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GeneralSearchUnit v6.1 - ASP.NET & MVC search engine for web applications Pin
Keyoti24-May-16 5:48
groupKeyoti24-May-16 5:48 
GeneraljWordConvert adds font embedding when converting Word to PDF in Java Pin
Leila - Qoppa21-Apr-16 7:47
memberLeila - Qoppa21-Apr-16 7:47 
NewsLEAD Technologies Advances LEADTOOLS Document, OCR and Medical SDK Technology for Windows and Linux Pin
LEADTOOLS Support20-Apr-16 6:18
groupLEADTOOLS Support20-Apr-16 6:18 
GeneralGenerate Test Data for Oracle Database with New Tool from Devart Pin
DevartSoftware31-Mar-16 2:06
memberDevartSoftware31-Mar-16 2:06 
GeneralGrapeCity Releases Ultimate 2016 v1 with Full Angular 2 Support and a New UWP Edition Pin
ET2138717-Mar-16 2:10
memberET2138717-Mar-16 2:10 
NewsMicrosoft Dynamics Uses Wijmo 5 by GrapeCity to Deliver Mobile User Interface Options Pin
et2139-Mar-16 3:52
memberet2139-Mar-16 3:52 
NewsView, Add, Remove & Modify Metadata Details of Documents & Image Files within .NET Apps Pin
Member 121188282-Mar-16 22:25
memberMember 121188282-Mar-16 22:25 
NewsGdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK V12 and DocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit V2 New Releases Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS23-Feb-16 22:37
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS23-Feb-16 22:37 
ORPALIS is pleased to announce two simultaneous releases: the new major versions of GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK (version 12) and DocuVieware (version 2), the HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit.

The core of the SDK has been improved in terms of speed and accuracy and numerous new features have been added to both products. GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware cover .NET WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET and COM/ActiveX User Controls, making ORPALIS the editor of the most complete imaging toolkit of the market.

The full change log is available on the GdPicture forum in the “announcements” section (GdPicture Imaging Forums • Announcements[^]).

GdPicture.NET version 12

- New feature: Office Open XML Word Processing Document

Integrators of GdPicture.NET can display a preview of DOCX files within their applications. The writing of Office Open XML Word Processing Document is possible by the mean of the Open XML SDK distributed within GdPicture.NET.

- Image processing

Convolution filters
Convolution filters based on convolution matrix are now available to apply a number of effects on the images: blurring, sharpening, edge detection, embossing, and more.

New document image binarization
This new feature is an optimized version of the well-known “Bradley adaptive thresholding” algorithm. It improves the quality of the black and white picture submitted to the engines, OCR or barcode, boosting the accuracy of the recognition.

Support for 8-bit reversed grayscale palette JPEG and JPEG 2000 has been added.

- Document imaging

Advanced document utilities
Fast identification of the document format and preview (including thumbnails and counting the number of pages) are now offered. It is also possible to use specific fonts and new features like dispose image, empty cache and force garbage collection are available to optimize memory usage.

Blank page detection
The accuracy of this functionality has been enhanced.


PDF Layers
GdPicture.NET 12 now supports PDF Layers (Optional Content Groups). This includes reading, writing and browsing the layers.

PDF support
Overall performance: version 12 is now 57% faster for reading, 12% faster for rendering and faster for generating a PDF than version 11.
Shading: PDF rendering has been extended to all types of shading.
Annotation links: it is now possible to link to a page within a PDF and not a website only.

PDF OCR and True Type fonts
Searchable PDFs are now making use of True Type fonts, fixing some issues that may happen with Microsoft SharePoint and other popular ECM systems.

- General

GdPicture.NET is now distributed with a .NET Framework 4.6 version.
The internal cache system of GdPicture.NET has been redesigned to improve the performances of the application when handling fonts. This new cache for system fonts dramatically reduces memory usage, reduces garbage collection time and speeds up the opening of new documents.

- Barcoding

The GdPicture.NET barcode reading engines (1D and 2D) are now 20% faster and more accurate with color images.


The OCR engine is now based on the latest version of Tesseract. The accuracy of the page orientation detection technology has been improved without affecting its speed.

- Annotations

GdPicture.NET now offers the possibility to create square box custom annotations.

- Formats

Various improvements are now available:
- better speed of JPEG for recent Windows Server systems and 64-bit systems
- improved DICOM parser
- improved RAW support
- better speed for decoding RAW images
- extraction of the XML from RAW images
- support for a wider set of cameras.

GdPicture.NET 12 can be downloaded on the GdPicture website at Upgrade prices are available.

