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GeneralRe: Different views Pin
0x01AA21-Aug-17 6:29
professional0x01AA21-Aug-17 6:29 
GeneralRe: Different views Pin
jschell23-Aug-17 6:26
memberjschell23-Aug-17 6:26 
PraiseRe: Different views Pin
0x01AA23-Aug-17 7:26
professional0x01AA23-Aug-17 7:26 
GeneralRe: Different views Pin
Rob Grainger24-Aug-17 6:14
memberRob Grainger24-Aug-17 6:14 
GeneralRe: Different views Pin
Foothill22-Aug-17 4:49
professionalFoothill22-Aug-17 4:49 
General:( Pin
Jeremy Falcon18-Aug-17 11:38
professionalJeremy Falcon18-Aug-17 11:38 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Mycroft Holmes18-Aug-17 13:53
professionalMycroft Holmes18-Aug-17 13:53 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon18-Aug-17 14:11
professionalJeremy Falcon18-Aug-17 14:11 
Mycroft Holmes wrote:
I don't and won't read American history.

And I think that's completely fine, just as long as people accept they shouldn't cast judgement and hate on something they don't really know anything about... which is most of the general public. Sigh | :sigh: I sure don't know every country's history. Can't really expect every country to know ours as well as I do.
Mycroft Holmes wrote:
It still looks like PC going over the top from here.

I haven't followed the news recently for this very reason, but to me Political Correctness is just another way of saying No Freedom of Speech. When will people learn.

Oh well, I ranted. Thanks for reading it. Hope your weekend goes awesome.
Jeremy Falcon

GeneralRe: :( Pin
Munchies_Matt18-Aug-17 21:08
memberMunchies_Matt18-Aug-17 21:08 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 5:34
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 5:34 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Munchies_Matt19-Aug-17 6:12
memberMunchies_Matt19-Aug-17 6:12 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 6:17
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 6:17 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Munchies_Matt19-Aug-17 6:27
memberMunchies_Matt19-Aug-17 6:27 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 6:44
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 6:44 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Sablerz19-Aug-17 7:56
memberSablerz19-Aug-17 7:56 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:32
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:32 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Sablerz19-Aug-17 8:40
memberSablerz19-Aug-17 8:40 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:56
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:56 
GeneralAlso your quote is intellectually dishonest Pin
Sablerz19-Aug-17 9:03
memberSablerz19-Aug-17 9:03 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
jschell21-Aug-17 6:53
memberjschell21-Aug-17 6:53 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:37
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:37 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Nelek19-Aug-17 8:40
protectorNelek19-Aug-17 8:40 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:58
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:58 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jörgen Andersson19-Aug-17 10:07
protectorJörgen Andersson19-Aug-17 10:07 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 10:11
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 10:11 

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