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GeneralRe: To put it in perspective Pin
Eddy Vluggen10-Jun-18 5:13
mveEddy Vluggen10-Jun-18 5:13 
GeneralRe: To put it in perspective Pin
Munchies_Matt11-Jun-18 0:48
memberMunchies_Matt11-Jun-18 0:48 
General#AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Super Lloyd7-Jun-18 17:02
memberSuper Lloyd7-Jun-18 17:02 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Urban Cricket7-Jun-18 17:32
memberUrban Cricket7-Jun-18 17:32 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Daniel Pfeffer7-Jun-18 21:50
professionalDaniel Pfeffer7-Jun-18 21:50 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Urban Cricket8-Jun-18 4:40
memberUrban Cricket8-Jun-18 4:40 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
GenJerDan7-Jun-18 19:58
memberGenJerDan7-Jun-18 19:58 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Urban Cricket7-Jun-18 20:16
memberUrban Cricket7-Jun-18 20:16 
That may be true, but the context in which Trump used that reference is astonishingly idiotic. Trump imposed tariff sanctions on Steel and Aluminum just like on the EU with the sorry excuse that it's because of national security, which means Canada and EU steel is a threat to the US national security. When Trudeau asked Trump, why do you consider Canada a threat to the national security of the US, basically labeling Canada to be an enemy, Trump retorted that it's because Canadians burned the White House in 1812.

There is not much you can respond to this idiocy without labeling the POTUS with some chosen qualifiers, so Trudeau didn't really had anything else to say.
throughout my life, my two greatest assets have been mental stability and being, like, really smart.

GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Mike Mullikin8-Jun-18 2:17
professionalMike Mullikin8-Jun-18 2:17 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Urban Cricket8-Jun-18 3:33
memberUrban Cricket8-Jun-18 3:33 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Mike Mullikin8-Jun-18 4:10
professionalMike Mullikin8-Jun-18 4:10 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
jschell9-Jun-18 7:33
memberjschell9-Jun-18 7:33 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Munchies_Matt7-Jun-18 20:51
memberMunchies_Matt7-Jun-18 20:51 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Mike Mullikin8-Jun-18 2:12
professionalMike Mullikin8-Jun-18 2:12 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Munchies_Matt8-Jun-18 2:14
memberMunchies_Matt8-Jun-18 2:14 
JokeRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Mike Mullikin8-Jun-18 2:19
professionalMike Mullikin8-Jun-18 2:19 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Munchies_Matt8-Jun-18 2:58
memberMunchies_Matt8-Jun-18 2:58 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Mike Mullikin8-Jun-18 3:03
professionalMike Mullikin8-Jun-18 3:03 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Munchies_Matt8-Jun-18 3:10
memberMunchies_Matt8-Jun-18 3:10 
GeneralRe: #AmericaIsGreatAgain Pin
Munchies_Matt7-Jun-18 20:49
memberMunchies_Matt7-Jun-18 20:49 
GeneralThe Expanse Saved Pin
Clifford Nelson6-Jun-18 5:46
mvaClifford Nelson6-Jun-18 5:46 
GeneralRe: The Expanse Saved Pin
Richard Deeming6-Jun-18 7:58
mveRichard Deeming6-Jun-18 7:58 
GeneralRe: The Expanse Saved Pin
Clifford Nelson6-Jun-18 8:53
mvaClifford Nelson6-Jun-18 8:53 
GeneralMacAfee again Pin
Eddy Vluggen5-Jun-18 0:27
mveEddy Vluggen5-Jun-18 0:27 
GeneralRe: MacAfee again Pin
den2k885-Jun-18 0:41
professionalden2k885-Jun-18 0:41 

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