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GeneralCreate Test Data with Updated dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server Pin
Devart21-Sep-15 0:24
memberDevart21-Sep-15 0:24 
GeneralNew Devart Delphi Data Access Components with a Support for RAD Studio 10 Seattle Pin
Devart10-Sep-15 23:09
memberDevart10-Sep-15 23:09 
GeneralDevart Announced the First Release of dbForge Data Generator for MySQL Pin
Devart1-Sep-15 1:09
memberDevart1-Sep-15 1:09 
GeneralMeet the Brand-New Devart ODBC Driver fo SQL Azure v1.0 Pin
Devart31-Aug-15 5:38
memberDevart31-Aug-15 5:38 
GeneralSQL Server Source Control for Developers (Version 1.0.2) Pin
Steve Naidamast27-Aug-15 11:12
professionalSteve Naidamast27-Aug-15 11:12 
NewsStackify’s Error & Log Management Powers Proactive Application Monitoring And Fast Resolution For Australia-Based Fewzion Pin
Irit Gillath26-Aug-15 7:06
memberIrit Gillath26-Aug-15 7:06 
GeneralFreshBooks and Bigcommerce Support in Devart Excel Add-ins 1.2 Pin
Devart26-Aug-15 5:54
memberDevart26-Aug-15 5:54 
GeneralGrapeCity Xuni Elevates Native, Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Controls for the Enterprise Pin
ComponentOne-PA20-Aug-15 8:22
memberComponentOne-PA20-Aug-15 8:22 
Xuni Provides Native Experiences in Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Using the Same API Across Platforms

PITTSBURGH, PA –August 20, 2015 - GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem, today announced the second and latest Xuni release, offering users native experiences across all mobile platforms. In this release, GrapeCity has evolved the Xuni product line and grown its mobile audience reach by offering controls for creating enterprise-level applications in iOS and Android in addition to the Xamarin Platform.
“With three new products, two new controls, and a new website,, GrapeCity is uniquely positioned to give users a native experience across mobile platforms,” said Greg Lutz, product manager at GrapeCity. “Whether you need a chart for Android, a gauge for Xamarin.Forms, or a datagrid in iOS, our controls help you create enterprise-level apps for all devices using the same
API across your platforms.”

Of the three new products, Xuni iOS is GrapeCity’s collection that includes iOS controls for use in native developer tools like Xcode and written with Objective-C or Swift. With out-of-the-box, time-saving animations and features, developers can incorporate the charts, grids, and gauges in Xuni iOS to add eye-catching visualizations to their application. Xuni iOS controls easily integrate into universal iOS 8 apps as well as iOS 7.1.
For Java developers working with native developer tools like Android Studio and Eclipse, Xuni Android offers the same fully-customizable charts, gauges, and grids and material design-based UI controls within the Android IDE of their choice. “No matter what your data needs are, Xuni Android controls can flex to fit them,” said Lutz. “Make our fully-customizable charts and gauges your own, and give your Android apps exceptional functionality with a native look and feel.”

Xuni Enterprise bundles all the Xuni Android, Xuni iOS, and Xamarin Platform controls into the complete collection of controls for cross-platform native mobile development. The latest release expands support for the Xamarin Platform as well. In addition to Xamarin.Forms, C# developers can now use Xuni controls in their Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android applications to build native mobile apps using the tools and language they’re familiar with.

For many years, GrapeCity’s ComponentOne FlexGrid control has been the datagrid to which .NET developers compare all others. With this Xuni release, GrapeCity is now offering a FlexGrid control for native apps. “Xuni FlexGrid, available in all platforms, brings a spreadsheet-like experience to your mobile apps, with intuitive touch gestures, quick-cell editing, sorting, filtering, and fully customizable cells,” said Lutz.
The second new control in the Xuni release is CollectionView, a powerful data binding component. Xuni CollectionView provides currency, filtering, grouping, and sorting services for data collections and can be used with the new FlexGrid control.
“What makes Xuni unique and powerful is that it is one control set that is designed to deliver a universal experience across all mobile platforms,” said Lutz. “Our controls are helping to bridge the gap between iOS and Android so developers can more efficiently reach more users, and with Xamarin support the idea of developing once with a single control suite has become a reality.”

