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GeneralArction Ltd. Presents New LightningChart® V.8 Pin
Arction1-Mar-17 0:27
groupArction1-Mar-17 0:27 
GeneralBlack Falcon Software Releases SQL Server Source Control 2.1.1 Pin
Steve Naidamast14-Dec-16 6:26
professionalSteve Naidamast14-Dec-16 6:26 
Generalv2016R1 Release of Java PDF SDK and Component adds Touch Mode, fonts and image enhancements Pin
Leila - Qoppa13-Dec-16 4:39
memberLeila - Qoppa13-Dec-16 4:39 
GeneralMindFusion Announces New Version of the JavaScript Chart Library Pin
ivana3113-Dec-16 2:24
memberivana3113-Dec-16 2:24 
GeneralSelectPdf Library for .NET – 2016 vol 4 Pin
Tom Williams23-Nov-16 23:57
memberTom Williams23-Nov-16 23:57 
GeneralVersion 22 of combit List & Label Reporting Tool Now Available Pin
combit23-Nov-16 3:23
membercombit23-Nov-16 3:23 
GeneralGrapeCity Releases New JavaScript and Updated .NET Spreadsheet Components Pin
DonWilliamson18-Nov-16 4:33
memberDonWilliamson18-Nov-16 4:33 
GeneralGrapeCity Releases Ultimate 2016 with Expanded Interop Support and Enhanced Reporting Pin
ET2138717-Nov-16 9:03
memberET2138717-Nov-16 9:03 
PITTSBURGH, PA – November 17, 2016 - GrapeCity, the largest component solution provider in the Microsoft Visual Studio Partner Ecosystem and Visual Studio 2017 RC Extension Sim-Ship Partner, today announced the 2016 v3 release of its world-renowned Ultimate offering which bundles the time-saving data and UI controls from ComponentOne Studio, Wijmo, and Xuni together for developers building future-proof web, desktop, and mobile business applications.

In this release the company’s JavaScript control collection now includes support for ReactJS and VueJS. Add to this the company’s existing support for Angular2, AngularJS, and Knockout and it presents the most comprehensive interop story in the market. “Developers who need to maintain apps in Angular 1 and 2, while developing new ones in React or Vue, are able to use the exact same components/controls—Wijmo supports them all, with no dependencies,” said Chris Bannon, global product manager at GrapeCity.

The final installment of the three releases in 2016, Ultimate v3 introduces FinancialChart in WinForms, Universal Windows Platform, and Windows Presentation Foundation; a new JavaScript ReportViewer; and is now shipping source code with the company’s FlexReport Designer app. The new controls and added functionality empowers every developer to build the most complete and modern applications for any platform, any device with less coding.

“From being the first control vendor to deliver production ready controls fully supporting Angular 2, to offering developers migration paths from Silverlight and LightSwitch, to embracing new open-source and cross-platform frameworks in order to deliver timely solutions to developers, our focus has been customer-driven development,” said Bannon. “With this customer-driven approach, developers are benefiting from the constant product improvements end-to-end, which further strengthens the success of Ultimate’s developer tools.”

When creating reports for WinForms, WPF, and UWP, the company’s FlexReport Designer offers a code-free option for migrating or building modern .NET apps with design-time and data source editors. Now that the source code is available for FlexReport, users can take code snippets and embed the Designer within their application without running an executable, and in addition may further customize it to meet their needs.

Today’s release builds upon Ultimate’s intuitive, universal API, which is the heart of the product when it comes to powerful data visualization features, built-in interactivity, and customization. The product has been further enhanced in this release with the addition of FinancialChart for WinForms, WPF, and UWP, which offers an all-in-one financial chart control for stock dashboards.

“With developers everywhere being tasked with delivering fast, feature-complete applications in less time, the need for flexible UI controls is increasing and GrapeCity is in the position to provide the developer community exactly what they need to accomplish their projects,” said Bannon. “We are developers ourselves and we are looking to help other developers solve some of the same problems we experience, which frees up time that can be directed towards business logic.”

Additions to the Flex Core controls in the 2016 v3 release include: FlexViewer for MVC, an HTML5 based report viewer that offers full print support and offers a rich viewer feature set such as search, zoom, and document map. For developers looking to display multivariate observations and chart performance metrics, FlexChart’s Polar and Radar charts provide various chart types for creating circular and weather charts. Other developers who may want to expand their charting possibilities with Sunburst charts within FlexChart, will be able to plot hierarchical data in an enhanced pie chart with animation features and data binding.

