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QuestionLink Echo Dot Alexa with Sony TV Pin
BobbyStrain2-Jan-18 12:20
MemberBobbyStrain2-Jan-18 12:20 
QuestionInstall Virtual Printer with credentials programmatically in windows Pin
njoymathews29-Nov-17 4:26
Membernjoymathews29-Nov-17 4:26 
QuestionReconnection Problem for Dial Up Connection for GSM GPRS USB Modem Pin
ss1965 6-Nov-17 20:26
Memberss1965 6-Nov-17 20:26 
QuestionPrinter Pin
Member 134408662-Oct-17 2:53
MemberMember 134408662-Oct-17 2:53 
QuestionVirtualSerial2 Pin
Member 1336680117-Aug-17 23:21
MemberMember 1336680117-Aug-17 23:21 
AnswerRe: VirtualSerial2 Pin
Dave Kreskowiak25-Aug-17 12:20
mveDave Kreskowiak25-Aug-17 12:20 
AnswerRe: VirtualSerial2 Pin
Munchies_Matt24-Sep-17 6:00
MemberMunchies_Matt24-Sep-17 6:00 
QuestionDesktop issue Pin
David Crow16-Aug-17 6:46
MemberDavid Crow16-Aug-17 6:46 
I have a Dell XPS system with Windows 10. It has four SATA ports. Everything is going fine except for one thing: the DVD drive.

When I first got it earlier this year, the drive, although not used extensively, worked fine. I was able to install a few things from it. Shortly thereafter, I installed two more HDDs. All four SATA ports are now full. I can see and use the three HDDs just fine but not the DVD drive. On a few occasions, the DVD drive shows up and I can use it like normal. Other times, not! The BIOS recognizes the drive, just not Windows (using either Windows Explorer or Disk Management).

So my question is, would having all four SATA ports full be the cause of any of this?

I went out to Dell's site and ran their diagnostic program on my machine. It had two recommendations: one for the WiFi adapter, and the other for the BIOS. I don't use WiFi, so I opted for the BIOS update. Since installing, the DVD drive has remained intact. Thumbs Up | :thumbsup:


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modified 20-Aug-17 23:21pm.

QuestionUpdate Windows 7 to USB 3.0 Pin
Kevin Marois13-Aug-17 17:19
professionalKevin Marois13-Aug-17 17:19 
AnswerRe: Update Windows 7 to USB 3.0 Pin
Dave Kreskowiak13-Aug-17 19:55
mveDave Kreskowiak13-Aug-17 19:55 
GeneralNew here. Laptop ? Pin
Member 133545549-Aug-17 19:43
MemberMember 133545549-Aug-17 19:43 
GeneralRe: New here. Laptop ? Pin
Richard MacCutchan9-Aug-17 22:36
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan9-Aug-17 22:36 
GeneralRe: New here. Laptop ? Pin
Mycroft Holmes9-Aug-17 22:55
MemberMycroft Holmes9-Aug-17 22:55 
SuggestionRe: New here. Laptop ? Pin
David Crow16-Aug-17 6:48
MemberDavid Crow16-Aug-17 6:48 
GeneralRe: New here. Laptop ? Pin
龙唐29-May-18 23:52
Member龙唐29-May-18 23:52 
GeneralRe: New here. Laptop ? Pin
Member 1351559811-Nov-17 4:58
MemberMember 1351559811-Nov-17 4:58 
GeneralRe: New here. Laptop ? Pin
PhillipsLyons25-Feb-18 20:24
MemberPhillipsLyons25-Feb-18 20:24 
GeneralRe: New here. Laptop ? Pin
Nelek25-Feb-18 20:28
protectorNelek25-Feb-18 20:28 
QuestionDevice Driver Feasibility Pin
Richard Andrew x6422-Jul-17 14:24
professionalRichard Andrew x6422-Jul-17 14:24 
AnswerRe: Device Driver Feasibility Pin
Randor 13-Aug-17 4:21
professional Randor 13-Aug-17 4:21 
GeneralRe: Device Driver Feasibility Pin
Richard Andrew x6413-Aug-17 10:01
professionalRichard Andrew x6413-Aug-17 10:01 
GeneralRe: Device Driver Feasibility Pin
Randor 14-Aug-17 2:53
professional Randor 14-Aug-17 2:53 
GeneralRe: Device Driver Feasibility Pin
Richard Andrew x6414-Aug-17 13:36
professionalRichard Andrew x6414-Aug-17 13:36 
GeneralRe: Device Driver Feasibility Pin
Randor 15-Aug-17 8:27
professional Randor 15-Aug-17 8:27 
GeneralRe: Device Driver Feasibility Pin
Richard Andrew x6425-Aug-17 10:55
professionalRichard Andrew x6425-Aug-17 10:55 

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