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GeneralImproved Functionality in dbForge Studio for SQL Server v5.5 Pin
DevartSoftware7-Aug-17 1:45
memberDevartSoftware7-Aug-17 1:45 
GeneralFree JavaScript Chart Library Pin
ivana317-Aug-17 0:35
memberivana317-Aug-17 0:35 
GeneralDynamsoft Camera SDK 6.0 is Released! Pin
Xiao Ling28-Jul-17 16:40
professionalXiao Ling28-Jul-17 16:40 
NewsDocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit v3 New Major Release Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS12-Jul-17 23:35
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS12-Jul-17 23:35 
GeneralVintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK 10.0 has been released. Pin
VintaSoft Ltd9-Jul-17 21:59
memberVintaSoft Ltd9-Jul-17 21:59 
GeneralDynamic .NET TWAIN 7.1 is released! Pin
Xiao Ling29-Jun-17 15:55
professionalXiao Ling29-Jun-17 15:55 
GeneralDynamic Web TWAIN 13.0 is Released! Pin
Xiao Ling20-Jun-17 19:27
professionalXiao Ling20-Jun-17 19:27 
NewsGdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK v14 New Major Release Pin
GdPicture-ORPALIS20-Jun-17 4:39
groupGdPicture-ORPALIS20-Jun-17 4:39 
ORPALIS is pleased to announce the release of the new major version of its bestseller GdPicture.NET Document Imaging and Image Processing SDK.
The new version includes an overall performance improvement of the core engine and many new features.

Muret, France, June 20

GdPicture.NET is a document imaging and image processing SDK to develop WinForms, WPF and Web applications.

New features and improvements in GdPicture.NET v14

- New document viewer engine
Renders large bitmap very quickly, and display multipage documents in a multiple page view mode (WinForms).

- New document converter class

Quickly converts more than 100 formats to PDF and TIFF, by handling every aspect of the conversion.


The engine has been optimized to reduce memory usage, improve stability and increase accuracy, especially with low-resolution bitmap and very large bitmap.
Searchable PDF (PDF-OCR) creation has been improved, and the files produced are smaller.
The PDF page recognition method has been improved to avoid wasting time on existing visible text.

- Long term archiving (PDF/A)

GdPicture.NET 14.0 is able to generate all PDF/A versions.

- Additional PDF features

Most important parts of the PDF core have been enhanced to improve parsing, writing, rendering, memory usage, and speed.
GdPicture.NET is now up to 5 times faster reading a complex PDF and dramatically faster-writing PDF text. Produced files are smaller and the compatibility with several viewers has been improved.

There is a new font generation engine supporting subsetting of True Type fonts when writing PDF with Unicode content. The new text extraction algorithm builds text closer to the natural reading order.

Other new PDF features and enhancements include: support for transfer functions to the PDF rasterizer, new CCITT filter decoder, support for adding JPEG image to PDF without decoding / re-encoding the image, PDF packing improvement for documents with links, enhancement of page normalization support, and better processing speed (and memory usage) of big documents.

- Office Open Xml Word-Processing Document

Improvements of the rendering engine and support for tables content and pictures.

- Barcoding

1D barcode reading engine: 10% more barcodes recognized, 44% more patch codes recognized, 14% faster. Improvement of 1D barcode writer encoding.
Data matrix barcode reading engine: 15% more barcodes recognized.
PDF 417 reading engine: 14% more barcodes recognized, 40% faster.
QR code reading engine: 18% faster.

- Image Processing

Improvement of the page auto-deskew and blank page detection engines.

- Annotations

GdPicture.NET based applications can store comments to offer collaborative document review features.
Wang annotation support tool now available.

- Image codecs improvements

GdPicture.NET image compression speed has been improved: up to 25% faster decoding JPEG2000, about 10-15% faster-compressing JPEG images on 64-bit systems, 30% up to 50% faster-compressing PNG images with predictors.
Faster loading of RAW images and support available for 80 new cameras.
Support for reading and writing alpha channel within BMP files.


Support for compressed bitmap using memory transfer mode is available and there is a global improvement of TWAIN memory transfer speed.

- DocuVieware 3.0

The HTML5 extension of GdPicture.NET, DocuVieware, now benefits from the latest improvements of version 14 at several levels, to improve performance, memory footprint, and therefore, user experience.
The full changelog is available on the GdPicture website at

Benefits of GdPicture.NET v14

- Mature product that keeps on evolving

“For the last thirteen years, we have tried our best to frequently publish minor, medium and major upgrades, while delivering new functionalities almost each week,” says Loïc Carrère, CEO of ORPALIS and creator of GdPicture.NET. “Our main goal is to speed up the delivery of new features on the market. To do so, we have chosen, starting with GdPicture.NET version 14, to offer the results of our research as quickly as possible without having to wait for the publication of a new major release. You can expect to discover many new things and evolutions in the next few weeks and months.”

- Strong expertise in PDF and in character, barcodes, and symbol recognition

In 2013, the French Ministry of Research recognizes ORPALIS as a Young and Innovative Company[] (Jeune Entreprise Innovante), and awards several grants for distinctive research work on symbol recognition. The research and development team at ORPALIS is growing at a steady pace and includes recognized experts in their fields. New recruitments are planned for the next three years.