DocuVieware version 2

DocuVieware is a fully-customizable, fully-featured and universal HTML5 viewer and document management kit ( Its purpose is to view, annotate and easily manage any document, on any device and any browser. It supports more nearly 100 file formats, including PDF, TIFF and SVG.

DocuVieware is compatible with ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC. As a HTML5/AJAX control, it is cross-platform and works on any browser. Actions made on the document in server-side are updated in real-time on the client-side.

DocuVieware version 2 offers numerous enhancements to provide a faster display and a lower memory usage. The performances for latest Microsoft Windows Server operating system and the client side code (JavaScript) have been improved; DocuVieware 2 allows the same server hardware to support more concurrent users than DocuVieware 1. All improvements made in GdPicture.NET 12 affect this new version of DocuVieware.

The new features available in DocuVieware version 2 are:

Twain acquisition

Via a custom user interface, users are able to create new documents or add pages to existing documents by the mean of TWAIN acquisition for all widely used web browsers on any Windows operating systems starting with Windows Vista.

Form Fields

DocuVieware 2 introduces the support for PDF Form Fields. The fields are displayed, the user can fill the fields and the content of the fields can be save to the PDF. Finally, the server side application can read and write the content of the fields.

Event Page Transfer Ready

On the server side, it is now possible to customize the image that will be displayed to the user without affecting the actual document.

Custom Snap-In

With a custom snap-in it is possible to perfectly fit the user interface to the purpose of the application, dramatically improving the user experience. Business applications may benefit this possibility to improve the application efficiency by proposing to the user a snap-in adapted to the business process.

Page reordering

The user can reorder the pages of a document by a simple drag and drop.

Print options

By default the print option is set to “all pages”. When a page is selected, the print option is set to “current page”.

Several demos available at illustrate the new features and functionalities on the DocuVieware website. Upgrade prices are available.


ORPALIS is specialized in automating large-scale document-based processes and document imaging. ORPALIS is creator, developer and owner of the comprehensive document imaging toolkit series released under the brand "GdPicture", which is now a worldwide known and respected leader in imaging technologies. More than 12,000 developers based in over 70 countries have included GdPicture components in their applications. In 2011 ORPALIS releases PaperScan, marking the beginning of a new line of products meant for end-users. PDF Reducer is launched in 2013. In 2015 a most powerful universal HTML5 viewer and document management kit called DocuVieware is made available to the public. The same year a software tool for converting documents into PDF/OCR, the ORPALIS PDF OCR, is launched. / /

Contact information

Quick Contact Form - GdPicture.NET GdPicture.NET
GeneralDevart Excel Add-ins 1.5 with New Data Sources and Microsoft Office 2016 Support Pin
DevartSoftware12-Feb-16 1:26
memberDevartSoftware12-Feb-16 1:26 
NewsSpecFlow Version 2 and SpecFlow+ Runner 1.3 Released Pin
Stephen McCafferty2-Feb-16 3:30
memberStephen McCafferty2-Feb-16 3:30 
NewsTrack Your Work Time with TMetric from Devart Pin
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GeneralIncrediBuild’s New Version Natively Integrated into Visual Studio 2015 Pin
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memberMember 113606053-Dec-15 5:38 
GeneralSpell checking for MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms Pin
Keyoti1-Dec-15 6:39
groupKeyoti1-Dec-15 6:39 
NewsLEAD Technologies Releases Major Updates to LEADTOOLS Document and Medical SDKs Pin
LEADTOOLS Support19-Nov-15 5:02
groupLEADTOOLS Support19-Nov-15 5:02 
GeneralPubNub Announces BLOCKS to Simplify Realtime App Development Pin
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GeneralProgrammers Meet Up With Marketers on New Website Pin
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GeneralSecureBridge 6.6 Supports RAD Studio 10 Seattle Pin
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GeneralLeading Global Provider of Transportation Routing Software Uses MadCap Flare to Streamline Delivery of Award-Winning, Contemporary Online Help and Print Documentation Pin
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GeneralSemaphon SP-400 Project now on Kickstarter Pin
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professionalDrABELL8-Oct-15 3:54 
GeneralDBI Technologies Releases Enhanced Data Visualization Controls - Studio Controls .NET v1.5 Pin
DBI Technologies Inc2-Oct-15 7:17
memberDBI Technologies Inc2-Oct-15 7:17 
GeneralCreate Test Data with Updated dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server Pin
Devart21-Sep-15 0:24
memberDevart21-Sep-15 0:24 
GeneralNew Devart Delphi Data Access Components with a Support for RAD Studio 10 Seattle Pin
Devart10-Sep-15 23:09
memberDevart10-Sep-15 23:09 

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