The company offers a no-charge, 30-day trial of Ultimate, which may be downloaded at Online visitors may also access tutorials, forums, documentation, and videos as part of the GrapeCity experience.


CYBER MONDAY SAVINGS: November 28 only, from 12 AM to 11:59 PM EST, the company is offering 50% off new licenses of Ultimate. Save $1000 off MSRP and deliver fast, flexible, enterprise grade applications across platforms and devices.

END OF YEAR SAVINGS: November 29 to December 31, the company is offering $500 off new licenses of Ultimate. Save 25% off MSRP and deliver fast, flexible, enterprise grade applications across platforms and devices.

Offers are available by contacting GrapeCity directly or through any member of its reseller network.

About GrapeCity
GrapeCity is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a premier Visual Studio Industry Partner, and one of the world’s largest providers of developer components. The company has more than 850 employees and hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. For close to 30 years, GrapeCity has provided enterprises around the world with state-of-the-art developer tools and components, software services, and solutions. For more company information, visit the ComponentOne Studio division website at Follow on Twitter @componentone or “Like” on Facebook

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

GeneraldbForge Studio for Oracle v3.9 Comes with Redesigned Object Editors and Database Search Pin
DevartSoftware25-Oct-16 0:12
memberDevartSoftware25-Oct-16 0:12 
General[Dublin] Mircroservices Meet-Up - Event Sourcing (2016-10-26) Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones24-Oct-16 5:41
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones24-Oct-16 5:41 
GeneralKeyoti release a free ASP.NET search engine edition. Pin
Keyoti22-Sep-16 9:50
groupKeyoti22-Sep-16 9:50 
NewsNew dbForge Documenter and Updated dbForge Developer Bundle for SQL Server Presented by Devart Pin
DevartSoftware20-Sep-16 3:09
memberDevartSoftware20-Sep-16 3:09 
NewsIntroducing Kueri. A free SDK for embedding A Natural Language to SQL Search-Box over your database. Pin
Kueri.me7-Aug-16 4:43
memberKueri.me7-Aug-16 4:43 
GeneralMindFusion Releases Its Completely Redesigned WinForms Chart Control Pin
ivana3118-Jul-16 1:00
memberivana3118-Jul-16 1:00 
NewsDocuVieware Lite HTML5 Document Viewer for ASP.NET Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS12-Jul-16 3:13
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS12-Jul-16 3:13 
GeneralAccess to Cloud Apps and CRMs With New ODBC Drivers From Devart Pin
DevartSoftware11-Jul-16 1:48
memberDevartSoftware11-Jul-16 1:48 
NewsBillion data points real-time visualization barrier broken Pin
Arction7-Jul-16 2:31
groupArction7-Jul-16 2:31 
NewsPDF Automation Server v2016R1 Released with New RESTful API, New OCR Job and Custom Scripting Pin
Leila - Qoppa14-Jun-16 4:15
memberLeila - Qoppa14-Jun-16 4:15 
NewsNew PDF Studio 11 with Spell Check, Non-Latin OCR Languages, Output Preview, & Enhanced Print Dialog Pin
Leila - Qoppa14-Jun-16 4:13
memberLeila - Qoppa14-Jun-16 4:13 
GeneralEntity Framework Core and Telerik Data Access Support in Entity Developer 6.0 Pin
DevartSoftware27-May-16 3:43
memberDevartSoftware27-May-16 3:43 
GeneralSearchUnit v6.1 - ASP.NET & MVC search engine for web applications Pin
Keyoti24-May-16 5:48
groupKeyoti24-May-16 5:48 
GeneraljWordConvert adds font embedding when converting Word to PDF in Java Pin
Leila - Qoppa21-Apr-16 7:47
memberLeila - Qoppa21-Apr-16 7:47 
NewsLEAD Technologies Advances LEADTOOLS Document, OCR and Medical SDK Technology for Windows and Linux Pin
LEADTOOLS Support20-Apr-16 6:18
groupLEADTOOLS Support20-Apr-16 6:18 
GeneralGenerate Test Data for Oracle Database with New Tool from Devart Pin
DevartSoftware31-Mar-16 2:06
memberDevartSoftware31-Mar-16 2:06 
GeneralGrapeCity Releases Ultimate 2016 v1 with Full Angular 2 Support and a New UWP Edition Pin
ET2138717-Mar-16 2:10
memberET2138717-Mar-16 2:10 

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