErin2-Aug-14 2:12 
NewsWSO2 to Present San Diego Workshop on Analyzing Big Data Streams From Internet of Things Devices Pin
Member 979567330-Jul-14 11:19
memberMember 979567330-Jul-14 11:19 
NewsDoug Garn Joins WSO2 as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales Pin
Member 979567330-Jul-14 11:11
memberMember 979567330-Jul-14 11:11 
NewsLeading Global Supplier of Software for Aerospace and Defense Sectors Chooses MadTranslations Pin
andrew.kinetic30-Jul-14 9:55
memberandrew.kinetic30-Jul-14 9:55 
GeneralPrinting excel is supported and new features to operate pivot table are added in Spire.XLS Pin
CalebWell29-Jul-14 0:17
memberCalebWell29-Jul-14 0:17 
NewsLaunch Of Recovery Tools Exchange Recovery Software Pin
Christina Campell28-Jul-14 22:51
groupChristina Campell28-Jul-14 22:51 
GeneralGlue Group Shapes & Improved Export Layout Quality of MS Visio Drawings Pin
sherazam28-Jul-14 7:40
membersherazam28-Jul-14 7:40 
NewsTech-Tav and MadCap Software Announce Partnership to Provide Documentation Services and Solutions in Israel Pin
andrew.kinetic27-Jul-14 23:53
memberandrew.kinetic27-Jul-14 23:53 
NewsZend Technologies Relies On MadCap Flare for Single-source Publishing of Customized Online Documentation Optimized for Web and Mobile Delivery Pin
andrew.kinetic27-Jul-14 23:49
memberandrew.kinetic27-Jul-14 23:49 
NewsNew JAVA to .NET Bridge is Rapidly Gaining Interest - Using .NET in JAVA Made Possible Pin
javOnet25-Jul-14 6:28
groupjavOnet25-Jul-14 6:28 
NewsCreate/Edit Worksheet Scenarios & Enhanced Spreadsheets to HTML in Android Pin
sherazam24-Jul-14 22:16
membersherazam24-Jul-14 22:16 
GeneralDevart releases dbForge Studio for MySQL, v6.2 with Sphinx Search Engine support Pin
Devart24-Jul-14 2:30
memberDevart24-Jul-14 2:30 

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