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GeneralRe: :( Pin
Mycroft Holmes18-Aug-17 13:53
professionalMycroft Holmes18-Aug-17 13:53 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon18-Aug-17 14:11
professionalJeremy Falcon18-Aug-17 14:11 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Munchies_Matt18-Aug-17 21:08
memberMunchies_Matt18-Aug-17 21:08 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 5:34
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 5:34 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Munchies_Matt19-Aug-17 6:12
memberMunchies_Matt19-Aug-17 6:12 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 6:17
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 6:17 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Munchies_Matt19-Aug-17 6:27
memberMunchies_Matt19-Aug-17 6:27 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 6:44
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 6:44 
In all fairness, I totally see what you're saying. If I were that person, I'd be pissed off too. Slavery was just the hot topic of that day, much like how complaining about Trump is today's hot topic. So, yeah it was mentioned a lot, but the reason the South was slow to rid themselves of it was due to economical reasons not hateful ones.

I'm not saying it's smart. The North beat us to advancing away from it, and good for them. What I'm saying though is the reasons where about money and power and slavery was just thing thing to do back then... right or wrong. The South wanted to abolish it, but not be over controlled by Uncle Sam in doing so since our economy depended on it.

I'm also suggesting the flag had nothing to do with hate... it was about rebellion and slavery was the hot topic of the day. But in all fairness I see how people easily make that association. I make the same association with a Nazi flag, so I get it.

Here's the main problem I have with it all... the media never says stuff like how lame Africa was for selling slaves in the first place. Nobody ever talks about the north having them. They pretend like it never happened. The truth is the North beat us to the punch by about 50 years of getting rid of it, because the South's economy depended on it much more, since the Southern states produced a lot for the rest of the country.

Anytime you threaten people's livelihood you get problems. And that's the real reason for the war. If the north would've just been patient and helpful (since their economy didn't depend on it as much) there would've been no war. But now TV and kiddie media wants us to believe Lincoln was a non-racist saint and the North is so high and mighty. I'm not saying Lincoln wasn't a great president either, but what I am saying is there is a lot more to the story than people care about to actually research.

I'm actually all in favor of a new flag that means rebellion against too much government control. Kinda like re-branding a company logo after bad PR. I just feel the need to defend the South the media wants to attack it. There are tons of great people there, and the media isn't helping one bit.
Jeremy Falcon

GeneralRe: :( Pin
Sablerz19-Aug-17 7:56
memberSablerz19-Aug-17 7:56 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:32
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:32 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Sablerz19-Aug-17 8:40
memberSablerz19-Aug-17 8:40 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:56
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:56 
GeneralAlso your quote is intellectually dishonest Pin
Sablerz19-Aug-17 9:03
memberSablerz19-Aug-17 9:03 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
jschell21-Aug-17 6:53
memberjschell21-Aug-17 6:53 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:37
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:37 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Nelek19-Aug-17 8:40
protectorNelek19-Aug-17 8:40 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:58
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 8:58 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jörgen Andersson19-Aug-17 10:07
protectorJörgen Andersson19-Aug-17 10:07 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 10:11
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 10:11 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jörgen Andersson19-Aug-17 10:05
protectorJörgen Andersson19-Aug-17 10:05 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 10:11
professionalJeremy Falcon19-Aug-17 10:11 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Brent Jenkins21-Aug-17 2:22
memberBrent Jenkins21-Aug-17 2:22 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Nelek19-Aug-17 10:50
protectorNelek19-Aug-17 10:50 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Jörgen Andersson19-Aug-17 11:09
protectorJörgen Andersson19-Aug-17 11:09 
GeneralRe: :( Pin
Nelek20-Aug-17 3:57
protectorNelek20-Aug-17 3:57 

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