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AnswerRe: How to search large database without SQL or alike. Just asking. Pin
jschell15-Jul-15 11:36
memberjschell15-Jul-15 11:36 
QuestionAssembly in C Emu8086 branch table Pin
a random user11-Jul-15 3:46
membera random user11-Jul-15 3:46 
AnswerRe: Assembly in C Emu8086 branch table Pin
Daniel Pfeffer11-Jul-15 10:12
professionalDaniel Pfeffer11-Jul-15 10:12 
QuestionMFC dialog based application Pin
Member 1182280710-Jul-15 3:37
memberMember 1182280710-Jul-15 3:37 
QuestionRe: MFC dialog based application Pin
David Crow10-Jul-15 3:59
memberDavid Crow10-Jul-15 3:59 
AnswerRe: MFC dialog based application Pin
Richard MacCutchan10-Jul-15 5:15
protectorRichard MacCutchan10-Jul-15 5:15 
QuestionHow do I add Thread in Dll Pin
AmbiguousName9-Jul-15 23:12
memberAmbiguousName9-Jul-15 23:12 
QuestionEstimate time of execution c-function execution Pin
CodingStyle7-Jul-15 6:08
memberCodingStyle7-Jul-15 6:08 
Hello all!
I need help. I need to estimate function execution time in under Linux OS. I guess that it's right way to estimate code/algorithm performance.

I'm trying, something like this:
#include <time.h>
#include <sys/time.h>
#include <stdio.h>
void test(){
	int i;int s=0;

	for(i=1; i<1000000; i++){s+=sin(i)/i;}
float timedifference_msec(struct timeval t0, struct timeval t1)
    return (t1.tv_sec - t0.tv_sec) * 1000.0f + (t1.tv_usec - t0.tv_usec) / 1000.0f;

int main(void)
	struct timeval t0;
	struct timeval t1;
	float elapsed;
	gettimeofday(&t0, 0);
	gettimeofday(&t1, 0);
	elapsed = timedifference_msec(t0, t1);
	printf("Code executed in %f milliseconds.\n", elapsed);
	return 0;

. But It's wall clock, I'm not sure that I can estimate performance by this way, besides, I need approach which will allow to measure time of each function which I choose. I've heard that there is approach to use CPU-time.
AnswerRe: Estimate time of execution c-function execution Pin
Richard MacCutchan7-Jul-15 7:31
protectorRichard MacCutchan7-Jul-15 7:31 
AnswerRe: Estimate time of execution c-function execution Pin
Jochen Arndt7-Jul-15 7:35
mveJochen Arndt7-Jul-15 7:35 
AnswerRe: Estimate time of execution c-function execution Pin
Dr. Fry7-Jul-15 11:04
memberDr. Fry7-Jul-15 11:04 
AnswerRe: Estimate time of execution c-function execution Pin
CodingStyle8-Jul-15 1:02
memberCodingStyle8-Jul-15 1:02 
AnswerRe: Estimate time of execution c-function execution Pin
Arthur V. Ratz13-Aug-15 20:29
mvaArthur V. Ratz13-Aug-15 20:29 
Questionpreprocessor #include Pin
Vaclav_6-Jul-15 4:12
memberVaclav_6-Jul-15 4:12 
AnswerRe: preprocessor #include Pin
Chris Losinger6-Jul-15 4:30
professionalChris Losinger6-Jul-15 4:30 
GeneralRe: preprocessor #include Pin
Albert Holguin7-Jul-15 14:29
professionalAlbert Holguin7-Jul-15 14:29 
AnswerRe: preprocessor #include Pin
Jochen Arndt6-Jul-15 5:41
mveJochen Arndt6-Jul-15 5:41 
GeneralRe: preprocessor #include Pin
PIEBALDconsult6-Jul-15 5:43
protectorPIEBALDconsult6-Jul-15 5:43 
GeneralRe: preprocessor #include Pin
Vaclav_10-Jul-15 5:07
memberVaclav_10-Jul-15 5:07 
GeneralRe: preprocessor #include Pin
Richard MacCutchan10-Jul-15 5:22
protectorRichard MacCutchan10-Jul-15 5:22 
GeneralRe: preprocessor #include Pin
Vaclav_13-Jul-15 8:50
memberVaclav_13-Jul-15 8:50 
GeneralRe: preprocessor #include Pin
Richard MacCutchan13-Jul-15 23:05
protectorRichard MacCutchan13-Jul-15 23:05 
QuestionRe: preprocessor #include Pin
David Crow10-Jul-15 6:30
memberDavid Crow10-Jul-15 6:30 
AnswerRe: preprocessor #include Pin
Vaclav_13-Jul-15 8:34
memberVaclav_13-Jul-15 8:34 
GeneralRe: preprocessor #include Pin
David Crow13-Jul-15 11:53
memberDavid Crow13-Jul-15 11:53 

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