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9-Nov-18 9:26
Memberjasonstar97979-Nov-18 9:26 
QuestionMessage Closed Pin
9-Nov-18 9:25
Memberjasonstar97979-Nov-18 9:25 
QuestionOpenGL GLFW/SDL emdeded into WinForms/WPF Pin
Member 1403803230-Oct-18 4:17
MemberMember 1403803230-Oct-18 4:17 
QuestionMessage Closed Pin
22-Oct-18 1:09
professionalCafe alam di bandung22-Oct-18 1:09 
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18-Oct-18 8:44
MemberMember 1402469018-Oct-18 8:44 
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13-Sep-18 0:48
MemberLarry Ruth13-Sep-18 0:48 
QuestionHow do I convert iTextSharp text to outline (vectorize)? Pin
Jakob Farian Krarup6-Jun-18 19:38
MemberJakob Farian Krarup6-Jun-18 19:38 
Hi Smile | :)
I am generating a PDF for use in a lasercutter.
The printerdriver for the laser cutter takes vectors with a specific color and stroke-width, and uses them to cut all the way through the material. All rasters/bitmaps are just burnt into the surface of the material.
I would like to be able to take a piece of text and convert it to a vector outline.
I thought this would do it:

But apparently the stroke generated is a raster and not a vector.
Any ideas?
I could also go from the metods in GDI+/System.Drawing if anyone knows how to do that.

Kind regards - Jakob
AnswerRe: How do I convert iTextSharp text to outline (vectorize)? Pin
Jakob Farian Krarup8-Jun-18 2:05
MemberJakob Farian Krarup8-Jun-18 2:05 
QuestionMessage Closed Pin
29-May-18 23:34
Memberopinas29-May-18 23:34 
AnswerRe: Graphics.FillPath( Brush, GraphicsPath ) does not fill a simple P Pin
Eddy Vluggen29-May-18 23:57
professionalEddy Vluggen29-May-18 23:57 
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30-Apr-18 19:05
professionalProDesigns30-Apr-18 19:05 
Question64 bit .NET CatmullRom method? Pin
primem0ver8-Feb-18 7:35
Memberprimem0ver8-Feb-18 7:35 
AnswerMessage Closed Pin
24-Mar-18 21:23
Memberhamedamiri24-Mar-18 21:23 
Questionc++ directx9 center background Pin
Korowai12-Nov-17 7:40
MemberKorowai12-Nov-17 7:40 
QuestionFree html5 templates... Pin
Z@db@khsh18-Sep-17 20:40
MemberZ@db@khsh18-Sep-17 20:40 
AnswerRe: Free html5 templates... Pin
Vinod Jangle20-Jun-18 12:39
MemberVinod Jangle20-Jun-18 12:39 
AnswerMessage Closed Pin
10-Jun-19 23:26
professionalSamaj Imfotech10-Jun-19 23:26 
QuestionMessage Closed Pin
16-Jun-17 4:26
MemberMember 1325917716-Jun-17 4:26 
QuestionMessage Closed Pin
16-Jun-17 4:26
MemberMember 1325917716-Jun-17 4:26 
QuestionCan opengl memory fragment Pin
Joe Woodbury13-Jun-17 13:44
professionalJoe Woodbury13-Jun-17 13:44 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
12-Jun-17 0:24
professionalrolikasingh0112-Jun-17 0:24 
QuestionWin32 console programming Pin
Member 132421455-Jun-17 11:17
MemberMember 132421455-Jun-17 11:17 
AnswerRe: Win32 console programming Pin
Richard MacCutchan5-Jun-17 21:39
mveRichard MacCutchan5-Jun-17 21:39 
AnswerMessage Closed Pin
12-Aug-17 22:47
Memberseoamo net12-Aug-17 22:47 
QuestionLibrary for obtaining duration of video movies in various formats? Pin
Member 798912223-May-17 23:03
MemberMember 798912223-May-17 23:03 

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