Xuni is available now and can be downloaded directly from The company offers a no-charge, 30-day trial of GrapeCity Xuni Enterprise, Xuni iOS and Xuni Android, which may be downloaded at Online visitors may also access tutorials, forums, documentation, and videos as part of the Xuni experience.

Blog Post: Xuni 2015 v2 What’s New
Webcast Registration
Introducing Xuni iOS
Introducing Xuni Android

About GrapeCity
Founded in 1980, GrapeCity is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a premier Visual Studio Industry Partner, and one of the world's largest providers of developer components. The company has more than 850 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. For close to 30 years, GrapeCity has provided enterprises around the world with state-of-the-art developer tools and components, software services, and solutions. For more company information, visit the ComponentOne division website:
For updates and additional information, “follow” us on Twitter: @goxuni and be sure to “like” us on Facebook!

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners

NewsAdaptris Selects javOnet for Java to .NET Integration Task Pin
javOnet17-Aug-15 7:55
groupjavOnet17-Aug-15 7:55 
GeneralNew dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server v3.5 with Valid Checksum Support Pin
Devart13-Aug-15 3:35
memberDevart13-Aug-15 3:35 
GeneralLEAD Technologies Releases Media Streaming Server SDK Pin
LEADTOOLS Support12-Aug-15 19:39
groupLEADTOOLS Support12-Aug-15 19:39 
GeneralGrapeCity Launches New Version of ComponentOne Studio with Web API and Visual Studio 2015 Support Pin
ComponentOne-PA10-Aug-15 4:37
memberComponentOne-PA10-Aug-15 4:37 
GeneralDevart Released dbForge SQL Complete 5.0 Pin
Devart5-Aug-15 21:34
memberDevart5-Aug-15 21:34 
GeneralVisual Studio 2015 Support in Devart .NET Connectivity Solutions and Developer Tools Pin
Devart3-Aug-15 0:29
memberDevart3-Aug-15 0:29 
GeneralGrapeCity Launches New Version of ComponentOne Studio with Web API and Visual Studio 2015 Support Pin
ComponentOne-PA17-Jul-15 4:37
memberComponentOne-PA17-Jul-15 4:37 
GeneralLEADTOOLS Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) SDK Becomes the Go-to Solution for Check Recognition Pin
LEADTOOLS Support15-Jul-15 5:48
groupLEADTOOLS Support15-Jul-15 5:48 
GeneralKeyoti release update to their Windows Forms spell checking control Pin
Keyoti14-Jul-15 8:24
groupKeyoti14-Jul-15 8:24 
GeneralDevart Released dbForge Data Generator for SQL 3.0 with More Than 90 New Realistic Data Generators Pin
Devart14-Jul-15 2:41
memberDevart14-Jul-15 2:41 
GeneralLEAD Celebrates Twenty-five Years of Imaging Excellence Pin
LEADTOOLS Support13-Jul-15 5:00
groupLEADTOOLS Support13-Jul-15 5:00 
GeneralLEAD Celebrates Twenty-five Years of Imaging Excellence Pin
LEADTOOLS Support13-Jul-15 5:00
groupLEADTOOLS Support13-Jul-15 5:00 
NewsThinkGeo Releases Map Suite 9.0 with Aerial Imagery for the Map Suite World Map Kit Online, Xamarin.Forms in the Map Suite iOS and Android Editions, and Other New Features Pin
ThinkGeo - Code Project8-Jul-15 9:28
memberThinkGeo - Code Project8-Jul-15 9:28 
NewsCarbonite Selects Stackify for Application Performance Management Pin
Irit Gillath7-Jul-15 8:16
memberIrit Gillath7-Jul-15 8:16 
GeneralNew Devart Excel Add-ins 1.1 with QuickBooks and MailChimp Support Pin
Devart26-Jun-15 1:17
memberDevart26-Jun-15 1:17 
NewsGdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK V11.2 and DocuVieware New Medium Releases Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS25-Jun-15 23:35
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS25-Jun-15 23:35 
GeneralVintaSoft Barcode SDK for .NET, WPF, Silverlight and ASP.NET has been released in version 8.2 Pin
VintaSoft Ltd24-Jun-15 21:30
memberVintaSoft Ltd24-Jun-15 21:30 

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