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AnswerRe: code Pin
Patrice T17-Feb-17 13:47
mvePatrice T17-Feb-17 13:47 
QuestionSending raw data to a chinese POS58 thermal printer Pin
sdancer757-Jun-16 8:42
Membersdancer757-Jun-16 8:42 
AnswerRe: Sending raw data to a chinese POS58 thermal printer Pin
Richard MacCutchan7-Jun-16 8:59
mveRichard MacCutchan7-Jun-16 8:59 
QuestionDatabase Migration in C++ and Oracle Pin
Donguy197611-May-16 11:30
MemberDonguy197611-May-16 11:30 
AnswerRe: Database Migration in C++ and Oracle Pin
Richard MacCutchan11-May-16 20:29
mveRichard MacCutchan11-May-16 20:29 
QuestionLinking my first DLL Pin
bkelly1328-Feb-16 14:53
Memberbkelly1328-Feb-16 14:53 
AnswerRe: Linking my first DLL Pin
Richard MacCutchan28-Feb-16 21:35
mveRichard MacCutchan28-Feb-16 21:35 
GeneralRe: Linking my first DLL Pin
bkelly1329-Feb-16 15:50
Memberbkelly1329-Feb-16 15:50 
I had not found that one, but went through it. I read the instructions, adapted the steps to my solution as I understand them, and the project in the same solution that used the DLL worked perfectly. That is cool.

However, I noted something. From that walkthrough web page is this:
To use in the app the math routines that you created in the DLL, you must reference it. To do this, select the MyExecRefsDll project in Solution Explorer, and then on the menu bar, choose Project, References. In the Property Pages dialog box, expand the Common Properties node, select Framework and References, and then choose the Add New Reference button. For more information about the References dialog box, see Adding references in Visual C++ projects.

When I arrived at the dialog to add a reference the only allowed option was the DLL in the same solution. I created another solution in another directory to test using the DLL from another directory and solution. I navigated to same place within the IDE and the new solution with:
right click solution -> References -> Add New Reference

The response is "No items found." The dialog offers no method of discovering a DLL somewhere else on the computer. There is still something simple I am missing.

How does one specify an arbitrary DLL to use as a procedure or class resource?

Edit: From the new solution I tried this: in the dot cpp file, console app, I added this line:
#include "E:\CODE\Common_Utilities\Common_Utilities\Common_Utilities.h"

It is a reference to the h file from the solution where the DLL was created. In that new console app I called a function from the DLL. Then the following steps were taken:
Right click on solution followed by: Properties -> configuration Properties -> Linker -> General -> field Additional library directories.

In that field I edited in the location of the dll from that dll solution. The compile succeeds but the link continues to fail with error LNK 2019 unresolved external symbol and __delspec(dllimport)
Thank you for your time
If you work with telemetry, please check this bulletin board:

modified 29-Feb-16 22:09pm.

GeneralRe: Linking my first DLL Pin
Richard MacCutchan29-Feb-16 21:52
mveRichard MacCutchan29-Feb-16 21:52 
GeneralRe: Linking my first DLL Pin
bkelly131-Mar-16 12:46
Memberbkelly131-Mar-16 12:46 
GeneralRe: Linking my first DLL Pin
Richard Andrew x641-Mar-16 15:01
professionalRichard Andrew x641-Mar-16 15:01 
GeneralRe: Linking my first DLL Pin
Richard MacCutchan1-Mar-16 21:58
mveRichard MacCutchan1-Mar-16 21:58 
QuestionDLL article question Resolved Pin
bkelly1327-Feb-16 11:10
Memberbkelly1327-Feb-16 11:10 
AnswerRe: DLL article question Pin
Richard Andrew x6427-Feb-16 13:32
professionalRichard Andrew x6427-Feb-16 13:32 
GeneralRe: DLL article question Pin
bkelly1328-Feb-16 3:18
Memberbkelly1328-Feb-16 3:18 
QuestionDLL Questions Pin
bkelly1324-Feb-16 13:34
Memberbkelly1324-Feb-16 13:34 
AnswerRe: DLL Questions Pin
Richard Andrew x6424-Feb-16 14:17
professionalRichard Andrew x6424-Feb-16 14:17 
GeneralRe: DLL Questions Pin
Kenneth Haugland24-Feb-16 15:40
professionalKenneth Haugland24-Feb-16 15:40 
GeneralRe: DLL Questions Pin
Richard MacCutchan24-Feb-16 21:34
mveRichard MacCutchan24-Feb-16 21:34 
AnswerRe: DLL Questions Pin
Richard MacCutchan24-Feb-16 21:33
mveRichard MacCutchan24-Feb-16 21:33 
GeneralRe: DLL Questions Pin
bkelly1325-Feb-16 13:07
Memberbkelly1325-Feb-16 13:07 
GeneralRe: DLL Questions Pin
Richard MacCutchan25-Feb-16 22:18
mveRichard MacCutchan25-Feb-16 22:18 
GeneralRe: DLL Questions Pin
Jochen Arndt25-Feb-16 22:37
professionalJochen Arndt25-Feb-16 22:37 
GeneralRe: DLL Questions Pin
Richard MacCutchan26-Feb-16 0:01
mveRichard MacCutchan26-Feb-16 0:01 
QuestionQuestion about Direct3D View Area Pin
Member 112032772-Feb-16 5:24
MemberMember 112032772-Feb-16 5:24 

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