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NewsRetains Project Views While Rendering Data to PDF, PNG & Other Formats Pin
sherazam8-Sep-14 19:00
membersherazam8-Sep-14 19:00 
NewsExtract/Replace Text in PDF File & PDF Pages to JPEG Conversion in Android Pin
sherazam7-Sep-14 18:09
membersherazam7-Sep-14 18:09 
NewsCustom PST Searching & Embedding Messages as Outlook Attachments in .NET Apps Pin
sherazam4-Sep-14 21:21
membersherazam4-Sep-14 21:21 
NewsAdd Vertical Text to HTML, EPUB & Improved 3D Rendering Algorithms in Android Pin
sherazam3-Sep-14 21:47
membersherazam3-Sep-14 21:47 
NewsAspose.Newsletter September 2014: Process Excel Files in Java Apps & More Pin
sherazam1-Sep-14 21:52
membersherazam1-Sep-14 21:52 
NewsMultithreading Environment Support & AutoFit Excel Rows/Columns in Android Apps Pin
sherazam31-Aug-14 20:32
membersherazam31-Aug-14 20:32 
NewsVisio Drawings Export to PDF & Glue Shapes in a Container Using Java Pin
sherazam28-Aug-14 20:51
membersherazam28-Aug-14 20:51 
NewsExtended Support for Multi-Threading Environment & Enhanced Excel to PDF Pin
sherazam27-Aug-14 20:59
membersherazam27-Aug-14 20:59 

What’s new in this release?

We are pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.Cells for .NET 8.2.0. It also includes over 40 fixes and other enhancements. Aspose.Cells for .NET API is equally useful in multi-threading environment as well as in a single threaded execution plan. However, with recent changes to the core makes the API more reliable to read cell values in multiple threads simultaneously. Aspose.Cells for .NET has exposed the MultiThreadReading property for the Cells class in order to make sure that the correct cell values are always returned when API has to work in a multi-threading environment. For better elaboration, have a look at the detailed article on Simultaneously Reading Cell Values with Multiple Threads. Now you may also use new overloads (we have included in the new release) i.e., AutoFitRows(int startRow, int endRow, AutoFitterOptions options)/AutoFitColumns(int firstColumn, int lastColumn, AutoFitterOptions options) from the list(s) if you need to auto-fit your selected rows/columns with your desired AutoFitterOptions on accordingly. In the new version, we have fixed a few exceptions that occurred while opening Microsoft Excel files. We have fixed the Out of Memory exception while converting and Excel file to PDF file format. We have also improved the performance while manipulating large Excel files. In this release, several important issues have been addressed. For example, issues around reading/ writing MS Excel files (XLS, XLSX, XLSM, ODS etc.), copying worksheets, manipulating style and formatting in the cells and shapes, rendering and manipulating pivot tables, manipulating shapes and other drawing objects, rendering images from Excel worksheets, manipulating charts, rendering images files from charts, Page Setup options and exporting Excel workbooks to PDF format have been resolved. We have also fixed a few issues regarding Aspose.Cells formula calculation engine. We have also fixed a few issues in the web based Grid control provided by Aspose.Cells for .NET. This release includes few enhanced features and plenty of bug fixes as listed below

  • An Overload of AutoFitRows Required
  • The data validator list does not return expected values
  • Unsupported excel 2013 function - Days
  • Aspose.Cells hangs on Workbook.Save() method
  • Large Excel file is corrupted when more than 45,000 rows are added
  • Vertical Text in the spreadsheet is missing in the resultant PDF is fixed
  • Text is now aligned inside the shape when XLS is rendered to PDF
  • Rendered image is now clear in the output PDF
  • Arrow objects are now positioned correctly in the output PDF
  • Deleting rows and refreshing the pivot table crashes the output file is fixed
  • Issue with Multi-thread reading values of cells in the worksheet are resolved
  • Problem  is resolved with Styled footer when spreadsheet is rendered as PDF
  • The number of pages saved by Aspose.Cells PDF is 3.
  • Tiff image spanning 4 pages instead of 2
  • Shape overlapping the text in the resultant PDF is fixed
  • Check Boxes are now aligned properly in the resultant PDF
  • Image Quality decrement is fixed while saving spreadsheets to PDF
  • Character e in graphic is now filled with black color
  • #REF! error is resolved in Chart data source reference
  • Chart issue is resolved on resaving ODS file
  • Shape has shifted in the resultant PDF
  • Change in Arrow direction in the resultant PDF is fixed
  • The resulted PDF has a trimmed shape with a part of the cross not shown
  • Bubble chart image doesn't created properly (Chart to Image) is fixed
  • Saving an Excel XLSM file creates unreadable content error
  • Leader lines are hidden when re-saving the template XLSX file is fixed
  • End cell position changes from E9 to F9 is now fixed
  • Aspose.Cells removed the Time Period Filters is fixed
  • DeleteRange issue is resolved with Hyperlinks collection
  • Built-in and Custom Document Properites are lost
  • Name.GetRange is returning null instead of actual range
  • Incorrect value calculation is fixed for COUNTIF formula while rendering to PDF
  • Values are now properly calculated correctly by Workbook.CalculateFormula
  • Worksheet.Copy now preserve the Chart correctly
  • Incorrect values when reading line chart from workbook
  • VLOOKUP function is evaluated as 0 as opposed to MS Excel
  • XML Mappings lost when re-saving an Excel file
  • Font of the Comment changes on resaving the ODS file
  • Chart's Series Formula Changes
  • Chart Labels have changed the position/arrangement

