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NewsMixed LTR/RTL Text Handling & DrawingML Textboxes Rendering in Word Docs Pin
sherazam16-Nov-14 19:51
membersherazam16-Nov-14 19:51 
NewsPDF to EPUB & Improved PDF to SVG, HTML, DOC & Image Formats Conversions Pin
sherazam14-Nov-14 4:43
membersherazam14-Nov-14 4:43 
NewsComponentOne Studio Enterprise Release Delivers Controls for Flexible & Modern .NET Development Pin
ComponentOne-PA13-Nov-14 9:17
memberComponentOne-PA13-Nov-14 9:17 
GeneralDevart Updates Tools for Microsoft SQL Server Pin
Devart13-Nov-14 4:21
memberDevart13-Nov-14 4:21 
NewsCase-sensitive Email Filtering & Moving Emails Messages on Exchange Server Pin
sherazam12-Nov-14 22:35
membersherazam12-Nov-14 22:35 
GeneralExport PowerPoint to XPS starts to be supported in Spire.Presentation for .NET Pin
CalebWell12-Nov-14 21:54
memberCalebWell12-Nov-14 21:54 
NewsWSO2 VP of Platform Evangelism Will Present Tutorial on Building a Standardized Application Stack Environment at SUSECon 2014 Pin
Member 979567312-Nov-14 7:53
memberMember 979567312-Nov-14 7:53 
GeneralThe Largest Commercial Open Source Company in South East Asia Partners with Jelastic Pin
SoftPressRelease12-Nov-14 0:19
memberSoftPressRelease12-Nov-14 0:19 
Skali Group creates a revolutionary new cloud service by partnering with leading multi-language cloud provider Jelastic.

Jelastic, Inc., the first company that combined Unlimited PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) in one solution, today announced their partnership with Skali Group, an enterprise web specialist and the largest commercial open source company in South East Asia. The newly launched SkaliCloud+ solution, powered by Jelastic, offers high cost savings of up to 70 percent, thus allowing customers to focus their financial resources on a more efficient cloud solution, without having to compromise on their IT needs.

SkaliCloud+, developed by SKALI and Jelastic, is a flexible, customizable, and ready to use solution using proven world-class technologies that are tailored to the customers’ changing needs.

“Being the first Public Cloud provider in the region and with more than 17 years of experience in project deliveries, SKALI has reaped the benefits of understanding the customers better,” said Tengku Farith Rithauddeen, Group CEO of SKALI.

He added, “Customers would normally want their IT solutions fast as the market would not wait for them, and at the same time they also need to save costs so that the money can be used for other equally important matters such as enhancing their sales team or put up a new manufacturing line. Thus, we have come out with a turnkey IT solution that is immediately ready, can be customized and is flexible according to clients’ request, and more importantly, offering them an amazing 70 per cent cost saving by doing away with the initial investments for infrastructures, software and hardware.”

Unlike the other cloud providers which offer computing power on hardware, SkaliCloud+ offers utility only charges, resulting in offering savings not only on computing power, but also on hardware, infrastructure and software.

“Clients would only pay as they go for their usage without having any fixed charges. Known as PAYU (Pay As You Use), this model enables customers to enjoy the full-fledged benefits of Cloud set-up with zero capital expenditure,” said Ruslan Synytsky, CEO of Jelastic.

A report released by Gartner Inc. in early April this year had indicated that Malaysia’s total information technology (IT) spending is forecasted to grow by 7.4 per cent to hit RM68 billion this year as more companies are expected to return to IT spending to support business growth.

However, there is also a greater substitution towards lower cost and more basic devices than we have seen in prior years, the report said.

Amongst the reputable clients that are currently utilizing the benefits of SKALI’s Cloud Computing are those in the education industries, oil and gas, GLCs, multinational companies, government agencies and many others.

Jelastic provides the only all-inclusive private cloud solution that integrates PaaS and IaaS, and is specifically built for enterprises. Easily configured and managed, Jelastic provides a turnkey private cloud that works for innovative and legacy applications, without coding to proprietary APIs.