- Innovation to serve productivity

“We have tried to innovate at each step of the development cycle of our products, both on the way production is organized and on production itself,” adds Loïc Carrère, and “today GdPicture.NET is a product unique and recognized worldwide, that brings advanced features to manage all steps of the life cycle of digital documents. A sum of thirteen years of uninterrupted research, this development kit made of innovative and performant algorithms stands out thanks to the stability of its performances and its endless functionalities.”

- Performant technical support

“In the meantime, we have provided a high quality and very reactive technical support, in order to bring a solution to each reported issue as quickly as possible.”
Developers will find many resources to help them on the website: helpdesk, reference guide, demos and code samples. The reference guide has been dramatically improved for version 14 and will be continuously updated.

- Suitable for any industry

Since its first release, thousands of developers worldwide trust GdPicture.NET for their solutions. Customers include Fortune 500 companies and businesses from all industries.
Government agencies, small and medium businesses as well as non-profit organizations can benefit from the 3 000 functionalities available in the toolkit for their digitization processes.


ORPALIS is specialized in automating large-scale document-based processes, providing document imaging and document management toolkits as well as software tools for the general public. ORPALIS is creator, developer, and owner of the comprehensive document imaging toolkit series released under the brand "GdPicture", now a worldwide known and respected leader in the imaging technologies industry. More than 13,000 developers based in over 70 countries have included GdPicture components in their applications. In 2011 ORPALIS releases PaperScan, marking the beginning of a new line of products meant for end-users. PDF Reducer is launched in 2013. In 2015 a most powerful universal HTML5 viewer and document management kit called DocuVieware is made available to the public. The same year, a software tool for converting scanned documents to the searchable PDF/OCR format, the ORPALIS PDF OCR, is launched. In 2016 DocuVieware Lite Free HTML5 Document Viewer is released. / /

General"BPMN View" will be featured at OMG meeting in Brussels Pin
Boris Zinchenko1-Jun-17 2:14
memberBoris Zinchenko1-Jun-17 2:14 
GeneralDynamsoft Barcode Reader 5.1 is released! Pin
Xiao Ling24-May-17 16:43
professionalXiao Ling24-May-17 16:43 
General"RebelCon" - IT conference in the people's republic of Cork Pin
Duncan Edwards Jones15-May-17 23:36
professionalDuncan Edwards Jones15-May-17 23:36 
GeneralKeyoti release RapidSpell Web ASP.NET v5.3 Pin
Keyoti5-May-17 3:23
groupKeyoti5-May-17 3:23 
GeneralDynamic .NET TWAIN 7.0 is released! Pin
Xiao Ling3-May-17 16:21
professionalXiao Ling3-May-17 16:21 
GeneralVintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 8.5 is released! Pin
VintaSoft Ltd3-May-17 4:49
memberVintaSoft Ltd3-May-17 4:49 
GeneralDynamsoft Camera SDK 5.2.1 is released! Pin
Xiao Ling27-Apr-17 14:37
professionalXiao Ling27-Apr-17 14:37 
GeneralPDF Xpansion SDK 12 available – New Functionality enhances Developer Toolkit Pin
FrankDueckers24-Apr-17 23:29
memberFrankDueckers24-Apr-17 23:29 
GeneralVintaSoft Twain .NET SDK 10.2 is released. Pin
VintaSoft Ltd23-Apr-17 6:06
memberVintaSoft Ltd23-Apr-17 6:06 
GeneralThinkGeo Releases Map Suite 10.0 with Cross-platform support, and Other New Features Pin
ThinkGeo - Code Project18-Apr-17 13:32
memberThinkGeo - Code Project18-Apr-17 13:32 
NewsVintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK 9.2 is released. Pin
VintaSoft Ltd14-Apr-17 21:48
memberVintaSoft Ltd14-Apr-17 21:48 
NewsSelectPdf Library for .NET – 2017 vol 1 Pin
Tom Williams24-Mar-17 1:09
memberTom Williams24-Mar-17 1:09 
GeneralSCRAMBLECODE for Encrypted Compilation and Execution Pin
ProgramPartner22-Mar-17 4:55
memberProgramPartner22-Mar-17 4:55 
GeneralCAD Xpansion SDK for 3D Models & 3D Printing: Export, Import, Geometry Recognition Pin
FrankDueckers6-Mar-17 4:01
memberFrankDueckers6-Mar-17 4:01 
GeneralArction Ltd. Presents New LightningChart® V.8 Pin
Arction1-Mar-17 0:27
groupArction1-Mar-17 0:27 
GeneralBlack Falcon Software Releases SQL Server Source Control 2.1.1 Pin
Steve Naidamast14-Dec-16 6:26
professionalSteve Naidamast14-Dec-16 6:26 
Generalv2016R1 Release of Java PDF SDK and Component adds Touch Mode, fonts and image enhancements Pin
Leila - Qoppa13-Dec-16 4:39
memberLeila - Qoppa13-Dec-16 4:39 

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