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Cells for .NET documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Cells for performing different tasks like the followings.

Overview: Aspose.Cells for .NET

Aspose.Cells is a .NET component for spreadsheet reporting without using Microsoft Excel. It supports robust formula calculation engine, pivot tables, VBA, workbook encryption, named ranges, spreadsheet formatting, drawing objects like images, OLE objects and importing or creating charts. You can also create Excel file using designer spreadsheet, smart marker or API and apply formulae and functions. It supports CSV, SpreadsheetML, PDF and all file formats from Excel 97 to Excel 2007.

More about Aspose.Cells for .NET

Contact Information

Aspose Pty Ltd,

Suite 163, 79 Longueville Road

Lane Cove, NSW, 2066


Aspose - Your File Format Experts

Phone: 888.277.6734

Fax: 866.810.9465

NewsWSO2 CTO to Present Session on Securing IoT Devices at Internet of Things Conference 2014 Pin
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memberMember 979567327-Aug-14 10:23 
NewsAdd HTML Tags/Contents to PDF & Remove Extended Rights from PDF Document Pin
sherazam25-Aug-14 21:57
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NewsAdd, Update Group Shapes on Slides, Better SmartArt & Chart Rendering in Java Pin
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GeneralMeet new versions of dbForge Plugins for Visual Studio Pin
Devart21-Aug-14 4:27
memberDevart21-Aug-14 4:27 
NewsImport Bitmap Image as Visio Shape & Add Master to Diagram from Source Diagram Pin
sherazam20-Aug-14 23:36
membersherazam20-Aug-14 23:36 
GeneralWSO2 to Present Chennai Workshop on Optimizing Application Development With the WSO2 Carbon Enterprise Middleware Platform Pin
Member 979567320-Aug-14 12:15
memberMember 979567320-Aug-14 12:15 
NewsWSO2 Workshops in Mumbai and Bangalore Will Explore IT Best Practices Around the API, Integration and SOA Convergence Pin
Member 979567319-Aug-14 14:13
memberMember 979567319-Aug-14 14:13 
NewsClone Shapes, View Error Bars in Charts & Set Predefined Presentation View using .NET Pin
sherazam18-Aug-14 21:49
membersherazam18-Aug-14 21:49 
NewsRender images in CMYK Color Space in PDF, Vertical Text Support in HTML & EPUB Pin
sherazam18-Aug-14 1:34
membersherazam18-Aug-14 1:34 
NewsFont Substitution Mechanism & Excel to PDF Conv. are Enhanced in Android Apps Pin
sherazam15-Aug-14 6:32
membersherazam15-Aug-14 6:32 
NewsWSO2 VP of Solutions Architecture to Speak at Gartner Catalyst Conference 2014 Pin
Member 979567312-Aug-14 8:43
memberMember 979567312-Aug-14 8:43 
NewsProject Data Rendering Enhancements & Better Project Data Export to HTML Pin
sherazam11-Aug-14 23:14
membersherazam11-Aug-14 23:14 
GeneralEntityDAC - new ORM for Delphi is released Pin
Devart11-Aug-14 3:13
memberDevart11-Aug-14 3:13 
NewsAdd Attachments to Outlook Journal Items & Save Outlook Journal as MSG Pin
sherazam10-Aug-14 22:09
membersherazam10-Aug-14 22:09 
NewsConvert PDF to Excel & PDF/ A_3B, Improved PDF Size Optimization in Java Apps Pin
sherazam8-Aug-14 7:02
membersherazam8-Aug-14 7:02 

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