SKALI is an enterprise web specialist and the largest commercial open source company in South East Asia with success stories in many Private Enterprise, SMEs and Government IT projects. Since operations started in 1997, SKALI has been pushing the boundaries on innovative solutions and professional services concentrating on the area of e-Business, e-Government ICT Infrastructure, Solutions and Services. SKALI is a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status company and is acknowledged as one of the most trusted brands in the country. Skali has a growing footprint in ASEAN and Middle Eastern Countries.

About Jelastic

Jelastic, Inc. provides enterprise software that re-defines the economics of cloud deployment and management. Jelastic is the first company to deliver a Platform-as-Infrastructure solution, combining the ease of use (developer’s productivity) of PaaS and the flexibility (agility) of IaaS within a single platform, for a fraction of the cost of existing virtualized environments. Jelastic is a venture-backed enterprise software company that enables enterprises, OEMs, integrators and hosting service providers to unleash the full potential of the cloud to generate superior ROI and efficiencies. For more information or to start a free, two-week trial, visit us at
GeneralBAMBOOAPPS to Attend Apps World Developer Conference & Exhibition in London Pin
SoftPressRelease10-Nov-14 23:44
memberSoftPressRelease10-Nov-14 23:44 
NewsPlotting Visio Drawings within Scale, Enhanced Visio Files Export to PDF & HTML Pin
sherazam10-Nov-14 17:46
membersherazam10-Nov-14 17:46 
GeneralDevart Introduces dbForge Studio for SQL Server 4.0 with T-SQL Code Analyzer Pin
Devart10-Nov-14 3:25
memberDevart10-Nov-14 3:25 
NewsWBS Code Definitions Reading/Writing & Improved Project Data Rendering Pin
sherazam9-Nov-14 17:10
membersherazam9-Nov-14 17:10 
GeneralPostSharp 4 Announces a Thread-Safe Extension to C# and VB Pin
SoftPressRelease6-Nov-14 14:34
memberSoftPressRelease6-Nov-14 14:34 
NewsConvert PDF to PDF/A-2A & Internal Link Creation to Already Attached Files Pin
sherazam5-Nov-14 21:19
membersherazam5-Nov-14 21:19 
NewsAspose.Newsletter November 2014: PowerPoint Presentations Conversion & More Pin
sherazam4-Nov-14 18:11
membersherazam4-Nov-14 18:11 
NewsPreview of DocuVieware, the Best HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS3-Nov-14 2:47
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS3-Nov-14 2:47 
NewsStimulsoft Reports Becomes Faster and More Intuitive Pin
SoftPressRelease2-Nov-14 4:31
memberSoftPressRelease2-Nov-14 4:31 
GeneralRapidSpell spell checking for ASP.NET web applications Pin
Keyoti31-Oct-14 3:46
groupKeyoti31-Oct-14 3:46 
NewsRemoval of ICE_JNIRegistry.dll Dependency & Improved VSDX to PDF Export Pin
sherazam30-Oct-14 23:18
membersherazam30-Oct-14 23:18 
GeneralImprove Control over Code Review with Review Assistant by Devart Pin
Devart30-Oct-14 22:07
memberDevart30-Oct-14 22:07 
NewsGet/Set Excel Version Identification & Better Excel to PDF Conversion Process Pin
sherazam29-Oct-14 17:49
membersherazam29-Oct-14 17:49 
GeneralJelastic Version 2.5 Released: Automatic Horizontal Scaling, Multiple Nodes of Different Middleware Layers, Improved and Extended Marketplace Pin
SoftPressRelease29-Oct-14 1:03
memberSoftPressRelease29-Oct-14 1:03 
NewsDetect Text Blocks on Image & Keep Track of all The Recognized Blocks Pin
sherazam27-Oct-14 19:06
membersherazam27-Oct-14 19:06 
NewsWSO2 Adopts Eclipse Che Platform for Developer Environments, Joins Eclipse Foundation to Contribute Technology to Eclipse Che Pin
Member 979567327-Oct-14 9:40
memberMember 979567327-Oct-14 9:40 
NewsNew Reporting Engine, DrawingML Enhancements & Data-Binding for Image SDTs Pin
sherazam26-Oct-14 21:24
membersherazam26-Oct-14 21:24 

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