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GeneralVersion 22 of combit List & Label Reporting Tool Now Available Pin
combit23-Nov-16 3:23
membercombit23-Nov-16 3:23 
GeneralGrapeCity Releases New JavaScript and Updated .NET Spreadsheet Components Pin
DonWilliamson18-Nov-16 4:33
memberDonWilliamson18-Nov-16 4:33 
GeneralGrapeCity Releases Ultimate 2016 with Expanded Interop Support and Enhanced Reporting Pin
ET2138717-Nov-16 9:03
memberET2138717-Nov-16 9:03 
GeneraldbForge Studio for Oracle v3.9 Comes with Redesigned Object Editors and Database Search Pin
DevartSoftware25-Oct-16 0:12
memberDevartSoftware25-Oct-16 0:12 
General[Dublin] Mircroservices Meet-Up - Event Sourcing (2016-10-26) Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones24-Oct-16 5:41
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones24-Oct-16 5:41 
GeneralKeyoti release a free ASP.NET search engine edition. Pin
Keyoti22-Sep-16 9:50
groupKeyoti22-Sep-16 9:50 
NewsNew dbForge Documenter and Updated dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server Presented by Devart Pin
DevartSoftware20-Sep-16 3:09
memberDevartSoftware20-Sep-16 3:09 
NewsIntroducing Kueri. A free SDK for embedding A Natural Language to SQL Search-Box over your database. Pin
Kueri.me7-Aug-16 4:43
memberKueri.me7-Aug-16 4:43 
General Overview

Kueri is a software SDK library that enables the integration of a simple to use search-box that enables end-users to enter Natural Language questions and then converts those questions in properly formatted database queries such as SQL or JSON.

The basic user experience includes as-you-type real-time suggestions that help the end users in the construction of their questions. The suggestions are base on the connected database structure, parts of the database's values and content, and the user's question history.

Kueri is not a drag-and-drop solution (like a JAR or DLL you would add to your project), but rather a deployed solution - a server that provides an API via XML-RPC protocol.

The Kueri download pack contains the server engine itself, the Kueri Admin interface, and a simple demo page which provides examples for embedding the search box. Kueri Admin is used to configure connections to databases, the semantic mapping, indexing, test the system, and many more.

In order to make proper use of the SDK, you first have to install Kueri Server, connect and configure your data source in the Kueri Admin, and finally integrate with the API.

Kueri Search-Box

The Kueri search-box allows users to ask questions using natural language in order to interact with data.
There are two modes to the search-box:
The Free Mode
The Guided Mode.

The Free Mode is more convenient as the user is capable of typing any input in English, and Kueri makes an attempt to understand the meaning behind the input and generate the relevant Run query. When it be calculated, The Run query is displayed in italic grey just beneath the input box. This Run query can be efficiently converted into a SQL query on the database.
Here, the Run query is seen in grey underneath the search-box.

The Guided mode allows you to directly create a Run query, but there the user must follow a strict sequence of elements when creating a question.

For example, you can see that although the input contains the word "by", the Guided Mode sentence includes the words "grouped by" below.

Embedding Kueri in your website

The Kueri package comes ready with several HTML samples which are configured to run against your Kueri server.

Basically, the search-box complete with look-ahead suggestions is already implemented in a single JavaScript library, which can also take care of visualization of the results.
Simply take from the supplied samples the relevant parts you require and integrate into your host solution and finish up bu making the necessary few configuration modifications.

Inside the Kueri SDK downloadable package there are several demo pages, prepared for the most common use cases.
demo_ textbox_sql - Shows simple input box, with conversion to SQL.
demo_suggestbox_sql - A page that embeds the search box, and merely displays the SQL. This is a simple demo page for testing.
demo_anonymous - This page is used when authentication is unwarranted.
This demo also provides visualization of the results in a table using the Knockout framework.
Note that the data source should allow anonymous access via API, otherwise Kueri will require authentication.
demo_with_login - This page includes a page for user authentication before asking questions.
See Users section to manage users inside the Kueri Admin.

