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Collaboration / Beta Testing

QuestionKickstarter campaign - opensource projects to be backed / contributed? Pin
Lothar Behrens14-May-15 20:31
professionalLothar Behrens14-May-15 20:31 
GeneraliCPVanity for real Pin
Serge Desmedt5-May-15 7:37
professionalSerge Desmedt5-May-15 7:37 
QuestionNeed assistance in running decompression Nakamichi vs LZ4 showdown Pin
Sanmayce10-Mar-15 23:49
memberSanmayce10-Mar-15 23:49 
QuestionLooking for testers for automated Linux server install and config. Pin
UnoDan21-Jan-15 21:47
memberUnoDan21-Jan-15 21:47 
NewsOpen source could note project with Golang, Javascript - Leanote Pin
Leanote1-Jan-15 3:29
groupLeanote1-Jan-15 3:29 
QuestionHow to test The performance Of a Vb.Net Pc Cleaner Software? Pin
rituz9-Dec-14 1:08
memberrituz9-Dec-14 1:08 
QuestionAnyone is interested in remote game development? Pin
Member 112856837-Dec-14 15:11
memberMember 112856837-Dec-14 15:11 
AnswerRe: Anyone is interested in remote game development? Pin
jschell12-Dec-14 12:42
memberjschell12-Dec-14 12:42 
Member 11285683 wrote:
The story is inspired by the movie - Interstellar

Make sure that is all it is is "inspired" and never mention it again in connection with your product - unless you want to find out all about the media legal system.

Member 11285683 wrote:
We can work out some doable procedure to make sure it's a healthy remote working relationship.

You should start by at least attempting to do a story board about what the game will do.
And you should at least consider how you will make money from it (presumably that is your goal.) And how you and your partner will share this.
After the story board rough out an architecture and decide, in terms of that, what your weaknesses are. That will allow you to decide what sort of partner you need.

I would suggest that you also get in writing who owns the work that the partner does. And what expectations, in writing, are for both of you in terms of actually working on it. Quite a bit of difference between someone who spends 80 hours of week producing quality code and someone who spends 1 hour a week and produces nothing useable but then claims 50% ownership.
GeneralCommunity Project Pin
ItsElio5-Dec-14 8:17
memberItsElio5-Dec-14 8:17 
QuestionThesis Research Help! Need Participants for Google Glass App Design Card Sorting Pin
Josh Siemanowicz1-Dec-14 5:50
memberJosh Siemanowicz1-Dec-14 5:50 
QuestionI'm developing a new programming language but it needs something and what tips would you guys like to see added? Pin
Myvar16-Oct-14 20:07
memberMyvar16-Oct-14 20:07 
QuestionAny C/C++ programmers want to try a new dependencies manager?? Pin
biicode2-Sep-14 1:33
professionalbiicode2-Sep-14 1:33 
QuestionNeed to test and advice me about my Accounting Software Pin
wedagedara15-Aug-14 23:31
memberwedagedara15-Aug-14 23:31 
QuestionCollaborative downloading application Pin
Member 109362359-Jul-14 16:20
memberMember 109362359-Jul-14 16:20 
QuestionTest a c# kinect game Pin
Member 1080779612-May-14 9:31
memberMember 1080779612-May-14 9:31 
QuestionNeed help to run AVX2 console benchmark Pin
Sanmayce27-Apr-14 7:47
memberSanmayce27-Apr-14 7:47 
NewsPi Day and Swapnajit's Pi Webservice Pin
mittra15-Mar-14 19:29
membermittra15-Mar-14 19:29 
GeneralBraille Alphabet Generation through images Pin
mittra14-Feb-14 9:29
membermittra14-Feb-14 9:29 
QuestionWindows 8/8.1 App Testing Pin
Casey Sheridan18-Jan-14 4:56
professionalCasey Sheridan18-Jan-14 4:56 
QuestionWPF Mentor to help with projects Pin
Ron Beyer15-Jan-14 16:12
professionalRon Beyer15-Jan-14 16:12 
QuestionBeta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey10-Jan-14 8:39
professionalMike Hankey10-Jan-14 8:39 
AnswerRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Marco Bertschi12-Jan-14 22:24
protectorMarco Bertschi12-Jan-14 22:24 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey13-Jan-14 6:10
professionalMike Hankey13-Jan-14 6:10 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey21-Jan-14 15:55
professionalMike Hankey21-Jan-14 15:55 
GeneralRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Marco Bertschi22-Jan-14 1:48
protectorMarco Bertschi22-Jan-14 1:48 

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