Change log Version 1.2.284
Released 4.8.2016
Support login params.
Support date formats: MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY under Account Settings --> Global Settings
Fast download logs for sending to technical support.
Add search for tables when adding database.
Add basic connection verification in configuration.
Add last resort option for indexing.
Basic or support in free mode.
Add more levels for field priority
Fixes in sqlite engine file
Free mode fixes

For more info please visit our documentation page.
Or visit our website

modified 11-Aug-16 4:10am.

GeneralMindFusion Releases Its Completely Redesigned WinForms Chart Control Pin
ivana3118-Jul-16 1:00
memberivana3118-Jul-16 1:00 
NewsDocuVieware Lite HTML5 Document Viewer for ASP.NET Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS12-Jul-16 3:13
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS12-Jul-16 3:13 
GeneralAccess to Cloud Apps and CRMs With New ODBC Drivers From Devart Pin
DevartSoftware11-Jul-16 1:48
memberDevartSoftware11-Jul-16 1:48 
NewsBillion data points real-time visualization barrier broken Pin
Arction7-Jul-16 2:31
groupArction7-Jul-16 2:31 
NewsPDF Automation Server v2016R1 Released with New RESTful API, New OCR Job and Custom Scripting Pin
Leila - Qoppa14-Jun-16 4:15
memberLeila - Qoppa14-Jun-16 4:15 
NewsNew PDF Studio 11 with Spell Check, Non-Latin OCR Languages, Output Preview, & Enhanced Print Dialog Pin
Leila - Qoppa14-Jun-16 4:13
memberLeila - Qoppa14-Jun-16 4:13 
GeneralEntity Framework Core and Telerik Data Access Support in Entity Developer 6.0 Pin
DevartSoftware27-May-16 3:43
memberDevartSoftware27-May-16 3:43 
GeneralSearchUnit v6.1 - ASP.NET & MVC search engine for web applications Pin
Keyoti24-May-16 5:48
groupKeyoti24-May-16 5:48 
GeneraljWordConvert adds font embedding when converting Word to PDF in Java Pin
Leila - Qoppa21-Apr-16 7:47
memberLeila - Qoppa21-Apr-16 7:47 
NewsLEAD Technologies Advances LEADTOOLS Document, OCR and Medical SDK Technology for Windows and Linux Pin
LEADTOOLS Support20-Apr-16 6:18
groupLEADTOOLS Support20-Apr-16 6:18 
GeneralGenerate Test Data for Oracle Database with New Tool from Devart Pin
DevartSoftware31-Mar-16 2:06
memberDevartSoftware31-Mar-16 2:06 
GeneralGrapeCity Releases Ultimate 2016 v1 with Full Angular 2 Support and a New UWP Edition Pin
ET2138717-Mar-16 2:10
memberET2138717-Mar-16 2:10 
NewsMicrosoft Dynamics Uses Wijmo 5 by GrapeCity to Deliver Mobile User Interface Options Pin
et2139-Mar-16 3:52
memberet2139-Mar-16 3:52 
NewsView, Add, Remove & Modify Metadata Details of Documents & Image Files within .NET Apps Pin
Member 121188282-Mar-16 22:25
memberMember 121188282-Mar-16 22:25 
NewsGdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK V12 and DocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit V2 New Releases Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS23-Feb-16 22:37
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS23-Feb-16 22:37 
GeneralDevart Excel Add-ins 1.5 with New Data Sources and Microsoft Office 2016 Support Pin
DevartSoftware12-Feb-16 1:26
memberDevartSoftware12-Feb-16 1:26 
NewsSpecFlow Version 2 and SpecFlow+ Runner 1.3 Released Pin
Stephen McCafferty2-Feb-16 3:30
memberStephen McCafferty2-Feb-16 3:30 

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